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  1. I really need to just make a gif of this scene on the boat from Band of Brothers when the boys are getting into a brawl. I don’t think one exists but I see a need for it every few days here when trolls elicit a derail: “Fighting over Sobel, that’s smart”
  2. Lady who cuts my hair told me this morning how 2 of the 8 women who went to Mexico for a bachelorette came back positive…the two that weren’t vaccinated, naturally. She went onto say that she was lucky they tested 72 hours (the limit) before leaving, as she started with symptoms 24 hours before leaving and was feeling so bad on the drive home from the airport that she went to the doc the very next morning. I sure do hope masks attenuate spread, and I’m glad they’re still required to fly…because those two ladies were in contact with dozens during their journey home as well as being in a tube of compressed air for 3 hours while starting to show symptoms at their most contagious.
  3. As I’ve been keeping up with the r/Austin and surly threads, kinda expect that to happen here…it’ll race through the unvaccinated and those vaccinated but with mild cases, then run out of people to chain-infect. If the R0 is so high, the slope of that curve will be scary steep but burnout quickly.
  4. And the thing that initially brought me here over a decade ago, has pulled me in once again.
  5. Honestly as a Poke… I just want to see Baylor left behind and fucked over.
  6. Should we change the title…what is this, wave four now?
  7. Well, PCP and Minute Clinic wouldn’t see me for sinus symptoms unless I’d been tested recently. None had open appointments for a rapid for at least a day. Pharmacist said try the at-home set and if both are negative, should rule out covid as I’d had symptoms for five days. They were, and my sinuses are slowly getting better on their own. A month ago you could get a rapid test at the drop of a hat at multiple places. Both a PCP and doc-in-a-box now require tests to be seen for any covid-type symptoms, regardless of vaccination cards. Further evidence we are once again climbing up this shit hill. Damnit.
  8. I remember checking the Reddit thread every day in June, marveling at the low and flat trajectory of daily cases in Austin. Recall wondering how the hell it was staying so low with so many refusing to get a vaccination and suddenly everyone pretending it never happened…sad to see it shooting back up again. When school starts up I expect a shit show.
  9. I don’t think I do, and doubt I’m one of the 1% of break through cases. Guess I just haven’t been sick in a couple years and had to answer a ton of covid-related questions leading up to making the appt.
  10. I’ve been fully vaccinated via Moderna since March, and am going a minute clinic tomorrow as I’ve had what appears to be a sinus infection since about Friday…no fever, aches, taste/smell impact. I may get tested just to be safe, but based on what I’ve read it’s a pretty slim chance I’d be positive…correct? No one else in family has any issues.
  11. The first car I bought for myself was a 97 Honda Prelude. One of the things I loved about it was most everything was basic…sliders for climate control, cable-actuated trunk release, simple instrumentation, manual seat adjustments, even the cup holder was just a little adjustable bar that closed off a space in the center console. Where the interior excelled was in material quality, at least compared to a Celica or other 90’s sports coupe. Soft touch dash, no squeaks or rattles, and everything put together well. Anytime I have to pull the battery on my V, I have to do procedures to reset the window stops, sunroof travel, seat presets, etc and the screen is laughably outdated while the six disc changer sounds like robots having sex while I wait for it to get jammed. Gimme a simple car with high quality materials and craftsmanship…maybe I need a late 90’s Benz or something.
  12. Touch less paper towel dispensers.
  13. Wait…there are people trying to lay criticism on someone saying “it’s ok, don’t worry about it” to a parent whose baby starts to cry unexpectedly? Lemme guess, it’s the “boy or girl, whichever” part. Any parent has been in that mortified moment when your baby starts crying out of the blue, particularly in crowds when everyone stops to stare and you’re hearing in your head a dozen people thinking ‘shut that damn thing up’. And unless the damn thing was naked, it’s impossible to tell boy/girl…I take that as trying not to offend in case he got it wrong, not as ‘oh I shouldn’t have said that’ CYA moment. Call me when he makes fun of a disabled person on live tv.
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