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  1. Or they could be keeping quiet while details/money are being talked about. USC did not report what their extension was to GH for a reason. I would like to think CDC & CTH are smart enough to do the same.
  2. I feel Graham showed he might be a candidate to break out next year in the Tech game. Seems he didn’t get a lot of snaps this year, but that could be due to not being effective throughout the year.
  3. Not sure we hire a coordinator based on one year of Sam.
  4. I'd say its balanced. Skeptical on the run game as their numbers are not great this year as they rank 111th in rush offense.
  5. QJ's comments worry me a tad. Dude is a baller.
  6. Saw this for Meekins, not Warehime. I have not seen any updates on his future.
  7. So are we sure Herman has been calling the offense all year? Completely different look today compared to a lot of the year.
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