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  1. Oh God, I hadn't thought about the "SEC ready" reports that are coming.
  2. That's his way of shitting down his leg. It's cowardice and mental freezing, and vs Arky he would have taken as many or more sacks. I'm not saying Card had anything defensible of his performance, but shit, Quinn isn't an "unflappable" guy, he's a fake it till you make it type that sees his first pass broken up and nearly picked and then every pass afterward is an abomination downstream of his scared shitless reaction. The overthrows, throwaways, and off balance deliveries happen because he's fucking scared
  3. Imagine if it had been Quinn last year starting on the road vs Arky with that crowd and energy holy fucking shit. If any fan of college football is wondering what a QB actively shitting down both legs looks like, we're seeing it with Ewers this season.
  4. You can just see the picks coming as we get desperate
  5. It's not like Jordan Whittington is a twitchy burner, especially after the injuries and bulking. Greathouse will be a good replacement for him, perhaps an upgrade if we're honest. A smaller guy I thought would be a great slot prospect in LV Bunkley Shelton hasn't done shit, including now at OU, just one example but there's no reason not to like the mismatch approach to evaluation
  6. Great win for the horns, but, holy shit Oklahoma's luck with head coaches is officially confirmed over. Venables is so, so bad
  7. Best set of highlights all season just absolutely brutalized by slack jawed Tim Brando As for DL talk, Byron Murphy is easily our best interior guy now
  8. I think the safeties played poorly, not what I would characterize as "safe". In particular, Jerrin Thompson on the first, and arguably most important, of their numerous 4th down conversions displayed an outstanding lack of football iq and playmaking ability. 4th and 7, Tech was desperate to respond to our early td and McGuire really needed it to fire up his team and send a message. Had it failed, and it should have been at least reviewed but whatever, Tech simply crumbles within the first quarter. We would have taken a lightning quick 14-0 lead and more importantly the defense would have gotten some juice from the turnover. Tech motions their receiver, with the obvious back and forth tell, "we're trying to free him up for the throw" action. Thompson picks him up and keeps a deep cushion, and fucking BAILS well past the first down marker as the Tech guy simply stops and waits for the pass. 4th and fucking 7 and you don't protect the sticks... Not even a particularly well anticipated pass mind you. Thompson gets back just in time for the courteous push after ball is secured and both feet are down. Shortly after, 7-7 and Tech is feeling self assured about never punting again
  9. Compare Sanders on our last offensive play vs Cupp on the next play.
  10. I expected more from Jeff Banks. Sanders is ass my dude right now and needs more time in the incubator. He's a real negative in inline blocking or pulling situations and as a coach you have to realize when you can afford to give nascent potential freedom to fuck up and improve, and when you fucking can't afford it. Helm? Davis? And if there isn't anyone else you know won't whiff on critical blocks, go out and get your transfer yesterday (billingsley lmao). I realize there are myriad other obvious things to bitch about, but he was supposed to be standout as a coach. Maybe he's spread too thin on responsibilities, but shit man. Disappointing
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