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  1. You genuinely think orange man is better for cash, gold, crypto? They’ve all done fine to great under Biden. What’s he going to do?
  2. You valuing Trump “on the record” ((at a campaign stop)) where he was repeatedly booed and looking for any opportunity to win the crowd, says a lot about you.
  3. I wouldn’t be happy if I were an aggy with their best team ever having to host Texas, no matter how mediocre we think this Texas team is
  4. I thought I was imagining things yesterday when I opened the garage doors and it was as if it was foggy outside. Immediately dripping sweat, I was like, I sweater gawd I can see the humidity!
  5. The 1000 km+ long range attacks are prop planes that are converted to UAVs. Ukraine has obeyed western restrictions on western weapons to all of our dismay
  6. Exactly My only guess is NATO is hoping Russia starts to really sweat this SMO before restrictions are removed on the use of NATO weapons in Russia so Russia has real incentive to negotiate. Same with the $300B in frozen assets. We’re trying not to “escalate” by trying not to play all our cards… Russia signaling intent to negotiate a cease fire is likely total bullshit intended to make us keep holding.
  7. How many terror attacks do we have to watch before Ukraine is allowed to fire western weapons at military targets across the border? Why do we seem to believe that this is the super duper serious red line that will result in nukes? Russia is already attacking the west in a number of ways. Fuck these clowns already
  8. If it’s South Austin’s mom you just have to promise not to pull out
  9. Sounds like the GPS jammer is ground based sends a cone of GPS noise out into space. Very possible this is what they were testing around Kaliningrad when all those commercial flights lost GPS. Pentagon better find a solution quickly
  10. You have to assume Ukraine is doing the same to glonass. Is there any reason our weapons aren’t using combined gps/glonass/gnss positioning?
  11. Fuck, well played 🤣 I’ve seen full metal jacket but didn’t catch the last line in that scene. On the whole, I’m glad I asked
  12. Are you asking if they fucked some cannibals with their short dicks? Or like, chop off cannibal dicks? What a strange saying. Do you say this around actual people and expect them to get it?
  13. Abrams were clearly vulnerable to FPV attack. It’s alarming that we sent them to Ukraine with no additional protection. Anything is better than nothing
  14. 8,500 rounds off 155mm… that a day or 2 worth. That small of an amount being part of a package makes me worry about Germany
  15. Chain link fencing cope cages? They’re certainly more aesthetically pleasing that the sheet metal
  16. I don’t know if that’s a positive indicator. At this point I’m surprised his campaign isn’t accepting donations in the form of broken appliances and soiled couches and telling his rally audiences about the socialist losers than run Goodwill.
  17. I agree, a mentality that the conference tournaments are sometimes meaningless could keep him from winning a meaningless conference tournament title
  18. I’ve learned 2 things from this exchange. Crockett has a mastery of English and public speaking I’ll never possess… and Greene would probably beat the fuck out of me. This is a lot to process.
  19. I mean, if this theater is what it takes for obvious, cheap solutions to be implemented, so be it
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