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  1. Both Tacos

    Dallas | BBQ

    Hutchins in McKinney still goes hard.
  2. Wtf??? Well, got my target buck picked out that has shown up on my property.
  3. Here's the buck that was hit on Hwy. 380 yesterday.
  4. Young buck hit on Hwy. 380. Would have been a really nice one. Tapa isn't letting me load a pic unless I go Pro version.
  5. Spent the weekend getting the rest of the duck blinds set up for next weekend and checking out the progress on the deer food plots, plus topping off the feeders. Had a bunch of teal in the wetlands so should be a good kid's hunt next weekend.
  6. Shit, shit, shit.....that's all I got this morning.
  7. Went to LR for a golf tournament last week with a vendor and he took me to Doe's Eat Place for dinner afterward. Apparently a staple of LR history of old restaurants. I thought he gave me the wrong address since you drive right into da' hood for this place. They serve their steaks and sides all family style, except the filet. Not the best steak but a cool little place. http://www.doeseatplace.net/
  8. Next purchase will be hard side. All my soft side luggage gets belt scuff marks and torn.
  9. Not exactly sure where I would set up the lazy boy chair there.
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