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  1. yup..... and by "moderate" you mean "intellectual, reasonable, empathetic, etc, etc..."
  2. freyguy

    Concept Albums

    looks like I need to recalibrate my definition of what a concept album is....
  3. and that bee.... ...was Abraham Lincoln.
  4. Star Jasmine. It's freaking awesome when it's not dead.
  5. Mine is 9 ft tall. I never bothered with HOA's, because fuck em. I can't imagine any neighbor having an issue with that. Especially when I decide to run around my back patio with no shirt on, dancing around like fool.
  6. But know that if another snowpocalypse comes, it'll look like this. 😭
  7. You need to nuke that playscape and put in an lattice backdrop. Find someone to drop ranch pipe every 4-8 ft, then tack weld square livestock fencing.
  8. Yes, I got em. They're cheap and help keep alot of crude things from getting to your filter.
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