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  1. Hell of a list, Bear. Big thanks for posting it.
  2. HEB unsweetened almondmilk for 1 carb and 1 fiber. Can't beat it....
  3. Well, coming from a guy left of Karl Marx, I guess you would think it's unbiased. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/daily-beast/
  4. LOL.....quoting an article from a far left-wing web site with far left-wing opinions. Seems about right for this fucking board.
  5. Liz needs to come along for the ride with the Bern. It will be EPIC......
  6. Once Liz gets out tonight, the Bern can pick her is the number two.
  7. I voted for the Bern in the Texas primary. A course, I bypassed the rest of the loons on the ballot until I got to the propositions. You can't write comedy better than that.... Come on Bern, you can do this...
  8. Yes, it could/should have been shorter. Yes, there really was no plot to the movie. Also, Tarantino revising history always seems weird to me, but hey, I sure loved it!!
  9. LOL... Nice spin there, chief. Guess what? If the Bern gets the nod, which I hope he does, that video will be played over and over again and it ain't going to help your cause. Keep spinning though, it's entertaining.
  10. Clarence Hill from S-Telegram is reporting Dak turned down a multi year worth 33mil per. If true, then Dak needs to be traded. WTF
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