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  1. Born and raised in Ft.Worth. Graduated from Southwest when it was the Rebels, not the Raiders. Yes, I'm old....
  2. A little preachy, a little bestiality and a little incest. I liked it....
  3. A couple of weeks ago Hugo gave me an honest answer on why he thought Obama was the best President in his lifetime. I appreciated his response, because I was curious. So now, B_T, I'm curious where you are from? Did you grow up in Texas and get your degree from UT? If so, what was your degree in? If you grew up in Texas, where?
  4. Want to make sure we are accurate here.... RIP
  5. Well, than hang up. You see government taken control of our lives as a good thing. I see them getting out of the way as freedom. You lefties absolutely hate liberty. It's in the Karl's doctrine.
  6. LOL!!! Jimmy is a very good man, but he was fucking horrible. He had no business being in that office. You lefties really are comical. Always get a kick on how the left sees the world.
  7. Bringing back good memories. Kirtonos
  8. They don't think like me so they ain't got to smarts. I will call them bad names and that will show them.
  9. Actually, I do know where that was taken and what they are doing with the tests. Swayze, is that a Mavic PRO?
  10. Started to happen for me about a week ago. Still trying to figure it out.
  11. Frampton at Cynthia Woods next Saturday.
  12. I've seen you lefties say this before, but please explain. How was he the best?
  13. Rushing 3 is flat out shitty coaching and we do it all the time....
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