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  1. I mean, didn’t Mack’s UNC need OT to beat App State?
  2. Since we’re talking dumbassed hypotheticals, who would you rather have playing QB right now? Today’s um, wiser VY, today’s Tom Brady, or today’s QE? Brett Favre could have no arms and no legs and still be the best torso in the NFL
  3. listen to this man, he’s been in more gen Zs than the rest of the board combined
  4. Fucking Kurt? I gotta reevaluate my entire life
  5. Surprised they’re not getting more love. I know it was just the Alamo bowl but they looked really good that day and they’ve been rolling since. They could probably beat any team in the country right now… Texas needs to keep improving
  7. You think gen Z reads? Forums? Bruh
  8. It’s been such a pleasure to watch a disciplined Texas team… so I think the biggest risk comes down to execution. If we can’t run block and Quinn is missing open receivers… who has the best run D left on our schedule?
  9. The LB play yesterday really jumped off the screen. Every time Baylor managed to run beyond the LOS they got absolutely skull fucked by Gbenda or (sometimes AND) Ford and limited to 1-3 yards. It feels like forever since we had LB play like this.
  10. I’ll admit I expected a quicker turnaround from PK. We saw Diaz and Orlando produce great defenses in year 1 only to fall apart… if it took PK a little longer to get it going, but it’s sustainable, I’ll happily accept that. Shit’s looking nasty right now.
  11. Yeah i read @PTINS rant and thought, “even when we’re great, we’re surly cunts” … never change
  12. K-State fiasco was colt’s RS freshman season, 2006. Snead finished the game
  13. I believe they’re using cheap drones to exhaust the air defenses… then they send the storm shadows.
  14. you’re indifferent. ESTABLISHED. Maybe just shut the fuck up? You care so fucking little you can’t stop saying it. Cool. Negged
  15. Fucking. Exactly. shitty males that take advantage of their physical dominance or cultural advantages to abuse smaller humans are everywhere, all around us, all the time. Baylor covered for these scum to get wins in a game for financial reasons. Human garbage
  16. the people in this thread that choose to die on this hill for Baylor, man. Gross. You realize you’re arm to arm with @Helobious ?
  17. They literally JUST, FINALLY settled with the victims, and their fanbase still largely wants Art Briles back. The only credit I’ll give your comparison is that Japan still denies the atrocities they committed in china, so that’s similar. My takeaway is we should nuke Waco so we can forgive them
  18. This could be said for basically the entire big12 every fucking year. We’re every fucking team’s biggest rival and all their players get up for us because they’re from Texas and we didn’t offer. They play the best games of their lives, pull off some huge emotional win, then they’re down by 4 TDs to OU after the 1st quarter.
  19. We’re only 6-4 vs Baylor over the last 10 years while their program has been peaking and we’ve been wandering the wilderness. Little brother bitch status status: confirmed. We’re 3-7 vs TCU, which is fucking embarrassing, and we really need to throat fuck them on our way out.
  20. You might be right but I need you to go fuck yourself thanks
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