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  1. Tim... Water... (using ChiTown’s thinking of a CEO)... is there an Apple water? Juice! ...Kill You? O.J. Simpson is there!
  2. To bring this back around to the thread subject, both Mack Brown’s and Donald Trump’s families prove nepotism has no place in an administration.
  3. I don’t have kids and don’t use TikTok, but I’m right with you. Most of those apps and websites are insidious. The monetizing of privacy is one of the world’s great financial drivers, and why I want to punch that fucker Zuckerberg in the face.
  4. And few n the Trump Admin cared, until they heard some teenagers on TikTok may have fucked up their Tulsa rally. Death to TikTok!
  5. Wow. To do this to a paranoid narcissist? This one’s gonna leave a mark.
  6. Quick, someone tell him the mascot of the Cleveland football team, and watch him really lose his shit.
  7. Is that jacked-up Jesus’ loincloth, or does he have three dongs? Holy Trinity, indeed!
  8. I am literally just the opposite... I don’t know if it’s the trees, living in a gully, whatever, but I have zero phone connectivity (T-Mobile) at my home, so the only way we get phone service is to link thru WiFi. Went from Spectrum to Grande 1GB several months ago, and it’s been pretty reliable. And we have an eero app to monitor our usage, and with all the phones/tablets/Rokus/FireSticks/Echos/smart lights, etc., it’s a mind blowing number of devices in service at one time. I suspect there’s no way we could do it off a hot spot, even if we got cell service. And I used to get a free taco every Tuesday from T-Mobile, but Taco Bell doesn’t seem to be participating anymore. But Burger King will play ball on occasion.
  9. I know this was written by Miller or another mouthpiece, but it still reads like a fifth grader’s social studies paper.
  10. You had to remind me I never saw the final season of Fringe 😞. Can’t find it streaming anywhere (last I looked). Edited to add it may be on Prime 😀. Oh yeah, Trump thread. He blows.
  11. After watching it a couple weeks ago on one of the platforms, and aware of its success, I presumed immediately that future Daniel Craig as Foghorn Leghorn features would be in the works. I think it can be replicated. Fun whodunnit formula + smattering of known actors + scenery chewing Craig = easy box office success. I enjoyed it, would watch concept again. And 52 year old Craig gets another serialized character, without all the bumps and bruises. (How about dropping him into a mystery in England, and neither he nor the other players can understand their respective accents? Would be a decent inside joke.)
  12. All I know is, Chris D’Elia has a new favorite Conway.
  13. It took a month, but SizzleChest finally killed Hugh Downs.
  14. This is 2020, and we lost Hugh Downs.
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