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  1. Half surprised he didn't say something like "Well it was the first time for most of our kids to see snow in person so next time we play it wont be so scary
  2. midtown

    Fire Tom Herman

    Meanwhile. Baylor who went through a semi death penalty is killing it.
  3. I'm done.. After 30 years of putting up with some shitty ass football. I'm done.
  4. Everyone else gets 8 in 3rd and 2 and we can't get 1 fucking yard? Fuck this team
  5. This team is just bad and looks like it gives two shits about football
  6. Crap.. Condos I expect. They are going to develop the living shit out of that part of the island.
  7. It is pretty great and very moving . I went a few months after it opened when it was still fenced off and you needed tickets .the selfie stuff is annoying but sign of the times. I could only handle about 10 mins and I had to get out. Walked towards the under construction freedom tower. A security guard stopped me saying it was an active construction zone and pointed me way to the other side. Explained that I was there on that day and needed out. He opened the fence and walked me through the site. Now I take tourist friends and just point them in the direction and go have a coffee or beer.
  8. December If the sun stays out there are plenty of barracuda, bones, and tarpon (40-80 pounds) on the flats. Jacks and ladyfish too. The full moon brings grouper and snappers to the reef to spawn. Reef fishing good to excellent. Like others have said. It's all about the reef. Lots of snapper and a year ago I had a 30 lb cobia but lost him after his third run. Blue tang is good and so is the place next to it. Paradise villas. Baracuda are fun to catch and great to eat.
  9. So UT has no hot girls? Damn things have changed since I went there.
  10. Wow...Um that was beautiful
  11. COYS Looking pretty lethargic so far
  12. I stayed at the Intercontinental. Right next to the park. Easy walk into the heart of the city. Lots to do and see within walking distance. Great bar at hotel. Ask for Franz. He's been tending there for 20 years. Was a bit of a drive/taxi out the the palace for that concert.
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