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  1. They probably did you a favor. Now they can reroute the line to a safer path.
  2. Yep, the greasiest cheese pizza they have. That way I can shit my drawers on the way out. Have fun wiping my dead ass...
  3. Cut the cord.. Put the freshman in a dorm. In subsequent years, let them search for new roommates and and apartment on their own.
  4. If I start to dwell on this too long, I start to think about the what-if's, and it starts to fuck me up. What if they had gotten to some staffers, some Reps or Senators, family members, etc? How many more would have been tortured or killed? What horrors would we have been forced to watch on television? Arguably, we were this fucking close to experiencing the 2nd worse thing we have ever inflicted upon ourselves since the Civil War. Thank God it's snowing outside right now, and I'm sitting in my living room, watching it. Charlie Brown Christmas music is on in the background, becau
  5. Then you push the problem to the CIA... AmbitiousUnequaledBrownbutterfly-mobile.mp4
  6. This was one of my favorites to read growing up. To think one dude could leach some power from Galactus and redirect to take on the Beyonder. Blew my mind at the time.
  7. It would've been one helluva a hoot if the Capitol cops had shot a state rep instead of that loon from California. Ahhh, imagine.
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