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  1. Well if you find something better let us know, I'm gonna take a vacation, see what they say.
  2. If I continually talk with my Ahnold impression to my 2 mo. old kid for the first 2 years of his life, would he talk the same way? How fucking cool would that be at the first day of school.
  3. Yeah I got that message to. Sounds like a backfiring plan.
  4. And so it was. Hey Baker, take your catch of the day wife and gtfo loser
  5. Well shit, if you wanna send over your "overrated" QB to Miami, feel free. They should have taken Brees over Culpepper and Herbert over Tua. Maybe they could finally get it right.
  6. I'm good for about 1.5k but where I really shine is in the chat room. Team is losing momentum. I might have to jump ship if we can't stay M2. I've gotten to used to my bonuses. Nice win in that tourney HH, I truly hated it though.
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