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  1. It's on Hwy 3.. No tolls. Hilly and curvy but really pretty drive.
  2. Hour and a half tops. When they say they have the best climate here in Atenas it's not an exaggeration. it's legit perfect weather. Not hot. Not cold. No humidity.
  3. View from my hotel. That house is in Rocaverde which is one the very popular neighborhoods here in Atenas Also they are removing some business restrictions in the central valley.
  4. I've been up since 430am. Freaking roosters and song birds started early. I feel like my hotel in Atenas in located inside the bird cage at the zoo.
  5. My flight down tonight was full to the brim. Not an empty seat. Immigration was a breeze. 15 mins from plane to rental car counter. Like justhook said. Rental went from $100 reserved to $350 with liability. I'm at the Hampton. Nice clean spot for those who arrive late.
  6. I'm planning a summer trip. Normally I'd never go to the city in summer but can't wait any longer
  7. Trail stewards don't give a shit about the dirt trails in SA. They only monitor the cement for 90% of the public. It would take hours upon hours to check all the dirt and its every man or women for themselves if you are a dirt rider
  8. It just feels like everyone has given up on what's left of the season and our defense was it's predictable terrible self
  9. It's still muddy as hell in the SA creeks. There is no where for the water to go. I rounded a corner and was about to go down into a 15 ft drop into the creek and at the last minute I see it's 3 feet under water. Slammed on the brakes and spun my back tire around and had to sit down to avoid going in. Ended up sitting in a cactus or something. I've got tiny splinters in my back leg and ass. New pedals. Needed some color
  10. At least we won't be distracted by European football next year
  11. It's amazing what can happen when you actually play a talented player
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