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  1. Yes. I started it, saw the cbs productions logo, and immediately stopped.
  2. If it hold at 3% per day for the rest of the week, 1% each day this weekend, 2% daily next mon-thu, then 5% on Friday, I think that puts Texas at around 57% for early voting. Even another 5% on Election Day would make a 62% turnout, which in those tabulated counties would mean around 7 million votes. Accurate? Fair goal?
  3. Lots of odd hour shift workers on the east side that could take advantage of late night and early morning hours to vote as they come off shift.
  4. From the outside, you wouldn’t understand...
  5. Damn these can be off by 5 for Biden and it’s still a comfortable win.
  6. ‘78 so end of x. Was pretty comfortable in the “compassionate conservative” idea that W was working with as governor and running for prez. I don’t feel like I’ve moved much off of that, but the party has moved a ton away from compassion AND conservatism and towards Christian fanaticism and general purpose evil. So now I feel more closely aligned with the democrats/progressives, as much of their ideas are born from goodness- even the batshit crazy ones.
  7. They want everyone’s vote. At least everyone that’s supposed to vote for them. They help the money. The money is predominantly with old white people.
  8. Europe is really all in on removing trump. Australia as well, and south and Central America. Quite the long reaching conspiracy.
  9. That quinnipiac poll might be a point or 2 off in favor of Biden, and it might encourage lazy trumpers to go out and vote if they think Texas is in jeopardy.
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