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  1. I've never used it. Was just pasting everything. I'm definitely hitting the 3x, 5x, and 10x.
  2. midtown


    Some of you have never had 12 shiner bocks with wings or pizza and it shows.
  3. Heads up for CSR and CSP card carriers. Chase just announced some new temp bonus points for a few months. Also looks like gas stations and grocery will eat into your $300 travel credit since I assume a bunch of us aren't using theirs. I already soaked mine up earlier this year. Earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points with Instacart, on up to $3,000 of spending Earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points at gas stations, on up to $1,500 of spending Earn 10x Ultimate Rewards points with select streaming services, on up to $1,500 of spending Receive up to $50 in statement credits towards an Instacart Express membership
  4. Yup. Even the kids get in on the fun
  5. Very impressive. Pretty amazing what can happen when everyone from ownership down is committed to winning.
  6. That was pretty damn sweet
  7. Forgot two. I had full open knee surgery in 1989. Back when they make a 8 inch cut in your knee and pulled the skin over to do the work and stitch it back up vs today with tiny little incisions on an out patient. However many days or weeks after I had a follow up appt. The nurse says "today we are going to get that stitch out." I'm thinking no worries they are going to numb it up. NOPE. She grabs a pair of pliers and just starts pulling on one end. Searing pain as that 10 inch stitch wove its way out. A little warning next time? Had MRSA several years ago in my quad. I think I documented the pics on the last site. A week after the draining and gauze packing under a local they call me back in to change it out. Once I again I assume they are going to shoot me some local. NOPE AGAIN. Having that gauze pulled out and new packing put back in was BRUTAL.
  8. I broke my fifth metatarsal. Shockingly excruciating. Way worse than tearing my knee or ac joint in my shoulder or anything else that I can remember
  9. COYS.. I assume no Harry today. Time for some Sonny. Lucas. Bergwijn and Ndombele..would like to see Le Celso score one
  10. So Pool is two player injuries away from being average?
  11. This is hilarious. Bravo San Antonio Spurs
  12. Only a few inches That's what she said
  13. This kid is pretty good. Could they really not find two commentators that aren't manure related? tired of slob knocking
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