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  1. More or less. Bullock is a little more straight laced.
  2. 17-32 is pretty damn good? 6 ypa is pretty damn good?
  3. Truck is back. Final verdict is me being ignorant and stupid. Crack in radiator hose. Slow leak. Coolant level drops. No coolant flowing to heater core. so that liquid that was on the driveway that wasn’t oil but wasn’t water, turns out it was antifreeze. Didn’t occur to me because I never smelled that sweet smell of burning glycol.
  4. 65 came in and knocked Rudolph on his ass after he got hit in the head. Wonder if he gets any discipline.
  5. Im going to say Atlanta.
  6. But there’s a comment at the end of the descriptions that says something like ‘th is is presented as originally created and may have some culturally insensitive content.’
  7. That should solve one slur, but only exacerbate another.
  8. I myself very rarely am on the att tv app to watch anything. I mostly use the apps for the specific channels, that I use my att tv credentials to gain access. biggest drawback is using on demand instead of dvring content, but the dvr is rubbish.
  9. Yeah, lose the longhorn shape and it would look just fine.
  10. Does California have gun restrictions for itself? Seems like making high cap mags and bump stocks and such illegal would be the kinds of things already enacted in CA.
  11. I was watching a natgeo deep ocean doc and switched tvs and from Roku to Apple TV, and when I pressed play it jumped to where I had stopped. But I didn’t have a resume/start over option, just play. And I had to hunt it down first.
  12. On that rendering, it appears that the windows in the horns will be looking directly at walls. Hopefully it’s just not a good perspective and they will look over those walls, or the windows won’t extend that far.
  13. Warranty so that’s good.
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