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  1. Think about how fucking insane that board is if Daddy98 serves as a voice of reason.
  2. From what I saw of Wiley last season, I'd say he's too athletic to be bad.
  3. Very impressive. Don't think I could do more than 10.
  4. They will have a hard time doing worse than 7-5 with that schedule, but every other win will have to come against teams they've either been dominated by or have been at least splitting games with since joining the SEC. I'm going with 8 wins.
  5. Bevo14

    2020 NFL DRAFT

    Smokescreen. He wants to draft the 4.3 guys.
  6. Brent represents the asscrack of Texas alumni
  7. Or 1 rb or go over 25. Lots of ways it could shake out
  8. Someone is about to become a surly legend. Poor kid.
  9. Bringing cheese puns to the 2021 thread isn't a gouda idea.
  10. Second post is hilarious. That Tennessee fan must be fucking with them.
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