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  1. Ref just stood there. Definitely the 70's View from trucks perspective
  2. same one that calls a cherry pie an apple pie.
  3. Would be better than what normally happens to NYC in the movies.
  4. I just pull my tshirt up over my nose like Jesse James, gives the ladies a thrill when they see my abs. Everybody wins
  5. and yet my evil ex MIL still thrives. Fuck you cancer for being a cunt ass dick
  6. That fucker has become really annoying. Douche move getting it, loves the attention he's getting from getting it.
  7. That chick should have turned out way hotter
  8. No shit. You people spend some money on some really stupid shit. Now lets talk real savings. 100 people die every day in car accidents in the US. There's ~100 people who were supposed to die today that didn't because most of us aren't driving anywhere.
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