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  1. Re schools: How much of the low rate of spread related to the measures being employed at the schools- masks and distancing? and how much of that is maintainable if they went “fully open?” Or does fully open imply the absence of measures? don’t have time so search now and I’ll forget soon.
  2. And a package of hcf fajita chicken breasts, an 8 oz bag of shredded cheese blend, a can of rosarita retried beans, and a sack of heb tortillas.
  3. So the state or county picks up the business and it’s back to a good old boring public utility again?
  4. Also it’s his dad’s Alma mater that is keeping him from cal, not his grades.
  5. Maybe spell his surname correctly, Joey.
  6. Need justice and orange for the bench photo that matches the name of the defense
  7. No 102.1 was Q102 back in the 80s and early 90s way before the edge was a thing. https://www.dallasobserver.com/music/souled-out-6401763 edge probably helped kill q102.
  8. That guy had more receptions last season than Demond demas.
  9. Well now I’m curious. was it a soft g like hiles? was it a hard g like j Giles band? was it like an old Pasadena honkeytonk?
  10. So my previous job was lab testing for a pharma company that made schedule 2 drugs. Mainly opioids. I forget how much hydromorphone is in dilauded, but our samples were around 5 grams per batch and 99.x% pure. Probably close to 100g in our lab safe at any given time. frequent DEA visits along with cameras everywhere were a good deterrent against what they call diversion (stealing it to sell). My understanding is that it’s really for post surgical pain only.
  11. I doubt many, if any, districts have the ability to store them at storage conditions. But yes teachers should have been in the same tier as health workers.
  12. One ep left for Aggie and Wanda to go on a wine-fueled exploration of each other’s bodies.
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