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  1. They also had 7 points through the first 43-44 game minutes. Had a good drive followed by two horrible turnover gifts from Texas deep in Texas territory to put up 20 points in 4 game minutes to get back in it- then only scored a fg the rest of the game. I Don’t know how anyone could see them carve up the defense when they were either getting stopped or having 20 yard td drives for the vast majority of the game.
  2. Lender pulls my credit an the next morning I get absolutely bombarded with calls, presumably from brokers that pay the reporting agencies for contact info of people that have a certain credit pull. Like 70 calls on day 1. Several dupes but not too many. Basically none of them leave a voicemail so they are robocalls that will connect with some poor slob if I pick up. No name on the call ID. several of them have the stones to text without me approving texts. Most of those texts don’t have a person’s name or a company name, so again a computer generated bullshit message that only goes to a person if I respond. Usually some quick message like “It’s your right to shop, we can beat any deal! Is this a purchase or refinance? Text stop to stop receiving messages” Complete beating, even with the phone set to ignore unknown callers. Went on for about a week with calls tailing off a little each day. shouldn’t be legal. Or at least the number of contacts should be limited to one Kyle two before you have to stop. i hope none of youse guys do that.
  3. Is Archie bunker the most important character in American tv history? how many people related to his views and behavior, watched how others saw him, watched him change, and changed along with him? and bless Carol O’Connor for making Archie the complex guy he was meant to be.
  4. They like to overpay as a flex, they think it makes them look rich and powerful. So I wouldn’t be surprised. and if you define the salary pool, there’s no reason to not use it all. There’s a reason car salesmen and mortgage people tell you the most you qualify for.
  5. And somewhere there’s a post where I questioned aggy wanting him at h back when Utah thinks he’s a lb, when they offered. So yeah I have the same opinion here, just less entertained.
  6. I Don’t think most of them will embrace the M-Elk moniker because it’s too close to MLK.
  7. It sounds to me like he doesn’t know but needs everyone to think that he does. this is one of the names I was holding back? Cmon it’s not done yet. No shit.
  8. Don’t worry, one of the players they got back is Enrique Culo
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