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  1. Looks like boat upholstery to me
  2. Pato del Muerto


    High school graduation
  3. They used to guard the 27 foot step back better in the old days
  4. Looked like elbow on elbow. Glad it shouldn’t matter.
  5. Porzingis at least helps with rim defense some. Probably wouldn’t be giving up 20 layups tonight. why is a block out of bounds a jump ball after a challenge reversal?
  6. Luka with an incidental elbow to whiteside when whiteside draws a charge- refs upgrade to flagrant 1. Like a minute later whiteside with an inadvertent elbow to Luka during follow through of a block- no foul called.
  7. Then like 2 possessions later whiteside accidentally elbowed Luka after blocking his shot and...no foul at all. Need video of that too and both to travel around the nba twitter sphere.
  8. It’s almost like they didn’t learn their lesson when they didn’t get punished last time.
  9. Maybe Dallas desoto duncanville. dirty south dallas
  10. So doncic can’t check melo. finney-Smith can’t check melo. Jackson can’t check melo. kleiba can’t check melo.
  11. What’s triple D? Besides the guy fieri show.
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