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  1. My only fear would be getting stuck in a city in Laos or Cambodia and get sick but I guess that's no different than going there and getting in some kind of accident etc
  2. Saw this today. No idea on validity
  3. So is anyone making plans to travel in Oct? I have open airline tickets to SE Asia which I have no plans on canceling at this point. I did go ahead and cancel the one hotel reservation in Ha Noi that I made with AMEX MR pts because the same hotel went from 20k pts down to 14k for two nights. I am thinking I might just go ahead and book out a bunch of my hotels while prices are at panic prices. Cancellation policies are pretty liberal so I can always cxl and book again if things continue to trend down.
  4. 7 mths. How many hookers did you murder?
  5. Great Ugly Delicious from David Chang on Houston.
  6. Thanks everyone. Got one ordered. Won't have it for a week thought. I expect its because WMT is busy just resupplying essentials due to the idiot hoarders.
  7. To fire this thread back up. Since kids are now online learning for at least two weeks if not more I need another laptop/chromebook at home so they dont have to use mine and see pronhub or worse..surly. Any suggestions on something reasonable, good quality? Reviews are all over the place on anything I find on amazon or at walmart. I'd like to stay under $400.
  8. Last dude couldn't even finish "roll with the..."
  9. midtown


    Yeah I feel bad for Colombia. That country and the people have gone through so much and it was really starting to shine as a destination.
  10. midtown


    Luckily tourism is pretty small for Colombia
  11. NBC SN is showing Sky Sports broadcast.
  12. Fuck the offseason. Do we want to start talking about summer comings and goings?
  13. midtown

    Bidet Meta Threas

    They laughed us. Called us weird. Well enjoy wiping your ass with leaves
  14. Because that would probably bankrupt CR? Tourism has to be what 25% of their GDP?
  15. We're at the Cellar Door. Cool space. Good to very good.
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