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  1. Whatever deal with the devil that Baylor made is impressive. Dead players, raped coeds, skinned cat...total ass whooping.
  2. Gotta love a thread where Greens “ballgame” Point is the voice of reason wherein HIV/HepC is not airborne like Covid.
  3. Feel it how? It only comes in very specific situations, unless your AoA sensors were both jacked up to the exact same degree.
  4. Uhhh yeah that’s beyond stupid. Good instructors in any craft introduce one problem at a time to overcome, so you can build on your established experience and rely on muscle memory. That was stupid, dangerous and I’m sure it was intensely scary.
  5. Uhhh wtf? Did he dive with Listeater? Personal limits are important too. And for the record I’m not being argumentative here, just noting that I found myself really comfortable in the clear waters off Cozumel despite having fewer logged dives because I knew I could handle myself while distracted by thermoclines, murk and having to watch bubbles to ensure I kept my orientation. To each their own.
  6. I think that’s very fair about Travis, and we all roll back to how we were trained...’back in my day’ sorta thing. You are right though, unless you want to do something a little more intense like caves, there’s no need to subject yourself to those gross conditions...and I never dove something like that again. Personally I am glad I did my basic and advanced at Travis, I feel it made me a more confident and strong diver. For me it was like the dreaded figure-8 in the MSF Basic course: I never needed that skill in real life on two wheels, but I learned how to comfortably manage full
  7. Everytime I hear about this or the covid relief bills on NPR, I openly wonder why we cut taxes for mostly the wealthy + large corporations to the tune of approx (from what I’ve read) $1T cost to the deficit over a decade. So we can’t afford to provide relief on an unprecedented economic impact from a virus, or invest in our elderly/children/infrastructure...but it was ok to pass a sweeping tax reform that mostly benefited the richest entities? And what happened during the running joke of infrastructure week? Looks like the Party Of No is back already...and it pisses me o
  8. JFC I though that was FitLump for a moment.
  9. Yeah the south Austin dealer never called me back nor answered my texts. It has turned me off to the Stinger in general. I see a gorgeous G80 3.3T / Sport everyday picking up my boy from school, and been researching them. May go try to find one to test driver as they’re under $35k for an ‘18, have the features from the GT2 I wanted and same motor...and seem a lot easier to find. Plus after getting run around from two Kia dealers, I think I’m out. I barely work the V hard anymore either, so am ready to take a step down in performance and up a bit in features/luxury.
  10. Expansive furniture that you assemble yourself and comes in the mail...but it can be configured any different way, the covers are quality and machine washable so my wife loves it.
  11. Can I use cardboard in the beds? I’ve got at least a yards worth after getting a Lovesac Sectional.
  12. Too late to edit but I’m glad we won that game as AJ Ferrari apparently ripped his shirt off and flexed near the OU dugout before the game started. When the game was ugly and we were watching strike 3 fastballs fly by, I was starting to wonder if he had doomed us.
  13. Shoulda never been in that situation outside those two big errors, and seems like our plate approach is back to trash...but a bedlam win is a win, and seems like whatever Josh does wakes up the bats towards the end of the regular season.
  14. Thank you. That chair is a tiny ikea one from my kids’ art table...didn’t know how messy staining would be, and no way was I going to be bent over half a day brushing on the stain/sealer, so I grabbed something that could get jacked up without hearing about it from my wife.
  15. Yeah someone suggested capped gallon milk jugs, but I did the math and it’s even more expensive...too bad we use cardboard half cartons here. Also read milk crates covered in plastic. I need about 2.5 yards to fill all three. Wish I’d thought of that when there were dead tree chunks all over my neighborhood.
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