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  1. Karma was on my side. The guy she broke up with me for died and the next guy after that she married. He's a piece of shit, always was. Congrats!
  2. She makes it look like it would feel really good. Stretch probably feels good too.
  3. Na, it made it that much easier to leave. Key word is "all".
  4. I'm guessing you didn't grow up in the 70's?
  5. Their pool house and new house they built soon after, thanks you. True story, while we were dating, they were building the new bigger badder house. The moving day was coming up and I was asked to help and of course I wanted to be the good boyfriend. I didn't think about it till after, but the whole moving day, I felt like a dead duck, everyone kinda looking at/treating me like they would never see me again. Turns out, they were right, she broke up with me the next day or so after the move was done. Called bullshit on her for doing that, she said her dad asked her to wait til the move was done so I could help them move. Dad didn't get that rich for being a dumbass.
  6. Not when they still leave 2 hours late because she hasn't packed yet. DNAguy, you completely missed a golden opp for a blowjob. "Gee honey, that's so nice of you to be thinking of me. I'm out of the timed portion, which means I can take a break while you're blowing me."
  7. shit I thought having a C64 was rich until I got one. One of my first real high school girlfriends showed me a whole nutha level. Her folks owned an equivalent Lowes/Home Depot in Wichita, long before they ever got here. They had a whole separate fucking building behind their house with an in ground pool. They also had a 4 wheeler that we would use to drive up to the top of the sled hill near the house instead of walking back up it like all the poors did after the slid down.
  8. Please tell me you have pictures of that. Dad was good about that, we went skiing a lot. Didn't hurt that Colorado was only 8 hours away and we had friends in high places that let us use their "ski" cabins. He didn't take us out to dinner, but that money went to lift tickets and gas. He also worked a couple extra jobs during the year to pay for our vacations. I hated those fucking dudes. what/whose planet are you from? Every piece of football gear I ever had was provided by sponsor/school. I made my own arm covers by cutting the ends out of socks and rolling them up to my shoulder pads.
  9. We were not rich, but I never wanted for anything (within reason) We got to eat out only on our birthdays, so 6x per year. My dad was very cheap. I bought this myself from mowing yards as a kid, pretty sure it cost about $25. True story, sold just the box a few years back for over $100. I was fascinated with these for some reason. I would see them in the catalogs and newspapers and anytime my mom went to JCP or Dillards, I'd go just to look at them. I never owned one, not even after I had the means to do so.
  10. City nights, summer breeze make you feel alright.
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