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  1. I'm more of a value optic guy myself too but I don't see the connection to his manhood.
  2. Ha! Jokes aside, I guess I don't see the issue? Some of these bills are thousands of pages long. 5 days with a staff fully committed to analysis of these huge, complex longcat bills seems reasonable if not still insufficient
  3. This guy replicated the pipe gun contraption. The testing is pretty hilarious
  4. What a pathetic exchange. This guy really deserves to lose everything.
  5. I did some research, for science. She's foul mouthed as fuck, unhinged, homophobic, crazy dumb, must be impossible to be around for long periods of time... I
  6. Huh? What do campaign contributions, especially to trumpy candidates, have to do with the greater good?
  7. In general he's endorsed extreme candidates that can't win and the division in the republican voters, roughly a third want Trump to GTFO, is leading to a lack of campaign contributions? Maybe Trump fucks around and costs the Rs the senate they were supposed to take control of
  8. That non con schedule on the last page can't be real.
  9. I always knew she had some big ass tittays... Over/under? Hotter than 90% of his regular viewer's wives?
  10. Uh... It makes that .500 record stink like shit. Every coach would prefer it be the other way: struggle early, come together, get hot heading into the playoffs. Thats how a wildcard team can with the Superbowl. How many teams can you point to that lost 5 of their final 7 regular season games (that's basically what he's averaging) and then won the SB?
  11. Please just question me next time. I've got a decade+ of proof that I'm not a troll, sometimes I'm just a dumbass. I'm here for the differing opinions. Upon reviewing the source of my claim, the rebuttals, etc, it is definitely suspect. Time permitting, over the next few days I'll dig into this and try to get troph the most accurate answer. One that actually shows its work and lists its assumptions.
  12. He had an exchange with one of the Rs where the R kept comparing charging EVs to like 20 refrigerators or multiple AC units. Again Pete came off well despite the R bringing up valid concerns about our grid. I liked Pete during the debates and i like him more now. That said, sorta off topic, if your concern is the health of the planet, get a hybrid. The long range EVs need to go like 400k miles before they make up for the CO2 required to build them.
  13. Excuse me sir, it's been established that the GGWAG hides like a pussy no more than 97% of the time
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