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  1. Wilco. great start- they have Fox News showing in the waiting room. So that must mean they are for lower taxes.
  2. Headed to my hearing now. having to argue that my purchase last year was market value and should be used for this value even though it was not on MLS, and that equity says to allow the sales price as value as they would a home that was listed. Might not even have any merit, about to find out.
  3. So a warden saying she hates republicans is unacceptable, but a us house rep saying she hates democrats is America first patriotism?
  4. Some quick surface level thinking has me feeling like the current market in lots of places has made it easier for listing agents and tougher on buyer agents, so discounted fees would be best removed from a listing agent’s share. One thing I don’t know is if getting listings is tougher than getting buyers, feels like most people ask for recs from friends and family, or use friends and family, when possible. there’s also the idea that value is related to sales price. Market forces make home values double, commission doubles. Does effort double, or work product? It’s definitely a business/industry model being stressed by a couple of factors.
  5. I saw a realtor buyers agreement this week that says the commission will be 3% and if the seller won’t pay it the buyer is responsible for the difference.
  6. So is this edwards guy going to be better than madi or is this like for like?
  7. I wonder how many fraud claims will stem from primary results.
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