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  1. At least wash and disinfect the schtick before you use it.
  2. She’s never lasted more than 48 hours away
  3. Hospital systems claim to run super lean or at a loss, then all of a sudden they are paying huge numbers to get people in despite not being able to bill for a lot of stuff recently? It doesn’t make sense.
  4. I’m just glad he didn’t miss any. happy opening day to the new place.
  5. And can I get a ruling on this one? there is a track called whipped cream.
  6. Most of the Van Halen discography, but I think women and children first as mentioned above is more of the attention getter than diver down or ou812 or even FUCK. thought I had a good one, but there actually is a track called madman across the water.
  7. Appears to have been a healthy young adult
  8. Didn’t you go to a medical conference sometime last month?
  9. Or load up on one run to last for 4 weeks. We haven’t gone out for anything in 3 weeks and have 1-2 more weeks worth of stuff before we would have to start eating unusual combinations. Have had some non perishables delivered from amazon. theres no delivery or even curbside pickup here. wife has gotten creative. Just received 10 lb of butter powder along with as much flour from some place.
  10. I don’t really understand the numbers in my county. 1 positive, 115 negative, 15 pending. Been at 1 positive for a week now. Who are they testing and who are they not? The one positive is a nurse. Must be immaculate infection.
  11. No better way to test subject mastery than testing right after a 90 day break. Much more instructive than testing after a 2 week cram session.
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