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  1. You aren’t still pissing in the fireplace are you?
  2. Since NIL isn’t supposed to be tied to the school, I see no reason why it would keep them there. They can post about sunflower seeds, insurance agencies, and Hempstead kibota dealers just as well from Baton Rouge or Syracuse.
  3. Week 1 Alabama beat mtsu 56-7 with milroe. week 5 Alabama beat msu 40-17. tell me how early season bama was bad? were they still bad a week later when they won at aggy by only 6? when did they get good? their only bad games were against Texas at home and then on the road at usf when they decided to not play milroe.
  4. aggy is literally the only fanbase in the entire country who thinks Texas screwed FSU out of the playoffs. Hell, not even Nole fans themselves are channeling their butthurt at Texas..they are screaming about Bama favoritism. Well bama does have the better loss
  5. Robinson news is out the evening before the portal opens. Though I guess they already had an extended window from the coaching change?
  6. I hope elko signed his deal already. Probably why he hopped a 3 am plane to CS asap. Would be great though if they only hired him to keep Robinson, and figure a way to unhire him now that Robinson is gone anyway. They could look to the journalism school for how to do that smoothly without drawing too much negative attention.
  7. Don’t like that line, think it will come down. btw the huskies I talked to still hold a little bit of a grudge over sark ditching them for usc.
  8. Interesting that they all have ou as the 5th 2 loss team though.
  9. I like how for their case for Georgia, the entirety of their season is considered. But for Texas, the bama win WW way back in week 2 and should be discounted. meanwhile even with their selective metrics, Georgia was trailing at some point in every sec game I believe was said on the broadcast last night (as evidence that they could come back) but apparently winning is the only important thing for georgia, but how you win is what matters for Texas except the Alabama game which doesn’t matter at all.
  10. Imagine Iowa’s defense against LSU offense, and LSU defense against Iowa offense.
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