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  1. That's a lot worse than some of the other angles I've seen.
  2. No easy answer for me. Went to a game with the family in the spring of 15 I think and it was kind of a beating. Each person needs to be a "member" You really don't qualify for any good games, because the people that attended more get preference That didn't matter as much because we weren't that good and we were playing Burnley You log in at ~4AM and go through some online lottery system. It worked out well that time(got sat in the Kop), but was kind of a beating. The next Decmber went over with the wife and did a Hospitality package. Paid a lot of money, got a pretty decent meal, program, and good seats in the Annie Road end for the somewhat famous West Brom draw. Just a guess, but I'd say tickets were ~$250. Needed only one membership for that one, but it was worth it to me. These days with the team being better, I can only imagine demand is through the roof.
  3. Guessing that brings in Milner for LB where they attack w/Zaha or does Klopp put Gomez on that side. Rest (17 days) for the Napoli game isn't the worst thing in the world.
  4. Yeah, hard to time when the ball left the foot I think. Also need sensors for head or knee or any part that you can play the ball with. Not impossible but difficult I think.
  5. Wonder how accurate the view is, is it 100% down the line? IMO, if you want to use the technology, then have a defined length, 6" or maybe a foot and if VAR determines it's within that distance, defer to the call on the field. Here's an aspect of the rule, not necessarily VAR, that irritates me. Villa scored off a free kick. Several players rushed the line, two being offside, the player who scored wasn't so it stood. Reason is that the other two weren't "involved" which is crap from the keeper's perspective.
  6. I think VAR sucks. It's added time to games, confusion among fans, and think that it has gotten the decisions wrong several times which makes no sense, given its purpose. There have been several offside calls, where I've seen the video/still and still have no idea if the player's offside. The fact that it MAY have reversed the first goal is nuts in my opinion and one of the main problems with it. In American football, and most of the times in basketball, there is a natural stoppage to review. There isn't in soccer and this highlights the issue IMO. I guess you can take away the Fabinho goal and give Liverpool a free kick in their area where Bernardo hit it, ~20 seconds earlier.
  7. Have to say, my first attempt at recording a game and watching it later wasn't all bad. Kid and I turned off our phones at 10:15 when we got to the game and it was BRUTAL, but manageable. Was excited to watch it with him and we both went ape*&%# at the first two goals. I was stressed, but we were playing so well I never got too stressed. Loved the bit with Gomez and Sterling. That Fabinho goal.... Saw a tweet from LFC showing it hit the net from behind the goal and it's astounding. Someone needs to link it and tell me the easiest way to embed them.
  8. Salah was picked for Egypt(I think), but hope he can sit out.
  9. Agree with much of the women's alliance talk. Unless it was faux outrage, it was fact not conjecture. Didn't hear Noura's name mentioned by anyone so don't get the idol play there unless he's trying to establish his game for later. Also, really didn't get the calculated risk piece. I get the advantage may have sucked, but isn't it better to have one and live to play another day then not? Even if you don't use it, why not at least have it. Rob made it sound like that was the smartest decision ever. Didn't get it.
  10. So we need a draw in either of the next two, correct?
  11. Just got notice that my kid's ONLY rained out game of the season was rescheduled to Sunday at 11AM. We had already made plans and he asked if we cold go to The Londoner. fml
  12. Kept pressure up all second half but little creativity Andre poor finishing. Mane plays a beautiful back post ball to Robertson in the 87th and Mane score as good a glancing header you’ll see on a corner in the ~94th.
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