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  1. I see it on Twitter and other message boards a lot. Most of my friends who like Wilco dig it. I actually prefer Wilco (The Album) to everything post Whole Love
  2. I think AM ties a bow on what Tweedy was doing with his Uncle Tupelo songs. It’s his most Midwestern fatalism album, which I always enjoy. Then top it off with Brian Henneman absolutely shredding all over the place. I’ve often ranked it my favorite Wilco album, followed closely by A Ghost is Born, which is the complete opposite end of Wilco’s spectrum. Although I might be partial to Being There these days.
  3. 4! You, me, some Ozark showrunner, and Adam Duritz. I learned about them through a Counting Crows cover.
  4. If you think my post sucks, you should try it with eggs.
  5. This is how you do this thread.
  6. I was listening to a bunch of Wilco this weekend, and I truly don’t understand people who think AM is the worst Wilco album. Just a bunch of bangers there.
  7. I've been cranking the hell out of this. This song is absolutely prime DBT. Based on the two early cuts, this really feels like a return to form.
  8. I actually thought going for the ending that would piss everyone off was at least kinda interesting. Although Jonah shooting Wendy would have been interesting AND satisfying.
  9. It’s the absolute worst ending ever. GOT that is.
  10. I enjoyed the insight into what he did when he left the band. Sounds like he ran off to George Jones country to eat oysters, go to cock fights, and get permanently blotto
  11. This is fucking excellent songwriting from Felker.
  12. I did always enjoy the way the show deployed music. Even though it was a pointless scene, the way they used “Bring It on Home” for the crash was great. And “New King of the Mountain” by Romany Rye at the end of season 3 was great too.
  13. In all seriousness, I’ve had a shit ton of fun at a Jackyl show. When they fire up that Stihl the place goes nuts.
  14. Texas gas stations are like Midwestern ones in my experience, especially in small towns (not sure if you’re in a small town or not).
  15. You ever eat shit honey? That’s no laughing matter.
  16. I’ve never been pulled over doing this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Yup. Everyone likes to blame alcohol, but it's not alcohol. I've been to a ton of college games, and the majority of the people are shitfaced with little to no issue. I've probably seen one in-stadium fight in 100+ college games. I've been to like 5 NFL games and it always seems like 1 out of every 3 or 4 people is just ready to snap at any second. It's a completely different demographic. The crowd at NFL games seems to be split between elites mostly there to be seen, and people who have taken second mortgages out for their nosebleed seats and will beat the shit out of their kids when they get home.
  18. I think the writers thought they'd have more space to flesh out these other story lines (maybe even thought there'd be a Season 5?) and did a crappy job of editing. I do think the point of introducing John Boy and showing what a jackass he was was to explain how Wendy got to be how she is.
  20. Betty Danger was just too kitschy for me. I do think they're the kind of place that you go when you visit a city, but if you lived there you wouldn't be a regular.
  21. What you described about Fulton is how I feel about that neighborhood in general. It's really pretty and nice, but just doesn't feel lived in at all.
  22. I've always liked Psycho Suzi's breakfast and Bloody Marys quite a bit.
  23. Seriously? Do you just pack your own food and beverage for long drives? Granted, I live in the Midwest and gas stations frequently serve as restaurants, grocery stores, liquor stores, etc so there's a frequent necessity in going into them.
  24. Absolutely. They laid that on thick
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