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  1. My wife somehow managed to get me a full switch for my birthday in June...damn things became unobtanium when covid hit. Gave me Animal Crossing with it as I’d been trying to track down the original GC version (have an original Wii still), figuring it’d be good for my 6yo to play and practice reading. He loves it so much that I’ve had to give up on having my island the precise way I want it...lil dude loves the axe so much he chopped down a bunch of my trees, decorated our house like a 70s-era high school locker room and builds random stuff. Still worth it, I haven’t really gotten into Minecraft like him so gives us something to do together and talk about. Perfect game for lockdown. Always something to do, things change based on the time, and plays so much like the original that I know some tips. Friend gifted me Odyssey. Gotta get that going next. Been reading about the joycon issues...ugh as Nintendo always has the best controllers, they can take my GC Wavebirds from my cold, dead fingers.
  2. I’m not making it sound like anything, I was asking, based on your statement that more guns will help the problem, if the kid should have had a gun? And yes any parent will do whatever necessary to save the life of their children, that’s not applicable here. It’s horrible she died senselessly, people apparently got out of their car and blasted in the genera direction of the party...
  3. So your reply makes sense in that the poor kiddo obviously did not live a life privileged to be free from gun violence...but it doesn’t make sense as an answer to my question regarding if the 7yo needed a weapon, as you suggested arming more people would help. I’m asking if adding more guns to the mix means giving pistols to first graders?
  4. So the 7yo killed over the weekend needed a weapon?
  5. ive posted this somewhere here before but always comes to mind and cracks me up thinking of Oregon trail.
  6. His pay it was voluntary from what I read. Those assholes need to calm down.
  7. I hear you but is your scrolling finger sore or something? Between this and the constant whining about admins by Bama, this place has been a little tense lately...everyone needs to rub one out.
  8. Bama I generally agree with your sentiments but I think it’s time to let it go or start your own site. You have a point but it’s lost in the vitriol and not going to change anything.
  9. There was no runway there, maybe a helicopter pad. Is that what they were referring to?
  10. If you’re serious then I don’t think you fully gauged EMAW history and trolling. He committed suicide by negs on purpose pretty much.
  11. Using terms like ‘leftist cabal’ and complaints about propaganda when people are posting tweets by Andy Ngo expected to be taken as gospel shows exactly what I’m talking about. Just put people on ignore and move on with your life if it riles you up so bad, a sizable part of this country (as reflected on this site) really do believe that guy is toxic...and despite your statement it’s not 100% wishing death on him, over-generalization is furthering divide. You can’t control other people, and you’re welcome to your own beliefs. I don’t have anyone on ignore, and despite disagreeing with a few I just shrug, think ‘pretty sure you’re on the wrong side of history’ and move on. Let history prove them right or wrong, and go on with your life.
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