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  1. Agreed with 10k as well. That was the add on pricing in Austin. Call b.s. on that.
  2. You can't steal personal data from the good people of the United States...that's our job!
  3. So they're going to get my surly login as well? Mother of god...
  4. Yep, when they busted out the CAD drawings of the PLCs, I got a bit of a chubby.
  5. So China needs AI to figure out that I like porn...right
  6. I for one welcome our new green monkey overlords
  7. that link gave my phone the AIDS, but it was worth it
  8. well it's certainly nice to have goals...
  9. here's a hot tip....you don't need the filter at all. You can send the $9.95 my way.
  10. Now that's the funniest post on this thread
  11. I'd be worried about the darker plaster revealing calcium buildup more readily, but at the same time hiding algae buildup.
  12. just completed assembling this smoked chicken, shrimp & sausage gumbo. Will let it slowly cool down overnight on the stove, then into the fridge for tomorrow's dinner. I'll add a pic of the final product later.
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