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  1. Oh man the 247 fucknuts board is going to make for some delicious reading if this becomes official. Who am I kidding. These morons are already hilarious. "Duuurrrrp Urban wouldn't hurt our feelings like that!"
  2. Was it the guy in the corner threatening to fist himself or flight stalking that convinced you otherwise?
  3. Why don't you just fist yourself at that point.
  4. Yeah no. CS and I are winning this bitch until Brownsville gets contaminated with aggy
  5. Just pissed that she was outed. Further confirmation!
  6. This. I was the one born and raised in the asshole of Texas.
  7. Don't forget the glock and futureman's asshole.
  8. immamac is the man of the hour. Can finally tell 247 to fuck off outta my browser.
  9. Same. I don't know what to do with my F5 finger and now I'm futilely using it on 247. Save me.
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