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  1. .618 all time with 3ffs and a championship vs .625 all time with 3 ffs and 0 championships. seems pretty lateral.
  2. It’s not a near miss, it’s a near hit! /carlin
  3. The article says that in the next iteration, Texas will replace Arizona as a 1 and the other 1s are still Kansas, Purdue, and Alabama. probably moot though as the loser tomorrow night probably drops out to a 2, depending I guess on other action throughout the week.
  4. I suspect Russian logistics are pretty stingy with what they send to the prison units. They are where they are to perform a Pickett charge but with sufficient numbers to succeed, and the more Ukrainian ammo they eat while doing it the better for Russia.
  5. But hey, a monster carbureted gas engine that’s easy to work on is the right tool for that job in that location.
  6. Lol a 460 with a plow, and pushing snow. You must burn gallons a minute when you are running it.
  7. On country naming, I’ve wondered why it seems the Dominican republic is the only translatable name that we actually translate instead of just anglicizing the pronunciation of Spanish spelling. I think it might be just because it sounds silly to us to call a country Rich Coast or a territory Rich Port. We don’t translate cities though- I guess we have enough San saint names and Los nouns that we are accustomed to it.
  8. Love isn’t always on time Neither are pop culture reference posts.
  9. Some comments seem to indicate that this was an older photo from when masking was required on flights.
  10. I don’t pretend to understand NET but we sure look a lot like Tennessee for there to be a 6 spot delta between us. At least what was displayed as far as record splits for location and quads. Maybe margin of victory and other things are factored in that make the difference?
  11. Interest rates being up probably put an end to that. It was already still expensive at 0-3% to finance 60k.
  12. Would it be legal to pay a black athlete more to steal his girl than a white athlete?
  13. I called 4-6, so with the 2-0 start a 2-6 finish would be crushing. does 4-4 get us the reg season conference title? If so, does that get us a 1 seed?
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