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  1. If you have the infinity look where the water is at the edge of the pool, then it should be set up for the water to go over the edge and caught by a return system. You shouldn't have water just going over the edge of your pool and into your yard.
  2. It's odd how mourning dove will come to a mojo but whitewings won't even look at them.
  3. All those cages do is give the coins something to hang onto while emptying your feeder. On that particular set up, you would start up on the barrel and take it down to the legs to wrap around the whole thing and then a piece on the bottom to cover that access.
  4. The chicken wire will work if you wrap it around the feeder. Just know that it will affect how far the corn will be thrown as a lot will hit the chicken wire and fall straight down. I've gone to the either the All Seasons stand and fill or the Ecolution spinners (like the spintech, but like them better when replacing a 12v spin plate).
  5. Both Tacos

    Dallas | BBQ

    As soon as Justin started leaving the pits to someone else and then not being in the kitchen for quality control it all started going down hill. The days of them back at the Farmer's Market in the shed was the bomb.
  6. Losing an onside kick the way Atlanta did, should count as a turnover.
  7. Those Russian boars can be some nasty creatures.
  8. Started the day with a teal hunt. My place doesn't get many teal during early season but I had work to do here so decided to put in a hunt before getting things done. Ended up with the only teal that came in. Then went to spreading seed and using the drag in the deer food plot. Moved the blind for a better shooting lanes and concealment. Hoping this rain this week is just enough to get things growing.
  9. Actually it is bovine.
  10. Picked up a S'Mores blizzard today. Never had it before so decided to give it a try. It was pretty good.
  11. Let's tap the brakes here a little. This is against UTEP. Nice warm-up but we will see what we have when we get into conference play.
  12. I checked it out with slo-mo of the angle behind the goal and he had time for the pass. It would have had to be a bang bang play to do it. However, Benn missed getting that goal by inches. If he had gone low to the 5 hole like his first goal, there was space to go through. Just a few inches too high and right. Hell of a game and good momentum.
  13. Had a cool front coming in this evening that looks like it will end this hot streak and keep temps in the 80's, so I left work early to plant starters of 4 varieties of lettuce and 2 kinds of cauliflower. Then I planted some white winter squash seeds. Not sure if there is enough time for them but going to try. Trimmed up tomato plants and put out fertilizer. This rain over the next couple of days of should do the plants good and soak in the fertilizer on the established veggies.
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