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  1. The Shipley-Harrell connection has nothing to do with credibility or who’s better, Shipley or Wood. Bob Shipley has a connection with UT football. Gordon Wood did not. It appears Shipley gave the elder Harrell a job after a serious health issue, so I hope that makes the Harrell family feel a kinship with the Shipleys, which is a check in the “go to Texas” column.
  2. Ok, some heavy duty research here (have you guys heard of something called Wikipedia?) but it seems Harrell’s dad worked for Bob Shipley at Brownwood, his brothers are all coaching in Texas and his wife is from Tyler, where her family may still reside. Decent checkmarks in the “move back to Texas” boxes when compared to SC. And something not in the Wikipedia write up (by the way, that site is pretty good, you should check it out), I remember a story from his time in Green Bay, he literally lived in the most bare bones apartment you could imagine, had only a bean bag chair, video console/TV and slept on a mattress that I think was just on the floor. He’s lived in places like Brownwood, Ennis, Lubbock, Green Bay, Denton, for most of his life. He ain’t no LA guy, who needs the fancy lifestyle. Yes, Austin is big, too, but it’s not Los Angeles crazy big.
  3. I’d rather have flight speculation than read more posts from 50 year old dudes typing out the lyrics to a 35 year old song. And if we make good hires, you can all celebrate like Darling Nikki in a hotel lobby.
  4. I just read Odom is “the clear favorite” to replace Norvell at Memphis.
  5. The ESPN bowl prognosticators both believe it will be Texas/Notre Dame in Orlando. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28246624/college-football-bowl-projections
  6. Mizzou415 is still here, just has a different name on Surly. He’s always been adamant that there is no producer manipulation on reality shows, so if you want to drag him out, just write a post about how Big Brother is favoring a particular houseguest, and he’ll appear.
  7. Oklahoma will win, go to the playoff and lose in the semis again
  8. Maybe Grinch is like a certain poster, and didn’t realize #14 wasn’t #11 (the guy who can’t throw), and they relaxed a bit on pass D
  9. I like how Ratner didn’t let Damone’s bullshit keep him from directing schlock and chasing pussy
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