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  1. Coaching collapse and player collapse. Fucking lovely.
  2. Please keep blitzing from 20 yards away Todd. Please. It works so well.
  3. I love our blitzes. They take like a year to develop and never get there.
  4. Problem is we don’t really cover any better when we don’t blitz either.
  5. Their offensive plan has been to just chuck it up deep and let their guys go track it down while we we just chase around not trying to play the ball at all.
  6. We are in SE corner of yellow lot. Near the bubble. Blue tent. White F250
  7. Anyone tailgating tomorrow for the Rice game? Couple of us are planning on getting there around 4 or so.
  8. College football is still largely a beauty contest. Good call letting them go score coach!!!
  9. What? Quite the opposite. Coach tells you to man up and whip your guy. It’s like drills in practice.
  10. They need to just show Pom dancing for 1 of those commercials every break. I’d prefer the whole break but they do have to sell some ads.
  11. Backup C not helping things. Snap is a bit too soft.
  12. Our tailor needs to do a better job of sewing names on the jerseys. Whittington and Roach both coming off.
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