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  1. I've heard my mother tell my father as they've aged, "You've got to get rid of this shit before we move on!" I'll call her out in a second about "all her shit", she just says "well...." that logic man.
  2. Kids been off the team for over a month. Would have preferred to cut bait when it happened (kid is a spaz, reminds me of my ex-wife and that's not a good thing) and send a message to everyone. I watched the video first, good god who thought that setup was gonna catch eyeballs.
  3. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPENED Saban and bama are the priest who got struck by lightning in Caddyshack. Their name is Fred, and they're men, same as you.
  4. Howard, I know I've bitched a lot about you for awhile now....and much of it deserved. BUT GOTDAMN SON YOU HELPED BRING THE FUCKING BLACK CROWES BACK TOGETHER?!?!?!? jmpo, the sound that is created by these brothers, musically, is just about the best combination of chords, timing, percussion, blues, and fucking rock and roll that my ears have ever heard. I saw them in '89 or '90, they were not really well known, fronting for Aerosmith. Zero lighting, no special effects....just in your face bluesy rock with a fuck you attitude that I was blown away by. Been a fan ever since. Thanks Howard PS Lions is the best album fuck you if you don't agree.
  5. I agree. It's always been a lame argument, see below https://bleacherreport.com/articles/393619-the-50-greatest-players-in-nebraska-cornhuskers-football-history#slide1 50 greatest players in Nebraska history, 5 from Texas. 10%. Sound familiar? I guess they'd have 10 NC's based on this bullshit "not getting Texas recruits is what's killing Nebraska football" theory huh 19 of that list are Nebraska kids. Most of the rest are spread around the midwest, IA, SD, KS, IL, WI, MO, OK, MN, OH
  6. so they can accelerate towards the red light? Maybe you should have "pulled out"
  7. You reminded me of a guy I once knew here. He was a firefighter working a practice fire that formed a ton of smoke and an elderly lady drove through it, ramming the pump truck he was working behind. His legs were amputated just below the knee. Big guy, about 6'3 250. Worked out a lot, kind of an asshole by his own admission. He said losing his legs was the best thing that ever happened to him. He got a chance to restart his marriage with his wife whom he was about to lose, became a better dad to his kids. He continued to lift and became a big name in the world amputee games or something like that (possibly land sled?). That was about 30 years ago, I looked him up, couldn't find anything about him.
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