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  1. The dude can’t even look at her for fear of jizzing in his warmup suit. So I stared at her the entire length of the interview to give her her due. Also, aggy recruit Demas apparently had a big night, and did a really nice reverse field on a short reception and then a slalom move to score. Very impressive. But there’s obvious Level 10 douchiness in the kid, with the way he palms the ball in one hand while still in traffic (try that against Alabama next year), then the somersault. Not sour grapes, he looks like a helluva player.
  2. Jennings says he’s retiring from competition, I saw it first on Apple News in an Uproxx story, and Variety has a mention, too. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/jeopardy-goat-ken-jennings-alex-trebek-tournament-retiring-1203471741/ I think it means what I’ve suspected for a long time, Jennings will become the host when Alex can no longer do so. Even though he’s not a professional host, I think he’s camera savvy enough to pull it off. And even if he’s not the smoothest broadcaster, his bonafides speak for themselves. Sorry, Jimmy. Clarifying the “Jimmy” I’m speaking of is not James Holzhauer, but the guy on the travel team that apparently does the run thru shows with the contestants, warming them up for the real thing. I’m sure he’s expected the job, but I don’t think he’s getting it.
  3. That’s the first indication I’d seen it was official. Thanks for the post, and a solid hire. Along with the SC dude, special teams shouldn’t be so special in the coming years.
  4. I’m not sure exactly how the Buckner rumor got started, but yes, he would be an incredible hire. Not sure why a lifetime NFL guy would suddenly be interested in a college job, so I think there’s about a zero percent chance he’s coming. Would love to be wrong.
  5. Shit, I didn’t even know we were looking to fulfill a DO Codch position
  6. Not a lib, just a guy who leans socially liberal (live your life, it’s none of my business)/fiscally responsible who used to typically vote for GOP candidates (I’m in Texas) but can’t stomach the current crop of assholes. I was way heavy Bloomberg/Biden and may have been even more Klobuchar if she had answered four of the questions.
  7. I would love to be proven wrong, but I think Buckner is the longest of long shots, and maybe not even a thing at all, as someone may have mixed up who was following whom on twitter. He would be an amazing hire, but an NFL team will probably snatch him up soon. He’s got 18 years in the league.
  8. Is InsideBoomerGuy247 a real poster with skins on the wall, or just a funny name CurlyDumps made up to predict the gooner fandom response?
  9. No wonder we kicked Tech’s ass, Orlando had already switched sides by 11/29.
  10. I’m no recruitnik (well, not since Wheeler stole my money on that bus trip) but Ash was the lead on getting Jeff Okudah to Ohio State from Grand Prairie.
  11. If they are going to photoshop a BU shirt on the guy, why give him man tits?
  12. Not an original thought, but great assistant coaches don’t always make great (or even good) head coaches. Snagging a high profile guy from the new champs looks good, we’ll see how it plays out. And it often starts with hiring the wrong staff.
  13. He thinks being a provocateur will get him a career, and he may be right. Skip, Stephen A., Max, Cowherd, the list is long. The networks want people with opinions. Reasoned takes don’t move the meter. The only guy I can think of who still has a job and is contemplative in his answers is Steve Young, and if you watch Steve Young, he’s boring and slow to answer: it’s because he’s actually trying to be honest and answer properly. His status has kept him on the air. But poking the bear can come with consequences, and it could mean a lack of access, which is career suicide for someone who needs to be on the inside, like a journalist or analyst. Even the LHN association won’t help Acho if everyone thinks he’s an asshat. He may be in the meetings, but he won’t get the inside stuff if he can’t be trusted to keep his damned mouth shut. I’ve been a college football network producer, and have sat in the meetings with the head coach, coordinators and key players on Friday. I’ve heard a lot of shit, shit I’ll never reveal, because it’s just not done. Players should probably also keep their mouths shut. I’ve long been sick of his act, because it is an act. I want honesty in a commentator, but don’t need a grandstander.
  14. Thanks for reminding me. I read his obit in August, one of those Longhorns who never seemed to get much pub regarding his association with the University. After his playing days, he was an executive at Wilsonart in Temple. Too bad he missed out on the news, but he was also apparently suffering from dementia at the end of his life. Hook em, Bobby.
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