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  1. The 12th man will recover the snake. The snake will eat reveille and in 50 years they'll be the fighting texum bulldog rattlesnakes and will honor the man who saved their beloved mascot.
  2. Some of the giddy kkk members in the comments section crack me up. "Sees guys? There's a black person in the video committing a crime! All black people are evil. Qed" How do these people gain access to the internet?
  3. That fish has better teeth than most bama fans
  4. Which one of you is David Allen/Doc_Texas so I can pos rep?
  5. There is 0 chance Herman would get fired for 9-3.
  6. sounds like it was 40 reps split up into however many sets increasing from 225 to 265. Not bad for his age. I imagine those numbers will go up considerably within a few years.
  7. Fair point. I used to think their friendliness was creepy as shit, but I figured it was just east coast hospitality turning me into a cynic.
  8. Their police is particularly fuckin scummy. Weird because the people there are nicer than in most places.
  9. Sorry that we have more than 10 FBS prospects in our state each year, assclowns
  10. When uga dies he/she doesn't have a scoreboard near the grave. That's original. What grave? Bevo doesn't let anything go to waste
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