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  1. Decided to go with some fish, skrimp and fried rice 2 ways. Cauliflower and regular fried rice. Broccoli was done in the oven.
  2. Yep, I bet with this Sheltering in Place, the griddles have been getting used a lot more. I've cooked a few meals on it the past couple if weeks but didn't have phone out to snap pics but will do so next time.
  3. I do the same thing with 16 ft cattle panels to grow cucumbers and green beans.
  4. So if you had a 1% chance to get Corona Virus when ordering Whataburger, would you take the chance????
  5. It's been a process over time to get it that big (that's what she said). What I'm going to like is I can spread out the plants and not getting hung up on cages or two plants growing into one another. It also gives me the room to grow cantaloupes and melons.
  6. Even with it being a turd floater, I have to get the extension onto the raised bed done. Bought a bunch of plants yesterday that can sit around a couple days till I get time to get them on the soil. Only have this afternoon of some free time for prep before back to the grind tomorrow.
  7. Well even if your veggies go to shit, you still win the internets.
  8. Those are due to the bacteria already growing in the meat and not just a coating on the meat or something some such....
  9. The reason that science says food is not a good carrier is because when you consume the food, it goes to your stomach and the acid kills it.
  10. Wife's company incentive trip to Bahamas was just canceled. Was looking forward to 5 days away from this craziness. All my work conferences over the next 2 months have been canceled or rescheduled.
  11. Especially since he won't have to pay State income tax on that $33 mil, unlike those other guys.
  12. Those 3 you mentioned were all whiny babies, but they earned their stripes over time to get the calls. So will Doncic but he needs to just put in his time. I thought Doncic was about to get a technical after he got popped in the mouth when he started saying "That's bullshit" to the refs. Luckily, JJ came over and pulled him away.
  13. Yep, he spent half of the timeouts bitching at the refs rather than go sit with his teammates. Even the wife said "Did he grow up playing soccer?". You bitch throughout the game, the refs aren't going to call things your way at the end.
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