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  1. Half a billion???????????????????????????????????????
  2. Summer of '69 worked as a flagman on Hwy 84 in Waco (initial construction of i-35). 28 days in July over 100. Average 101.6. Nothing new here.
  3. Correct. Not just anyone can claim a win over Johnson and Wales like UNCW can.
  4. Our 72 acres (almost) has a little house on the hill (willie) that my Dad called The Little Ponderosa when he bought it in the 60's. It is a place not a ranch.
  5. Rhonda Vincent new version of "I ain't been nowhere man".
  6. They did that before. It is soccer.
  7. deter

    2020 Rain Thread

    POOR Falls county. Nobody gives a crap.
  8. I just like the way she always stands with her feet wide apart.
  9. or the la tee da blue mountain stuff from OAKLAND???
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