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  1. Back of my head is telling me they did a decent cover of wild horses
  2. Luka was on 9 reb forever, but finally got that triple double with 17 seconds left.
  3. Nice 4th quarter so far. Way to efficiently piss away a nice lead. 1 point in 6.5 minutes?
  4. I’m going to interrupt the aggy music appreciation to ask if scots have to pay for prophylactics.
  5. Well miller and coors are MillerCoors now so... shit must not have refreshed
  6. What’s the r^2 value for that linear regression?
  7. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/12231374.threat-to-fish-farms-as-red-tide-spreads-south/
  8. I’m sure she’s the first...
  9. They are at least doing something that alters the environment. As opposed to believing faith and prayer alone will do the job. this isn’t the thread, but it isn’t political so hopefully I don’t take too much flak: when prayer doesn’t work, people say it’s gods plan. So what’s the point of prayer if god already has a plan?
  10. I hope they’re not out of cotton balls. I know they have plenty of oil.
  11. We need to gein some ground on this issue.
  12. They have a lot of people, and every one of them wants to eat.
  13. Parachute touches water. Nicely executed.
  14. I was really, really excited after the LSU series last year. I’ll continue to nod in approval for a while longer before I get vocal.
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