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  1. My two eldest sons were recruited athletes coming out of high school. One, was recruited by Ivy League (Princeton, Dartmouth, and Penn) as well as lots of lesser schools (Lehigh, Bucknell, etc.). The other ended up at Pomona to play soccer. Recruiting Services are worthless. They just register you on mailing lists. Don’t pay for them. Men’s Soccer has very few scholarships and almost no full rides. Most coaching staffs have very little travel budget, and no where near the time to recruit effectively. Unless your son is on the National Team Pool or played DA, you need to recruit the school. Each school has a “recruit me” questionnaire on their athletic site. It is primarily about your sons academics. Fill this out. Follow up with a letter of interest to the Coach explaining why this is your dream school. It needs to be personalized to each school. Find their camps the Coaching Staff runs and attend them. This is critical to show interest. Visit the campus on your own and meet the coaches, again shows interest. Make a highlight video and an extended cut video of your son's performance. The Coach will ask for this if you meet their academic standard. Remember, you need to recruit the school for these non-revenue sports.
  2. I think he means Dr. Louis Patrick Coates, DO with the degree from a Caribbean for-profit college, University of Health Sciences, Antigua? I understand why Dr. Louis Patrick Coates, DO would fraudulently claim a degree from UT Southwestern Medical School!
  3. Funny thing is he actually already is an Aggy Dad. Daughter plays soccer for them Greenhill kid.
  4. This is an interesting point. How many teams believe they have the structural advantages that they should expect to be Top 5 every year? I would think USC fits the list. Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia, and Clemson certainly would make that case. That leaves programs like LSU, FSU, Florida, Michigan, and Penn State off the list. Each of those programs can make a very similar argument as to why they should be Top 5 every year as Texas.
  5. Achane’s PR in the 100m is 10.82 - not exactly blazing territory. Does he have a spectacular 3 cone time? What am I missing?
  6. I don’t know, the girl with the flat top head has interesting possibilities.
  7. That is, at best, a 4.9 FAT. Is that the official time or just the poster?
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