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  1. Finding Nemmo 3 gonna be lit and direct to PornHub
  2. I’m wondering if this means the NMA concept is dead for now, was doubtful we’d ever see a mini widebody to spot between 737-787...but it was intriguing. Gotta wonder if once the MAX is cleaned up and the 777X is on its merry way, if they go back to working on the NSA full time using 787 tech instead of the NMA...but the MAX/NEO has that saturated nicely for now. Again the A320XLR is showing the 757-sized market is ripe for an optimized airframe that has legs, can haul cargo and be economical for P2P across the pond. 787 wont shrink well, the XLR probably weight limited at the extremes and not fully proven operationally, and although customers vote with their wallet I still don’t like the idea of single aisle for 8 hours. Might be more sales for Boeing there until there’s another leap in engine efficiency...scaled down, geared GEnX? The ebb and flow of AvB fascinates me. The 737 is dead after this, that’s for sure. Maybe an all composite big fan follow up will beat the NEO, but Airbus has been cleaning up with it and the ‘220’.
  3. Yes he was excellent during that Fiesta Bowl run, and we wanted him back as OC...his family vacations with Gundy, he continued to innovate after Holgy installed a new offense, and was aggressive at key times. His NFL experience would be a recruiting boon and his closeness to Gundy could hopefully avoid some of the turtling we’ve seen over the years. Oh well Dunn has been an outstanding recruiter, seems to do well at developing WRs, and apparently called plays with great success when an elevator broke and Staff/Gleeson were stuck during the other OSU game. He’s also been around a long time so I expect him to stand up to Gundy. But yeah I wanted Monken. Edit: Saw the elevator story already posted above. Such a huge sample size of his play calling tells me we will have unprecedented success and average 1,200 yards per game
  4. So Christy was banned again? Just ‘Chrispy*’...last one I recall was ‘Chrispy_’ or maybe ‘Chrispy.’ Thats some dedication there...new one already has negative rep.
  5. I know lax arrivals have to come in over the city, and you probably don’t want an orbiting 777 in the path of departures out over the pacific...but you dump fuel over the town at 2k? Gonna go read PPrune thread after this which is sure to be entertaining: https://www.thedrive.com/news/31844/60-injured-by-delta-flight-dumping-jet-fuel-over-los-angeles-in-emergency-landing Forgot to turn off the dump valve? I’m sure that was a busy cockpit.
  6. The crystal football natty title was so badass. The new one looks like South Austin’s moms dildo...
  7. Wasn’t this the clown that said he was gonna RS to ensure more playing time at Houston once he healed up...practically telling his teammates this season won’t matter... when everyone in the world knew he was gonna jet on his team anyways?
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