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  1. They never should have let Tia Marias go out of business. I remember my last meal there. Had a dead cricket floating in my drink. Just "noped" the fuck right out of there.
  2. is this streaming somewhere?
  3. Yeah, I think I've now moved onto the Pulsar XP train. Pocketbook really appreciates you starting this thread up!
  4. Wonder if you could put some kind of luminescent markings on your rail to make that process a little less clumsy.
  5. Riddle me this @cabowabo: If you were to pair one of these thermal scopes with, say, a LaRue quick disconnect mount system, would it be completely unheard of to detach your scope, scan, spot and then reattach the scope to shoot?
  6. lonestar3

    Truck Nuts

    Dumb question amnesty: If I replace just the muffler with an aftermarket, say Borla, is that going to affect my performance/mpg at all, or do I need to do the entire exhaust system to see any sort of difference?
  7. I'm relatively new to the AMEX MR world. Do they advertise when they're doing a transfer bonus?
  8. "difficulty" could have been describing the visual conditions and perhaps them circling to wait for the fog to lift/airspace too clear. Think given the flight data points and the eyewitness accounts of an in-trouble aircraft, it's fairly clear that they clipped something and that's what took down the 'copter.
  9. So the idea of a 16 mile hike doesn't necessarily strike fear into my bones. What I'm worried about is not being able to take in the scenery if we try and do both the long ones in the same day. Are they really 7 hour hikes, or is that for the slower-paced group?
  10. Oh, and one of you apply for the Ink card first and then send the other a referral link. That'll get you a bonus 10k.
  11. Chase Ink Preferred for each of you gets you kicked off with 160K points you can transfer between accounts. One of you will apply with the business EIN and the other will make up a business and use their social. Google how to open a business account without a business so you don't trip over your own dick in the process. Give it a month or so and then get the Sapphire Preferred. That'll get you another 50k. I'd suggest she do the same, but separately. Don't make the other partner an authorized user. That'll get you started. Basically, you want your first 5 cards to all be in the Chase family. After that, it's all fair game.
  12. ATN Thor 4 is where I think I'm leaning. 18 hour onboard battery and the stream to devices is what's swaying my thoughts on that one. That and I can't afford an XP-series Pulsar.
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