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  1. 15 years, we're now at the realization of opening a window, so there's hope
  2. So that's not how it is in their family.
  3. Bruce Jenner two to her right.
  4. Not me but a guy I worked with about 20 years ago. I had a private bathroom in my office, he did not like to use public so I always let him use mine. One day, I finally asked him why. I never questioned it again. He was at a bar in Lawrence (don't remember the name) but it had a toilet and a urinal right next to each other, with no divider. He goes in, there's a guy pissing at the urinal. He wanted to wait, but can't, so he just sits down on the toilet and starts shitting. He says he's literally about 3 inches away from the guy, with the dudes dick right there next to him, and the guy ain't trying to move away one bit. The guy is chuckling because of this. Eventually he leaves but our hero is still shitting and cannot reach the lock to lock the door. After a bit the guy that was pissing next to him a minute earlier opens the door and has his friend and their two girlfriends there, all laughing because they can see him shitting.
  5. You were 11 when you did that right
  6. We're here to poke fun at Nebraska football, let's keep on topic mmmkay
  7. 2016 Nebraska made it to 7-0 through October, ranked #7 then dropped the next 4 outta 6 by an average score of 102-3 Sadly, that was the last decent team they had.
  8. Shit, I had the story underneath, I must have deleted it before posting it somehow. Crazy gypsy MIL was washing dishes and apparently somehow got the phone charger wet? (It's the only thing I can figure out that happened here) and then it shorted and melted its way into the baby formula holder, fuck if I know how that happened, but a woman was involved. It works great until she closes the car door, catching the ball inside the car, and driving away. Multiple times.
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