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  1. Looks like I'm going to Laos and Cambodia in October.. Solo trip.
  2. Less than that. HTF does that not go in. http://twitter.com/btsportfootball/status/1218539052347088897/photo/1
  3. Perhaps. I could have sworn I made phone calls in Vietnam not connected and since then I think google has really upped the countries that dont require wifi.
  4. Agreed with this. His drama and apparent lack of desire is unprofessional but he gave the club some great performances.
  5. People still need sims when traveling internationally? Google fi works pretty much everywhere.
  6. 90% of people couldnt' tell the difference between most vodkas. Me likely included. It just sounds cool to order titos. Personal I'm a Stoli guy. San Antonio gives you Tito, Whataburger, (sort of) and HEB (sort of) and Austin gives SA shitty chains like Torchys. Fuck this shit.
  7. They are on the boat you always put me on so I thought maybe they were fishing that tournament. I follow that outfitter on instagram.
  8. Hook. Do you know South Texas Hookers?
  9. Crap...I was going to go to Panama instead of CR this year but now this thread has me jonesing for the CR
  10. It's the fact that it's a trek from the airport that keeps away the Vegas/Disney/Cancun crowd. The only issue is that with a lot of airlines their flights leave early. Like 6am so you might have to come back to SJO the previous day. I know delta has a later flight.
  11. Just found this break down on the CSR since we have so many here that carry it. http://thewirecutter.com/money/credit-cards/chase-sapphire-reserve-annual-fee-change/
  12. Capital one spark cards for business. SWA double if you can.
  13. Just book directly through Interbus and pay online. Tip the guy and enjoy. Interbus makes a stop halfway for restrooms, food, and a kick back for bringing tourists. The coffee is good and the breakfast looks damn good.
  14. I just looked. Paid mine in Oct so I guess Ill keep it and see if the new bene's do me any good and use my $300 travel credit like normal.
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