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  1. These two. That cavernous pussy was really eating up that bikini bottom
  2. I had the previous tightrope walker video still playing. Once he was done pissing, the crowd cheered.
  3. '64? Vette convertible?
  4. I could leave my house at 5:30 with no bags and make a 6:15 flight and be anywhere in the lower 48 by noon.
  5. So what happened to the fucking Dremmel
  6. WPLG reporter: Maam can we use your video for our news story? KPL: Yes, as long as you address me by my hip hop name in the story.
  7. If I had ever been lucky enough to be in this position, literally the most isolated person in the universe..... it would have been the exact time my fucking ex-wife would have called.
  8. Do I need to be that guy? Does someone want to tell him?
  9. Definitely, switched to that term years ago when it first came out. Still selling. Just got a note that if I switch by Aug.1 they'll give me $15!!!! Oooo can I have a booster shot too!?!?!? Or I can wait til Aug. 15 and they'll shut me off.....again.....supposedly.
  10. You get a tire and YOU get a tire and YOU get a tire...
  11. The more important question is, who has more freedom, the single man in China or the married man in the US?
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