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  1. Just watched some clips from the YouTube on the 15-15 game, and if you fellas are taking about the long run down the sideline in the fourth, it was Kevin Nelson, not Darron Norris. The failure to score on the run led to a goal line stand by the thieves. Switzer then gave up the intentional safety to make it 15-12, and after the No-INT call, Ward kicked the tying FG. And I’ve never been to Oceanside, CA.
  2. He does have a line in his apartment, and has mentioned the possibility of using it at some point... he just hasn’t done it. But he is hunkered down at his Hamptons mansion, which obviously did not have a dedicated line. I can’t imagine that poor tech having to wear a hazmat suit to install the equipment, shaking in his moon boots lest he screw up, and forced to piss in a bottle. I’m a bit freaked out by the current situation as well, but that takes it to a whole new level.
  3. Can you guys keep it down, Lou Dobbs isn’t thru beating off, and he needs complete silence.
  4. I’m curious about your physician brethren. I work with hundreds here in Texas, and lounges are still tuned to Fox News. They bitch about stupid, non-compliant poors dragging down the system, and the government is fucking everyone on reimbursements, thanks Obama! Go, Cheeto! I presume Chicagoland may be a bit more reasoned, but I’m guessing there are still colleagues of yours who lean red. Assuming my theory is correct, are you seeing any cracks there?
  5. Damn, that may be the greatest gif ever. How quick witted is the drummer? Good work, kid. The smallpox blankets above: just pure evil. Or, as Stephen Miller puts it, “The feel good story of the winter!” I caught a bit of Trump’s briefing today, and he echoed the “let’s not bash Asian Americans” concept he trial ballooned in a tweet. OK, we won’t do what you started and fueled. And I wonder what finally happened to get him to change his tune?
  6. The description on the app says, “Live! From Howard’s Bunker!” He says he’s on Zoom, sounds like everyone is in a barrel. They should have had it done earlier, but HS says he won’t allow anyone into his home to set up the equipment. Claims to have a “full set up” next Monday.
  7. I wouldn’t know how to link to a Facebook Live post, or if that’s even possible, but bro god Kevin Smith posted a clip of him waking and baking and watching the end of Onward. It’s apparently wicked emotional.. or maybe it’s just the weed talking, but Smith is weeping and admits something like, “I could work another 25 years and never come up with something this beautiful.” . Of course, Covid 19 ruined the movie going experience for everyone for the foreseeable future, so it’s available for streaming. I’ll hopefully catch it later on cable, unless Disney+ is the only option, and I ain’t buying that.
  8. TS, if it seems like you’re a lone wolf, I agree the lead was at best an ok singer, nothing special as a vocalist, and I too don’t consider the music “great” as performed (though “Long and Winding Road”:was well done, a few others were fine). At least the film did get you to break out the real thing. I was more disturbed (is “disturbed” the right word?) about someone putting out into the world The Beatles catalogue without regard to their timeline: the happy, poppy songs of 1964 are drastically different than the edgier/psychedelic/contemplative music that would follow as the lads evolved. But I guess that doesn’t matter as much if it’s newcomer Jack Malik performing, as opposed to the John/Paul/Ringo and George whom you’ve lived with for seven, eight years. And I am a sap for films like Notting Hill and Love Actually (except for the horrific Laura Linney storyline), so I’m more open to sentimental pablum. This was more along the lines of Curtis’ About Time, another movie you’d probably dislike.
  9. The future of the Stern show is one of my current questions, because you know there’s no way he’s leaving his mansion in the Hamptons or Florida, wherever the hell he’s holed up (you know he escaped NYC). This is Howard’s/Howard’s mother’s (they are now the same) worst nightmare. I’m sure SiriusXM has already moved heaven and earth to make sure he has the capability to work from home with no appreciable decline in sound quality (Robin did it for months when she recovered), but the question is whether Howard will be willing to. And will they ask staff members to report to the studios in support? I’m not sure of the current New York restrictions, so I sure as hell can’t predict the future, but I presume there may also be the potential for the company to be forced to take a break. Is it essential? i predict he may make an appearance remotely to comment on the craziness whenever they are scheduled to come back from spring break, but then he’ll shut down the show for a couple months, including Wrap Up. Just my opinion.
  10. My first experience with Lily James, and I’m in love. The whole point of visiting John Lennon instead of spotting Paul and Ringo playing in a pub is that John was never famous and therefore was never murdered... a redeeming consequence of the inexplicable dimension shift. And the Oasis bit was sly and funny.
  11. Kenny Rogers, folds ‘em at 81.
  12. Damn, I’m a bit distracted, and not wrapping my brain around this. I thought all the votes were for Denise. Maybe I’ll figure it out later.
  13. That was satisfying. Not sure why she had to burn the idol on Jeremy... or why she couldn’t let him in on the plan (perhaps she feared he would spill the beans), but getting rid of Sandra made it a great episode.
  14. There’s a 365 page thread and counting on the subject.
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