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  1. I’m near jollyville and it had to be more than a tenth or two. I don’t believe that map.
  2. Depending on which team you are, this is not insurmountable…
  3. The event is not over, gentlemen.
  4. Weather app says 76 degrees in Georgetown, 99 in Austin right now.
  5. Your lack of faith is disturbing.
  6. Pouring in north Austin. Pouring in Georgetown. I put up a sun shade over the deck last weekend that may or may not be able to survive high winds, and am not there to take it down. So you are all welcome.
  7. Find out what Russian airdefence doing in and around Moscow
  8. They are going to say the Ukrainians destroyed their nuke plant, right? Then put it to nato and eu to escalate.
  9. Besides, when am I ever going to be back in Helsinki?
  10. Imagine trump living in putin’s place with him. Odd couple rebooted would be his biggest ratings ever. Maybe that’s why McDonald’s is moving toward getting back into Russia.
  11. So how is he supposed to drain the swamp if he can’t even keep his own house clean? Oh yeah he didn’t.
  12. What rotten luck that everyone around the trump family or businesses turns out to be a criminal or incompetent. They just can’t catch a break.
  13. It’s not huge, 6000lbs loaded probably. A properly equipped half ton would probably be fine for around here. Bought it when we were traversing mountain passes. our f150 isn’t really geared well for towing (3.38 rear end i think?) and it’s the 5.0 so low end torque is an issue.
  14. Yeah I think about selling mine, but then I think I’d probably be priced out of getting another for a while. I wish it was easy and fairly cheap to rent a 3/4 ton for when I wanted to tow the camper, as far as I know it isn’t. And I don’t like the idea of a beater diesel that sits most of the time, then 6 times a year I ask it to pull us to wilderness and back without breaking. Update of my own issue with the CEL: I already had an oil change scheduled so I let them do that, and then I changed the air and fuel filters. Well apparently the batteries were almost dead already, and when I changed fuel filters either the loss of initial fuel pressure or the fuel pump running off the batteries to fill the filter back up made it so the engine wouldn’t turn over. Voltmeter read 12.1. new batteries cleared the CEL- which first appeared simultaneous to the display having memory issues with my settings. And that issue went away. Never had the battery specific light come on though. Must be the computer that manages the obd was power starved?
  15. Best backup fg kicker punter in the league if he could find a spot.
  16. Lodging: https://www.kakslauttanen.fi/
  17. Rino Ronnie. Hollywood elite. California commie. They’d have all kinds of ammo against him.
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