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  1. Both Tacos

    Dallas | BBQ

    Ha, my little girl was the only one that wanted to go.
  2. Both Tacos

    Dallas | BBQ

    She was standing in the sun to warm up.
  3. Smoke Sessions out in Royse City had their grand opening of their building today. Good as when it was coming out of their trailer.
  4. Both Tacos

    Dallas | BBQ

    Smoke Sessions out in Royse City had their grand opening of their brick and mortar restaurant today. It's not the Top 5 in the metroplex, but they are always consistent and everything has good flavor. Had brisket, ribs, pulled pork and beef link.
  5. Beekeeper set up 6 hives on my property Sunday morning. It's about 50 yards from my garden so I'm looking forward to good pollination this year.
  6. Is it just recruiting shit that has him as a "bad guy" or is there some other things that make him slimy?
  7. Put up chicken fencing around the garden.
  8. Pork chops is one of my favorites on the griddle.
  9. One reason I wanted to expand our garden was to put in asparagus plants. I got 24 crowns in the ground. Won't be able to harvest for a few years but they will produce over the next 20+ years. I do have 4 plants I put in two years ago that I'll be able to start harvesting off of next year.
  10. Pretty much anything that I had already planted to try and get a jump on things a couple of frosts got them. However, I'm expanding my garden again this year and had 14 yards of garden soil delivered. Got most of it spread this evening and will finish up tomorrow. Spent $125 on transplants today at Covington's nursery and hope to have everything planted by tomorrow evening.
  11. Didn't you lose the SxS in a bet?
  12. Making all kinds of sense now. Mrs. Beard couldn't wait to get out of Lubbock. She is going to fit right in around Austin.
  13. I the cord over winter and picked up SlingTV, but not their sports package which I'm not sure if it has FSSW anyways. Anyone have a hookup to watch the game via streaming?
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