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  1. Aggy 101...if you lose. Blame the refs.
  2. It's October. Booked a revenue flight on delta to Ha Noi and a miles flight on AA coming back from BKK.. Used my Amex plat so pretty good travel insurance...the virus issue should be well cleared up by then. If it's not that means half the world population is dead and at Angkor Way won't have a billion tourists and I might catch a break on some cheap travel.
  3. I'm an ac kind of person. Think 67 at night. I'd absolutely have ac.. It's not Texas hot but it's nice to sleep in ac
  4. Chester's and Longhorn Cafe are absolutely legit.. Some place in town was just named Texas best burger. Can't remember where. And Gino's deli I think is the highest rated yelp restaurant in Texas and something like 4th in the US.
  5. No one has ever gone to Mi Tierra for the food. If you are coming from Austin or Dallas its going to be what you are used to if from anywhere else in the US its fantastic but for SA its average at best. Its all about the atmosphere. I have not been to the new Madrids but its on my list to try in the next few month.
  6. Had no clue.. My tour company last time suggested it but I didn't have time.
  7. A person who pays for a seat has the right to use every feature of that purchase including air vent, TV monitor, bathroom, overhead bin, and seat recline. Every person who buys a ticket is well aware of the features of an airplane seat. End of story. If you chose to not recline then that's just a courtesy. If you act like a toddler and throw a tantrum because someone does: then don't fly.
  8. Ok. I think I've set my iten at least enough to book my flights. I'll give you experts a few days to pick it apart and add or subtract days. Monday LV SAT at 6am. AR in HAN at 7pm on Tuesday. Spend two nights there. Beer drinking corner. pho, coffee, beer, coffee, pho, water puppet show (missed that last time), food tour. Thurs take hopefully an early flight to Luang Prabang. 3 nights there. Wats, chill, food, royal palace, Mekong, coffee, beer. Sunday fly to Vientiane 2 nights there. Buddha park and whatever else. Tuesday fly early to Siem Reap/Angkor 2 nights there. Thursday fly to BKK late and spend 2 nights there. I've been to Bangkok back in 14 so this was really just a place to go before flying back. If I get in early Ill go see the same tailor I used and get a few more dress shirts and maybe a suit. Fly home Saturday morning. Like most trips I'm sure I could use just one extra day but with kids and business I can't be gone more than 12-13 days so Ill have to make the best of it. I'm actually considering doing this backwards so that the chill part of the trip is on the tail end vs being exhausted from two nights in Bangkok.
  9. No status or whatever the lowest is. Economy isn't the worst thing because I'm a manlet. I'd likely just suck it up and save my miles and cash for more trips.
  10. So what's my best use of pts vs cash. I have 135000 amex Mr pts. Going to fly sat to han then Bkk to sat. Transfer to ANA. 80k pts + $200. Slightly longer flights. Amex travel. 99k pts. Flights on AA & Japan or Cathay. Will earn AA miles while flying. If Amex MR are valued at 1 cent per point. Transferring to ANA and booking direct on amex travel are a wash. AA.. $1000 cash. Same iten as above. Transfer to Delta. 87000 pts. Longer flight times and layovers. My current thought is to go with purchasing the flight with cash because $1000 RT is a good price and just use my points to pay for hotels or upgrade my flights through the amex portal. I'll also earn 5x pts for paying with my plat card.
  11. 90% of the people standing in line at Franklin's wouldn't know the difference between Rudy's and Franklin's.
  12. I hear you. Angkor Wat is 100% on the list. I follow a guy on instagram that is a US ex pat who is training in MMA in Cambodia,. His gram is pretty good if anyone wants to follow him. (claudetravelling). he's given me even more to think about including some island off he coast of Cambodia I want to check out. I might just have to cut Sai Gon on this trip and hook it into my next SE Asia trip which will be Indonesia/Bali. I should be able to go to a full 14 days which will give me 12 days on the ground. Ill just end up doing some work from time to time on the road.
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