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  1. Sort of the same though? The other guys just have to wait a week or two to get fired and they get their payout. ERob knew he wasn't getting fired. So basically everyone gets free money except the guy you actually felt deserved it the most? Pisser.
  2. Was ERob, the guy they liked and wanted to retain, basically the only assistant that got screwed out of keeping his payout money? I don't know what the assistant contracts looked like, so only speculating, but id be pissed if all my colleagues are getting multi-hundred K+ checks cut for severance pay and I'm being held hostage on a sinking ship.
  3. Man, he's so good with a very unique style. I don't think he gets talked about enough. I think I'm just done with the Moody Center. I've seen some excellent bands there and sat all around the place, and every single time I've been disappointed. It's just too echo-y and the sound all blends together in a mush. I made it a point to get seats right behind the sound board for this one and it still sucked. I'm sure I'll be temped back at some point, but ugh.. While I'm bitching - why is it so hard to find your seats in that place? There are numbered "portals" all around the arena to get to the seats, but they don't correspond to the sections in any discernable way. There is no obvious signage for the sections, just for the portals. And the maps that show the layout seem to be spaced out 100 yards apart. Every time I've been I end up walking aimlessly looking for one of the maps to see which portal I need to use, and then inevitably walking and equal or greater distance in the opposite direction because the portal I needed was the other way. It makes no sense - am I missing some trick to it?
  4. Bump - still hanging on to these, hate to see them go to waste. Can anyone use them?
  5. In this general genre, I have two tickets I can't use to John Moreland at 3TEN at ACL Live Nov 17. The seats are row 1-2 GA (GA seating but guaranteed first two rows). Asking $100 for the pair (face value, I'll eat the service charges). PM me if interested.
  6. VidGo has not worked for me since before the game started. On on my 3rd YouTube stream.. sucks
  7. I'm not watching on my phone. Search YouTube. Capitol Corner is the acct name on this channel, but it seems to be ~5 minutes behind.
  8. Found a different YouTube stream that's working after the first one popped up some thing in the middle of the screen
  9. Same. VidGo won't load. I tested it this afternoon and was fine
  10. I dunno. I'll miss the Big 12. Have generally fond feelings towards Tech, ksu, isu, OSU. Enjoyed having tcu back in the fold.. The Big12 is my history as a Horns fan as we joined when I was a student. I regret we couldn't make the PAC deal work with tech, OSU, and OU heading out. Would have loved that conference. The SEC I guess will be cool to have some new matchups, but.. meh. Fuck em. I don't really feel any excitement for it.
  11. In my front yard I'll likely try to xeriscape any areas that don't come back, extend beds, etc. But in the back I have some areas that I'm anticipating might not come back, that get pretty full sun, but I do still want grass there. I'm reading here Zoysia takes careful prep to get it to take. Would Bermuda take from seed easily with less prep work? Will I be making a mistake trying to mix St Augustine with some other species like this?
  12. I was watering once a week just to try to give it something, but I'm no longer sure there's a point. I'm not sure it's exactly moral either. Large areas are looking pretty toasted in my yard, and I'm looking for information on what to do next year. I personally just have a few goals for the lawn. 1) have my house not look run down 2) avoid having a mudpit when it rains that the dog tracks in 3) have some ground cover that is short enough to pick up dog poop, not harbor rodents or snakes, etc. 4) not have a ton of weeds to deal with I assume some areas of the St Augustine will come back next Spring, but assume large areas won't with this heat/drought. Is this a correct assumption? What are the options then? Can I throw some grass seed for some other species in the Spring in the dead areas and expect it to come up and fill in? Would that take a ton of water and care to establish, or is it pretty easy? Should I be looking to plant winter rye grass to help combat spring weeds and keep the soil intact? Thoughts?
  13. Don't know that is is relevant to the OP, and I haven't read the entire thread, but dropping this here in case it's useful to someone because I didn't know about it until very recently. https://tea.texas.gov/academics/learning-support-and-programs/texas-virtual-school-network/texas-virtual-school-network-online-schools-program There are some pre-reqs, like you had to be enrolled in public school the prior year to qualify - but Texas has an option to transfer to an online public school program. There are several districts in Texas that have these, and you don't have to be in the district to enroll. So you get a full TEA-approved program, some have special needs programs, have to follow IEPs, etc. Could be a good option for some people..
  14. I don't know the exact RPMs, 3000-something, but I only run mine 6 hours a day (non-salt) the majority at night to both try to cool it more and to do my part for the grid. I also run the pump when we're actively using the pool so average another hour or so a day probably. My water quality is excellent.
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