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  1. I'm not gay, but if you cook like this all the time I'll give it a try.
  2. Take it to 200 and do the probe test just to check. I try to probe between the bones and get all the way down to check for tenderness.
  3. The park down by the jetties and the drive on access that is maintained by the county has closed. SPI beach is still open and accessible. Just have to have a place to park, which this weekend is going to be almost impossible.
  4. Both Tacos

    Dallas | BBQ

    Went today and they had a sign over the all you can eat option. Still went hard.
  5. Sounds like a rental is in your near future.
  6. Spinner rims would be a nice touch.
  7. Blackbeard's on SPI for fried seafood.
  8. Another pickle batch and I guess it's time to make some salsa.
  9. Not sure if they are open or not due to the Rona, but if you are down there you have to go to Port Isabel for the taco as big as your face.
  10. Well damn it. Something has eaten all the leaves off my pepper plants (bell, sweet and japs). The peppers are there and just the stem. I was in garden on Sunday and everything looked okay. I checked for horn worms but don't see any and usually they attack the tomato plants.
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