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  1. If he’s not playing well or hard, why would he play in games?
  2. Probably once a day, I see a Russian name in a tweet and think “didn’t that guy play for the red wings?”
  3. I feel like Donald wouldn’t flee. That would be showing weakness. He thinks he will get away with everything.
  4. They also know that most of their audience won’t see a retraction tweet. The law should be you retract on the same platform that you defamed on.
  5. The “no reasonable person” shit is dead, since it was used to defend statements from Giuliani and Powell and others about the election, with millions out there believing all of it.
  6. I knew hall wasn’t lazy. Lazy people don’t get boots off their wheel. That’s a high effort endeavor accomplished by a hard working man.
  7. If he doesn’t know what’s in the boxes, how does he know it was all declassified? Did he think to himself, I don’t know where that box is from or what’s in it, but it’s all declassified whatever it is. ps- I thought trump was still secret president. Why did he do this to himself?
  8. Isn’t that what hustler did and won the suit?
  9. Swisher rolled tight, got sprayed by Ike
  10. There’s no way the gop will be willing to publicly be party to trump’s downfall. They want him out of the way but they want it to appear to be against their wishes so they can assume his voting base.
  11. Yeah tendons and soft tissues may be ok if her circulation system was still pretty efficient. Eyes, lungs no chance. Guessing liver was stressed by dealing with all the stuff that entered the bloodstream from dying cells.
  12. I wonder if in instances of trauma like that, if the surge still happens but it’s more fleeting as the body musters the last of its strength but can’t manage for long in its condition.
  13. That poster has people throwing a football like a screwball
  14. The trick is getting them to believe he did that. You can’t make them believe it, and they don’t want to. Evidence will have been planted or fabricated.
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