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  1. It's perfectly reasonable to me to think Mack will be a better QB than Sayin. Seems pretty likely actually, especially for the KDB style of play.
  2. UM has a much better defensive game plan and they don't have complete JAGs at half the DB spots. UW was and still would be our worst matchup even with flaccid Penix
  3. What's worse than a super accurate QB? A super accurate QB that has played 6 years and seen it all. Their coaches can play roulette with their playbook, especially considering how solid their pass block OL is
  4. Does anyone type it that way to be funny? I don't know of any comedic value there, but I personally can't be bothered to extend my fingers around for the "right" spelling when aggy will do just fine. If it bothers any of their supporters then I guess that's just an added bonus
  5. The possibility of ending up like the guys on USS Thresher or Scorpion is enough to say no thanks
  6. Perspective makes it look like the arms in the passing window had a chance, they didn't the ball was past them when the arms extended. The timing was late, causing those defenders to be where they were at the time of the throw, and too high for Sanders to have a high percentage of success on the catch. Quicker motion and on the money is what Sark expects with these plays. Not a lot of margin for error, but when the dude harps on details, this is what he means
  7. Relying on a guy we all knew was made of glass to be the physical enforcer, paired with a guy that runs 4.7 or greater that is not stoutly built and has poor open field tackling ability, backed up by Dylan Haines but without the INTs, and a special teams contributor... then calling that a deep room where we are comfortable with any of them rotating in big games... that doesn't sound like a particularly bang-up honest talent evaluation. We've had worse no doubt, but talking about championships and then running into a rival in year 2 that has Bowman and Bowen smells like an underperformance of where we should be in year 3. IDGAF who the land thieves have behind those 2, but I just know they came up with goal line stops, turnovers, and limited YAC on what we expected to be a plus matchup with our WR. Unfortunately, this isn't some vast overachievement on their part, if anything they'll be even better by the time we maybe meet for a rematch. Is Texas going to be a force on the back end to subdue WR with physicality, speed to cover the deep ball, and discipline to sniff out athletic QB run by years end or are we going to wonder why goal line offense is such a challenge for us and why scrambling QBs get 100 yards on us?
  8. Peyton Bowen and Caleb Downs were huge today in their respective team wins. Blake Gideon get off your ass
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