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  1. Damn I had to leave right when he hit the semi
  2. If you're saying you won't eat these, my answer is your avatar
  3. Get well Troph, is that the same issue that the B1G was worried about with the athletes?
  4. He just lernt from watching Snoop at the Phog
  5. Me as a kid riding in the back window of my folks 63 Impala is really confused by this thing you're calling seat belts?
  6. Boss Level. Groundhog day with lots more weapons, blood and gore, killing and Rob Gronkowski. Worth watching.
  7. Duke Kentucky was pretty decent, doesn't look like you were old enough though.
  8. well he is taking advantage of UCLA right now so....
  9. Not debating your point, but the ball was on the rim, that's pretty close to going in.
  10. was that goal tending being in the net?
  11. Is Crispert wearing mascara? He could be in a Steel Panther tribute band
  12. This guy obviously not paying attention. If you want to make headlines, you better be an assault rifle toting trump supporting white guy.
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