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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×

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  1. In truth, if there’s going to be looting and organized chaos happening I’d prefer it be proven to come from the white nationalist side only, so it does not muddle the message. It’d be cool to actually take some positive steps forward in the arena of policing and racial equality following one of these events.
  2. They made Steve Gutenberg a star and suppress the metric system in the USA. They are very powerful.
  3. Even odds that she burns $42 worth of gas just driving from store to store to see what they have in the way of gallon sized portable liquid storage? just buy the giant mug at tigermart. Then you get cheap refills later on.
  4. My poor boy Maximus. Finally got his crazy skin allergies under control with apoquel (@ $100 per month) and now he has a bad bacterial infection in his ears so he’s taking prednisone for the inflammation and gets an antibiotic flush twice a day. he also doesn’t seem to be thrilled with sharing his affection time with the new kitten.
  5. Just got these to toss in. They don’t fit in the current trailer but I’m guessing they will when we buy a larger one, and we can set them up outdoors if we want. https://www.cabelas.com/product/Disc-O-Bed-XL-Cot-Bunk-Beds/735034.uts?productVariantId=1634337&WT.tsrc=PPC&WT.mc_id=GoogleProductAds&WT.z_mc_id1=50028845&rid=20&ds_rl=1246525&ds_rl=1246528&ds_rl=1247879&ds_rl=1252079&gclid=CjwKCAjwt-L2BRA_EiwAacX32XRa_sN3hbgU6cnaKBZwxLBaRgLgmeDRD0vtTaOEDKGZHsIjxkAVTxoCfLMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds bought the leg extensions and rubber feet as well.
  6. C’mon be fair. The only issue with pit bull is his name, his look, his style, and his music.
  7. I think he picked up some road rash that won’t feel good in the shower for a while
  8. Probably should not bring the plug in hitachi magic wand either
  9. Give them the load bearing suspenders, the outside vest, and the armored car. The safer and more comfortable they feel, the better for all of us. Even the taser and tranq guns sound better than up-arming them to win with force. the guys that want bigger and better guns, that’s what the special weapons assault team is for. Join it or stfu. Every officer isn’t swat. If your pistol isn’t sufficient, back off and call for appropriate backup.
  10. Couple of those guys were really good about only jumping in when the guy was down to kick him. How noble.
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