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  1. Those smart 155s are cool as fuck and worth a Google
  2. Holy shit it’s even worse than I thought. Where’s the hitler video?! (here’s a trip down memory lane)
  3. I mean, he possessed a microchip, so he’s pretty much the top Russian scientist
  4. That depends on what the US’s strategic goals really were. We don’t know. I recall our government telling us in the opening days, they thought this could be a 5-10 year war. They clearly knew sone shit. If our goal was to offload old/expired equipment and modernize the west while butt fucking Russia without risking a nuclear strike, so far, mission accomplished. In general I still think we’ve done a ridiculously good job walking this tight rope. I know many don’t, but I still think there’s a very real chance Putin will use the one ace he holds out of petty revenge. The recent strikes on a largely abandoned civilian hotel in Odessa after Ukraine drilled the naval base in Crimea killing a bunch of the decision makers during an arranged meeting demonstrates he’s not at all above petty, strategically useless revenge.
  5. no big deal, just a forever war they’ve already lost. Keep sacrificing your nation’s future in a futile attempt to hold Crimea. Every month Ukrainian forces will more closely resemble a modern NATO military while Russia’s is continuously downgraded. Whatever Russia’s current (heavily revised) goals are, they can’t replace the equipment they’re losing. If their goal is to nuke crimea after they lose it, I suppose they’re right on schedule!
  6. Exactly, it’s almost like trying to rebuild the Apollo program today without any of the original engineers … everything was hand drawn, manually machined, and hand fitted… maaaaybe doable, but fucking why? I just hope that as soon as this manufacturing facility makes meaningful progress it gets storm shadowed. I think I read it’s located south west of Moscow…
  7. I think this is supposed to be impressive but it’s just fucking sad
  8. Window screens work best when they have holes all over them right? can’t believe we didn’t lose any windows and my kids slept through our house getting the absolute shit beat out of it last night.
  9. These seats look sick. Didn’t this used to be student section? Got a pic of the view?
  10. Ima go out on a limb here, you’ve had it. I think I’ve had it a few times, including in the last month. When I was still doing the Texas cares study and cared enough to test (more than once) when I felt symptomatic, I got a positive test and then had natural antibodies. I think I’ve had it twice since then. I haven’t been boosted in a couple years. Its endemic so I no longer have fucks to give this complacency I feel of course makes me worry about the next, likely more severe, novel virus that the United States will take even less seriously than covid
  11. This argument is unfair. Goodwin was a true freshman in ‘09 right? Had a big TD in ‘09 RRS? The best QB he had once starting was sophomore ash? McCoy… Gilbert… case McCoy/ash, ash … what a sad time
  12. I mean, didn’t Mack’s UNC need OT to beat App State?
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