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  1. Probably coaches saying you wear black to a funeral or some such dumb shit
  2. CG I assume, with all hands available for situational pitching.
  3. I turned off the tv after it went 5-1, checking in here only. Obviously that will be the case for the rest of this one, but what are my standing orders if there’s a game tomorrow?
  4. Ford overthinking this I hope. It is hot though apparently.
  5. I’m sure he will be asked and will say, but if the point to third wasn’t to hold Bella, it was either a weird gesture to touch the base or it was for Mia to come to third. I didn’t see if she was in a position to get that signal or not, but if so then she missed it or saw Bella stop. Did she round 2nd?
  6. Strange. Was he trying to say don’t miss the base or something?
  7. So if she was called out, there’s nothing white could do since it was the third missed call? Makes perfect sense.
  8. lol they can’t do the 2 out sign without making it into a horns down.
  9. Had a foul tip not called earlier in the season that led to a loss. Now a non foul tip that shouldn’t have even mattered because it was caught clean that leads to a loss. In the same half season, and replay cannot correct either situation.
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