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  1. “Beer? Its 7 o’clock in the morning! ....scotch?“ Am I doing this correctly?
  2. BS roughing call against Washington by tackling Wentz on the ass.
  3. Trump has a uniquely Derka-like way of making most things about himself and when you call him on it, you’re accused of being obsessed. And no I’m not saying he’s a Trumpkin, just came from the Board Discussion forum and saw a similarity.
  4. Walk up in a tan suit and ask if he’s seen the Dijon mustard.
  5. Yeah I’d always been inclined to believe the Banesh murder was plausible Bandido action and turns out I was right when the case broke a year or two ago...that fit the mold. Hits on cops doesn’t seem like it’s legit.
  6. When the breadth of your experience is very narrow, small things tend to become all-encompassing. My father went active duty USAF in 1990 and it took me to Illinois, Texas and Turkey while I was growing up. I was constantly exposed to new people, ideas, cultures and had to learn to adapt as I was always in a school ‘on the economy’ where I was an outsider That experience of having to live off base in the village next to Incirlik was second to none in shaping me...I learned quickly that the world isn’t full of Americans when that first morning in our apartment off-base, we went to the van as we had business on the base but found a cow tied to its bumper. It was Sunday, market day, and it was as good a place as any to store your cow. In addition I was regularly exposed to how vastly different enlisted are treated (vs my office father) and, more importantly, saw how dad treated those of all rank...commissioned, airmen, NCO, etc...the same. They loved him for it. I left Incirlik feeling like a worldly individual. His next PCS was to Shepherd in WF, and I went to HS in Burkburnett. It’s like they all graduated high school, married each other, and then their kids repeated the cycle 18 years later. Many of those people had no experience with the world outside their ex-boomtown and their views on race, women, technology, the economy, equal rights, etc all reflected that of their grandparents from the 50’s. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I was fortunate to have a job that sent me to India, all over the phils (8 different Filipino cities), Central America, and Malaysia. Often for a month or two where I trained agents of another culture. I get along so well with Indian people because I treat them with respect and can crack jokes about my kids confusing Dewali with Christmas due to all the lights in our neighborhood as we are probably 1/3rd Indian at least. Point of this novel being is I pity people who didn’t have the means, ambition or upbringing to go see the world or learn more about it. I was lucky in that it was forced on me due to my fathers career choice...I actually thanked him once for that choice and how it’s shaped me, the man almost cried as he thought we resented him for shredding our roots in New York State. No way, dad...and I still shake the hands of enlisted in uniform at the airport who are obviously deploying/returning.
  7. At ROT we used to camp across from them. Pleasant enough just talking bikes, we fed them some bbq and gave them a few beers. As pointed out they don’t mess with ‘civilians’...just don’t wear a Texas rocker or mess with them as they have no qualms ganging up on people. Ive told this before but a random dude dared to park his truck in front of their roped off little compound at the rally. Got out and walked away. Within an hour the bed was full of trash and beer cans. Laughed so hard I had tears. After Waco though they’ve had a slim presence out there.
  8. Say you awake at 6am as president, and at 1pm it’s 100 tweets, roughly 14 per hour or every 4.5 minutes. A bunch of those are retweets that don’t take too long to press the button but he still has to scroll through the app/site to find them. That’s just insane to me. Unless he has a tweeter in chief, he’s just on his phone all the time. No wonder his calendar is empty. Can you imagine trying to brief someone who sends a tweet out every 5 minutes? One of my key skills is executive slides and presentations. I tell people all the time that you don’t want them reading your slides, you want to prepare throughly so the visuals enhance what you’re saying so the key target is listening/looking at you. In addition, the moment they pull out their phone you’ve lost control of the narrative. Trying to get any information to this man must be like this:
  9. “I don’t post in the CR” is the equivalent of “I didn’t vote for Trump, but” when it comes to opening sentences that almost certainly lead to a rant against liberals, leftists, Hugo, etc... Again, I relish the thought of the EC putting a Democrat in office over a ‘Pub who won the popular vote...just to revisit this conversation later. Because your argument ironically laments about a handful of liberal states dictating the countries direction...yet our country is already in the hands of a small collection of swing states like fucking Ohio. Y’all just don’t care because it’s worked out for you. Speaking of lies, Trump falsely claims he won the popular vote. He lied about biggest EC win in history. Hugo bringing up a highly unlikely scenario is not lying, but I’m not surprised your definition of a lie is different from mine.
  10. Shhhh...8badmofo can hear you
  11. No and his social media has been noncommittal. My gut tells me he’s not going to play...and with Wallace maybe gone and Sanders questionable, I can see why the line is +7 as all three of our starting offensive triplets may not be playing. Sucks but it is what it is. I’m a black sheep Poke in that I grew up an Air Force brat, have lived all over and had to buy a book on football so I could understand the game when we moved to Texas and I joined the burkburnett HS marching band...but I’m still a reasonable, chill fan of my alma mater. I have a masters from northwestern to go along with my osu undergrad, but I didn’t come of age on campus there so I’m not really a close fan. There’s something in the ingrained culture in Stillwater, along with fellow college town, non-blue blood schools as I see the same characteristics in ISU/KSU fans. I like you horns anyways...Texas alums tend to be well educated, funny, with just the right sprinkle of asshole. Most horns tend to root on osu when we are not playing each other, and the reverse tends to be true. This is my home on the Internet, I want to keep it that way, and being a braying ass is not the way to be a welcomed guest here...you hear me Georgia fans? I was in my car with the engine running to drive to the sugar bowl when Bevo took on that bulldog, ready to suit up and join the ass beating. Fuck that kinda asshole.
  12. Well of course the electoral college is the tits, it gave us two GOP presidents who lost the popular vote. One started a never ending war and the other is here today making America great. I’m sure that if an electoral-like system by the Brits negated a Conservative victory, he’d be all understanding and supportive... I don’t get the electoral college as it focuses so much on swing states and tiny victories at the state level ensure inaccurate representation via the electoral votes. It also ensures certain people have a much larger representation for each vote. I also don’t get why certain people here don’t just love on Trump and all things GOP ‘go team go’, they also root for Boris and Brexit. It’s basically contrarian as a rule, which I think helps further explain this rise of nationalism/cultish behavior globally. Not gonna stoop to calling y’all dumbasses, even if it’s true in some cases, but I am fairly confident history won’t be kind to this administration here or with the limeys.
  13. Oh well...I think it’s asinine but guess we will find out over the next few years exactly how it impacts them.
  14. So they squandered their millions from the league? Got off on the thrill? Just thugs? I don’t get why you’d need to area money after earning an nfl paycheck but we see it regularly. Of course I also don’t get why the plan would approve equestrian medical equipment but maybe that’s what the kickbacks were for.
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