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  1. Nice blind. I would suggest getting it secured by more than those t-posts.
  2. If you've never taken a pole to the nuts, you aren't trying hard enough.
  3. I started up in St. Louis and transfered to their Bedford location.
  4. Went up into the attic and pulled down my ski bag that has my old equipment in it (minus skis as I sold those). I use to work for Sun and Ski sports '94-'96, so I accumulated some good ski stuff. Sold a bunch of it once I moved back to Texas and left the ski industry. First thing I saw was the last lift ticket was for Breckinridge in 1996. Ski pants - no way those are going to fit, which is a shame because they were badass pants Bibs - might actually work Spider Jacket - a little tight but I'm on a diet to lose at least 15 pounds over the next 4 weeks before going...so hopeful 2 pairs of Oak
  5. Let a couple of guys go out to my place this morning. First geese ever shot at my land. Have had lots fly over going from roost to the grass farm that is close by. Apparently these 2 flew a little too low.
  6. Bro, all I said about helmets was when skiing in the 90s hardly nobody wore them but now everyone does. Never said I was against them. Since I've never snowboarded I don't know what conditions are best for safety and to learn on. Thanks for the tip on wrist guards, bro.
  7. Banded Greenhead was 6.5 years old.
  8. Okay, looks like snow conditions in Angel Fire the 3rd week of Feb may still be shit. I'm really not concerned that half the mountain may be closed as it will be the kids first time, so they won't know any difference and will probably stay on greens anyways. Here's my dilemma. A friend that takes his kids snowboarding says that it's harder to snowboard on hard packed snow/oce than ski. His kid on Christmas day caught an edge on icy patch and it slammed him onto that hard pack and he broke his wrist. So, it is better to just have them learn to ski this trip if conditions stay the same or will b
  9. My youngest girl and I had a good shoot this morning.
  10. That's a big 'ol boy right there. Good size nilgai too.
  11. I'm not against the helmets, just an observation. Like you said, it can keep your head and ears warm. Just a pain of renting one more thing.
  12. Checked out the snow report and the amount of trails open percentage wise is better than Red Rivet or Taos, except no blacks. Which is fine because I'm too old and bad knees for that crap anymore. Speaking of being old. When did every single person start wearing a helmet? Back in the 90's when I was skiing regularly, the only ones wearing helmets where back country skiers or snowboarders on the half pipes. Do they automatically come with rentals to reduce liability or something?
  13. Here's also a youtube channel that puts out some good stuff on BS. https://m.youtube.com/user/tarheelmatt79/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=1
  14. My 3 kids (19, 14, 12) have a weird timing spring break being the 3rd week of Feb, but it makes it easy on going some place that isn't crowded with the typical spring break crowds. They all want to go skiing so I'm looking at going to Angel Fire. It was the first place that I ever skied and remembering it being pretty easy, as I was taught by high school girlfriend's dad at the time so must not be that hard. 2 want to snowboard, which I never have and 1 wants to ski. Wife wants to ski also. Not sure which way I want to go, the old reliable ski or try out snowboarding. This would all depend on
  15. What else must you griddle....EVERYTHING. I do a lot of seafood like fish and scallops. Any veggie is good on it.. Check out FB groups for Blackstone recipes. Tons on there.
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