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  1. Good news. MG back for Olympic qualifying. https://www.kxan.com/sports-general/japan-2020/current-former-longhorns-vying-for-olympic-berths-at-us-track-and-field-olympic-trials/ Long jump qualifying starts next Friday, with finals on Sunday. https://www.usatf.org/events/2021/2020-u-s-olympic-team-trials-track-field/schedule
  2. Question for those who have made the trip before: what is the best way to try to get tickets? Buy them in advance on the secondary market? By them shortly before each game on the secondary market? Find them outside the stadium?
  3. A guy with a shirt like that sat in front of me Sunday, except it started at 29. Not sure there is enough material left to add 37.
  4. So does a trip to the CWS.
  5. Totally agree. They should use these.
  6. Did you go baseballing that night?
  7. Let's get it going. Horns v Souf Somebody. Tickets bought. Hotel reserved. It will be glorious.
  8. The perfect regional would have been Gonzaga, Fairfield, Southern, and South Alabama. There would be the Zags, the Stags, and two Jags.
  9. Didn't they show a graphic that Texas is undefeated scoring 5 or more?
  10. Was that picture taken on the moon?
  11. Because he can't find Highway 6.
  12. Recently pardoned Duncan Hunter? https://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2020/12/23/california-conservatives-rebuke-trump-pardon-of-duncan-hunter-1350370
  13. Turned out to be delayed gratification. Ry-oh won a couple of innings later. Same guy drove in winning run.
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