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  1. Pretty sure I shared this story on shaggy and maybe even hornfans years ago. But figured I’d repost it for fun. A lot of you guys know my ex is from Vidor. So her family is all there of course. We would go there for thanksgiving on most years because my family wasn’t always in town. The first time I ever went there for Thanksgiving I was prepared for all kinds of racism. Frankly they just assumed I was Mexican since I talk Mexican as they would say. Full disclosure I’m 50% Argentine. So we are sitting there at the table and my ex SIL looks at me and asks what my family does for thanksgiving. The implication being we didn’t do what they do. She had basically lived in a trailer out there her whole life until she married my BIL. Without losing a beat I tell her that we cook a bunch of food and make our own burritos. Then we sit at the table and put a candle in our burritos and make a thanksgiving wish. Blow out the candle and eat. They thought I was serious. It was an amazing moment. And since that day I like to bring the burrito up every year. So Happy Thanksgiving assholes!
  2. Pretty much where I am. Just can’t give a fuck to watch other teams have success when we aren’t relevant. All it does is piss me off about our shitty program. Seasons like this have me watching very little college football.
  3. Lots of excitement and energy around this game. Whhheeeeee
  4. Coaching collapse and player collapse. Fucking lovely.
  5. Please keep blitzing from 20 yards away Todd. Please. It works so well.
  6. I love our blitzes. They take like a year to develop and never get there.
  7. Problem is we don’t really cover any better when we don’t blitz either.
  8. Their offensive plan has been to just chuck it up deep and let their guys go track it down while we we just chase around not trying to play the ball at all.
  9. We are in SE corner of yellow lot. Near the bubble. Blue tent. White F250
  10. Anyone tailgating tomorrow for the Rice game? Couple of us are planning on getting there around 4 or so.
  11. College football is still largely a beauty contest. Good call letting them go score coach!!!
  12. What? Quite the opposite. Coach tells you to man up and whip your guy. It’s like drills in practice.
  13. They need to just show Pom dancing for 1 of those commercials every break. I’d prefer the whole break but they do have to sell some ads.
  14. Backup C not helping things. Snap is a bit too soft.
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