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  1. Why not fight it? If they win the eminent domain, they still have to pay for the land.
  2. Maybe he was upset that the Astros hit 5 A’s in the series. Maybe the Astros bench was mouthy. Maybe both. Maybe neither. maybe he’s really mad at his pitchers for not hitting any Astros in a series where they got hit 5 times.
  3. He should have stocked up on essentials back in March like the rest of us.
  4. I’ve no idea why the bucks played giannis and Middleton more than 20 minutes yesterday. What does winning get them at this point?
  5. Yeah wanted him to miss and Scottie to birdie. DJ doesn’t need that half mil.
  6. Seeing some spoils now. tomato plants went nuts the past few weeks with new growth and now they’re starting to fruit finally. Tomatillo is enormous and must have a hundred pods on it. Don’t know if each one becomes a tomatillo or not but it they do we will have sauce for a year.
  7. Which hasn’t been a story at all as opposed to champ.
  8. And, not sure if you’ve heard this, he’s from California and played college golf 24 miles away at Berkeley.
  9. This is fun. Wolff should have posted 11 or 12, but gotta make those short putts.
  10. See what I mean with the leaderboard? Dj and Scottie same score same hole, dj listed first Scottie listed fourth.
  11. Depends on what time of year it is. Duh.
  12. Dj has given away just enough. scottie needs to have a couple of holes where he outperforms the field.
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