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  1. Funny thing is he actually already is an Aggy Dad. Daughter plays soccer for them Greenhill kid.
  2. This is an interesting point. How many teams believe they have the structural advantages that they should expect to be Top 5 every year? I would think USC fits the list. Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia, and Clemson certainly would make that case. That leaves programs like LSU, FSU, Florida, Michigan, and Penn State off the list. Each of those programs can make a very similar argument as to why they should be Top 5 every year as Texas.
  3. Achane’s PR in the 100m is 10.82 - not exactly blazing territory. Does he have a spectacular 3 cone time? What am I missing?
  4. I don’t know, the girl with the flat top head has interesting possibilities.
  5. That is, at best, a 4.9 FAT. Is that the official time or just the poster?
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