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  1. That's a wrap Another season in the books. Overall a pretty good season. Letting the wetlands rest between hunts was key since there weren't many cold fronts pushing in new birds. Took kids out today, like we do each year. My oldest wasn't feeling good so he slept in. The others had a good time. Scratched out 4 this morning before having to leave to get ready for an event this afternoon.
  2. Good hunt this morning. Lots of ducks around. 4 man limit in short order. Taking the kids out tomorrow to end the season.
  3. I'm sure those Chili dogs would make for an interesting "after dinner date" night.
  4. I did come across this place that seems interesting and has good reviews. Caribbean inspired - https://www.sisserousrestaurant.com/
  5. Will be at a conference with my wife next month on Valentine's Day weekend. Never been to Tulsa, so looking for suggestions on a place to make reservations for a date night. Doesn't need to be a fancy-smancy place, just somewhere that has good food and atmosphere.
  6. Saw one on TBH for old Mexico at a steal of $12,500.
  7. Well shit, terrible news. Restaurant biz is tough and you need some very good capital to keep things going for the first 3-5 years. After that is typically when the business becomes profitable. Let us know where you land throwing around your meat.
  8. Man that sucks. Probably running at night and fell down into it.
  9. Got my euro mount back today. College kid does this on the side and I think it came out nice.
  10. Another good morning in the wetlands.
  11. Gloria's or Uncle Julio's are right there to get that Mexican food fix.
  12. Yep, that's where I saw it. Love Jomboy's breakdown videos.
  13. You want to have it pretty clean starting out as to not have spot where oil isn't being absorbed into the metal. Make sure to leave a light coat of oil on the griddle after it turned off to be ready for the next cook and to protect it from rust.
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