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  1. I don't have an informed opinion either way on the root topic here, but if the govt pays out billions+ for anything, it does affect us all. The money doesn't appear out of thin air - there'd be some combination of higher taxes, increased debt, lowered services elsewhere, inflation, etc. as a result.
  2. Not a job, but I'd consider taking some community college classes. Things like wood working, cabinet making, welding, auto repair, foreign languages, etc. I took an ACC woodworking class many years ago for the heck of it and really enjoyed it.
  3. I'm sure many people already know this, but the old anarchist in Slacker was a philosophy professor at UT. I took his class my freshman year. Took me a few sessions before I realized why he seemed familiar /CSB.
  4. That's a fine surrender cobra specimen.
  5. You can look up compatible memory for the motherboard. Not sure if this is your exact board, but: https://www.asus.com/motherboards-components/motherboards/tuf-gaming/tuf-gaming-b650-plus/helpdesk_qvl_memory/?model2Name=TUF-GAMING-B650-PLUS Also most of the memory mfgs have search tools, like: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/c/memory/ddr5-ram?type=findbycompatibility (But I can't find the B650 in the above link). That might give you a clue whether what you have should work. If what you have is NOT listed, I can't really say what the chances are that is should/shouldn't work though.
  6. Does anybody know if the Austin HOME initiative that just passed affects impervious cover rules for existing SFHs?
  7. Sort of the same though? The other guys just have to wait a week or two to get fired and they get their payout. ERob knew he wasn't getting fired. So basically everyone gets free money except the guy you actually felt deserved it the most? Pisser.
  8. Was ERob, the guy they liked and wanted to retain, basically the only assistant that got screwed out of keeping his payout money? I don't know what the assistant contracts looked like, so only speculating, but id be pissed if all my colleagues are getting multi-hundred K+ checks cut for severance pay and I'm being held hostage on a sinking ship.
  9. Man, he's so good with a very unique style. I don't think he gets talked about enough. I think I'm just done with the Moody Center. I've seen some excellent bands there and sat all around the place, and every single time I've been disappointed. It's just too echo-y and the sound all blends together in a mush. I made it a point to get seats right behind the sound board for this one and it still sucked. I'm sure I'll be temped back at some point, but ugh.. While I'm bitching - why is it so hard to find your seats in that place? There are numbered "portals" all around the arena to get to the seats, but they don't correspond to the sections in any discernable way. There is no obvious signage for the sections, just for the portals. And the maps that show the layout seem to be spaced out 100 yards apart. Every time I've been I end up walking aimlessly looking for one of the maps to see which portal I need to use, and then inevitably walking and equal or greater distance in the opposite direction because the portal I needed was the other way. It makes no sense - am I missing some trick to it?
  10. Bump - still hanging on to these, hate to see them go to waste. Can anyone use them?
  11. In this general genre, I have two tickets I can't use to John Moreland at 3TEN at ACL Live Nov 17. The seats are row 1-2 GA (GA seating but guaranteed first two rows). Asking $100 for the pair (face value, I'll eat the service charges). PM me if interested.
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