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  1. Grandpa is pretty spry if he’s old enough to have survived auschwitz and he’s out bombing Gaza right now.
  2. So they were discussing the used market over in the taco thread, and I decided to put my trucks through kbb for kicks. Wow. ‘13 f150 lariat I bought for $26k 3 years ago shows a TRADE IN of 23k amd the ‘17 250 I bought one year ago for around 40k has a TRADE IN of 48-50. I plan on keeping these for a while so hopefully this delays the depreciation and I stay ahead of it with the payments in case there’s some financial emergency down the road.
  3. Which is the default if they refuse to choose?
  4. Save the country from dishwashers and lettuce pickers and construction workers and whatever other jobs undocumented people can get?
  5. But that would only leave 6 for the sec
  6. Don’t forget to go to an Apple store and tell the assistant manager there that you have insisted on social media that everyone cancel their Apple account.
  7. One side of my family developed a complicated secret sign meant to indicate that the person they were talking about is black. you use your index finger to make a quick circle around the outline of your face.
  8. I’d like to see 90% of the cases at 39 and lower, but the distribution doesn’t really matter when the total number of cases drops below a threshold that makes the %s insignificant. Maybe it’s already there, I don’t know the math on that.
  9. They were saying this 15 years after Doug Williams won a super bowl?
  10. Come on man, that was a long time ago, all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are square, it's hip to be square, we won't get fooled again
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