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  1. Because I honestly couldn't tell the difference and my mentality was that I didn't need to pay for the top of the line
  2. I have two Brauns. One at home and one at work. I am too lazy to go upstairs and look but I think they are 9 series. Correct that. They are 7 series. I know because Id never pay $300 for a razor. No complaints.
  3. Good call. On my first statement. Which closed on 10/17/16. 0 to start and ending of 105,000 pts. So for good measure Ill wait until 10/17. Then once that is done I can apply for the Capital one venture card which is doing 100,000
  4. Finding this date might be more difficult. I went back and due to some house related expenses aka $3k for roofing supplies I hit the 5k spend by 10/9/16 so if I can make it 3 wks I should be good.. Thanks you for the info.
  5. http://www.time1075.net/162597-2-orient-spurs-merch-thanks/
  6. Not sure how many Spurs twitters you guys follow. I follow a bunch and apparently Spurs fans have been buying Orient kits and merch to help their club. People are buying kids kits and donating them to a children's hospital.. COYS
  7. I went on Eurostar. I think it was 2.5 hours
  8. I am not fucked. I show my first charge on my CSR on 9/24/2016. My first annual fee was 10/4/2016. Now I didn't get the bonus for a few months after that due to the spend requirement which I think was $5k. But you are saying that I can simply product change to the CSP and do the spend and get the 80k? Or is it better to open product change to Freedom then wait the 31 days and go at the CSP? Really appreciate the input.
  9. midtown

    Water Polo

    There is in shape.There is in great shape There is good swimming shape. There is great swimming shape Then way past all that is waterpolo shape. I used to tell people. I can play most of the sports everyone else does and even though I suck I can still do them. Other than fighting Mike Tyson. Odds are high you will literally drown to death playing my sport.
  10. @thunderlounge I have done nothing but my annual fee on the CSR is Oct 1. So I've got to act fast. I do not have Chase Freedom. The only other Chase card I have it SWA RR. We are not talking about a ton of pts. 26k right now. I have 92k SWA so I figured I could combine and use to take my kids to Belize next summer or for Christmas. Fingers crossed. I am 4/24 but that's only because I'm counting the fact that I am an authorized user on my moms card because I make purchases for her. I've seen differing views if that qualifies as one of the 5. That one drops on 11/20 and then I have another drop on 12/20. I'm concerned the 80k CSP won't be available by December so I don't' want to use a slot on the Freedom unless I have to.
  11. I did the back country on my 26 several years ago. Even stopped to check out the dinosaur tracks. Every bone in my body and tooth in my head was sore from being shaken for hours
  12. I've explored the dirt from La Jolla to Leo Carillo, and up to Pismo. I know the dirt from Bandera all the way to Hausman by heart. I usually park at Babcock or Hausman and work my way to Bandera and then turn around. Just now trying the stuff between Hausman up to 1604. Saw an article about the trail guys trying to get more dirt in the devils den area which I grew up riding my BMX bike, so I parked at Grissom and meandered around the area for an hour last Sat. Yeah. I knew that when I bought it but also wanted something I could take anywhere and not be under biked. Next Ill get out to Govt Canyon with this. Any other areas I should hit? Will definitely keep an eye out for you.
  13. Apparently Tottenham paid for the tests since testing isn't required in League 2.
  14. midtown

    Water Polo

    Well some of the best defenders in the world had a hard time with keeping Bailey out of the goal so I'm in good company. ha I also was appointed to sprint against Steve Gill once. It ended as one would expect.
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