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  1. I think they’d just cover up the pastor stuff if that was it.
  2. Schröedinger’s criminal
  3. Hope he’s looking to go to a better t&f program and forget about football. But it may be too late for him to develop in the shot.
  4. Yeah that video doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies at all. It’s still heavy on the “only one true path” theme, just altered that trump isn’t that path. But it is only a portion of one sermon, so perhaps I’d get a different impression if I were to listen to all of it and some others as well to get a feel for his message.
  5. Last night sucked. But when things go poorly I remind myself of last season, that always makes me smile. And sometimes I read the current page of the Astros thread. They need to show some life though because resignation is already creeping in, with talk of a throwaway developmental season to prepare for another real run next season!
  6. Thats fine but Occam’s razor is a thing for a reason. I prefer to not look at the supernatural for things that can be explained by the natural world.
  7. Singing also helps people to not stutter, and it’s possible that, since so much of church is singing or chanting, that he was accessing that part of his brain when praying.
  8. Not a great idea to take a deep dive into a shallow pool.
  9. Well that was a braided steel cable, similar to what used to connect the accelerator to the carburetor. and I wasn’t positive olds made a cutlass in your stated time window so I checked and you are good- stopped in 1997.
  10. Panthers play playoff hockey all year long so there’s no transition for them.
  11. If anything, bothell is probably further east than you are thinking. a few weeks ago I left work in bothell around 4 pm to get to my son’s soccer game in shoreline and with traffic not too bad it took around 30 minutes. I did notice there’s a Trader Joe’s there. And I think a winco grocery store.
  12. Bothell and woodinville are next to each other. Woodinville might be 5 minutes further from Seattle.
  13. Just like the protest Muslim votes in the Michigan democratic primary, I assume all or most of these Haley primary voters will still be voting for Trump in the general after expressing their displeasure at the party direction. Because, still better than any D!
  14. Catcher hits a hr in the first? 3 hr watch.
  15. It’s still an obvious choice. I don’t know what Biden needs to be other than 10 years younger. Especially with an election that is unique in that both candidates have 4 years on the job to compare with each other.
  16. Since this was posted 2 weeks ago, Barrow has gone 0-4-1 to be only one point ahead of 8th position for the final spot in the playoff, and they have a Mansfield town team looking to secure 2nd position on Saturday. Thats a rough finish if they fall out completely. edit: actually was posted after the first loss of the past 5 matches. But could easily end up gaining 1 point over their final 6. And that one point was a draw with crawley town, who are the side 1 point behind them.
  17. Bob stoops also if we are naming successful coaches that played db.
  18. Surprised I haven’t heard about this major problem at both NYU and Columbia.
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