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  1. overheard from someone's wife: "I bet this is what killed all the dinosaurs, most of them were coronavors....."
  2. there are only five words I want to hear from you right now
  3. looks like sara jessica parker in real genius
  4. this sounds like a recruiting violation basketbrawl
  5. feminine product. I laughed but mainly drinking and talking around the same island the washer is located in. while wearing nano puff
  6. That's funny, remind me again in the long history of the chefs when they paid premium dollar, for any player, at any position, that couldn't be outbid by another team. Mahomes is gone after next year. it was really tough watching Roger Craig run all over the killer B's. Fuck you though seriously.
  7. ah shit, Izzy Cole must have not made it big in the Verve Pipe
  8. My ex-wife and her fucking mother are still breathing, I'm not sure how much I believe that anymore. Someone needs to request a flyby Richard Gottlieb on Lucinda Terrace in Georgetown Texas seems like the type of pervert that would entice stray dogs with peanut butter on his dick.
  9. TV Producers could put out multiple stupid shit shows and yet there is a gold mine of a sitcom sitting right here in 189 pages.
  10. too much tension, no couches to burn.
  11. Juggs folks, not Jubbs or Judds.....JuGGs
  12. Whah happen wuz Renee Zellwegger made a recommendation
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