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  1. That '79 Prelude looks sick!
  2. Are you buying them? How else can you get them besides buying or waiting for chests? We're going to M2 next month biotch
  3. There is absolutely no way in hell Rattled would transfer
  4. so you'd rather be right than ou suck, got it.
  5. You two really pissed that an ou QB sucks? Shit I'd eat my crow and shut the fuck up, knowing ou and their QB1 sucks and be happy knowing that, instead of having to prove the point I'm right even though I'm not. this shit aint that hard, ou sucks fuck them, see hows it works?
  6. Both you faggots should watch QB1 like I explained how I knew he was a head case instead of getting pissed because you look like idiots for cock guzzling an ou player, why the fuck would do that
  7. I'm aware of how the coins work Boff. What I don't know is what the buy is for a T7 loss. If it's 1k jems for 900k coins, you're gotdamn straight I'm gonna save another 550 jems (two weeks total to get) in order to get 900k. It seems like a big jump from 90k, that's all, that's why I was asking, to confirm that it as true. Seriously, I'm gonna unfriend you on FB
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