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  1. Your analogies are almost as clever as your username.
  2. Fuck Jeff Passan. Can’t throw gasoline on the fire and then act shocked when it gets too hot.
  3. Amazingly, "soda kid gif" did it for me. The internet is magical.
  4. Good interview with Strom. https://theathletic.com/1624733/2020/02/21/brent-strom-on-being-in-the-fourth-quarter-of-his-career-the-astros-scandal-and-the-managerial-change/
  5. And to show how serious they were about no longer cheating, the Yankees immediately went out and hired... Carlos Beltran.
  6. For someone who continuously rails on other fanbases, you've had some pretty fucking stupid posts during this whole ordeal.
  7. One, it's fucking bullshit to compare the situations. Two, show me a situation where a fanbase came under attack for ANY reason where the fanbase didn't circle the wagons. I'm not talking about a player/owner doing something shitty, I'm talking about where the entire team becomes a topic of scorn by the rest of the spot. Just show me once EVER where the fanbase of that team joined in. It doesn't happen. Expecting the Astros fanbase to turn on the team is as dumb as comparing breaking the rules of a game to institutionalized rape.
  8. Again, you just don't get it. None of the professional sports in the USA will EVER ban a team from the postseason. This isn't college. These are professional athletes who have signed contracts and belong to a union, not amateur athletes. The discussions of punishment for the active participants is a conversation at least worth having. But any punishment that affects players who were not even on the team (or in the league!) when the incident occurred will forever be a non-starter, no matter how bad /r/baseball wants it to be true.
  9. He was horrible. I went into it with low expectations and an open mind and he was so much worse than I thought possible.
  10. I doubt Manfred views a lawsuit from a pissed off owner as a preferable situation to dealing with the Union.
  11. I don't expect much from Mr. Holocaust here, but it is shocking to me how much people struggle with logistically comprehending why the league will never do a team-wide postseason ban. Do you understand the point of a union? More than 60% of the current Astros roster were not on the team in 2017. Preventing them from earning potential bonuses or incentives that were written into their contract would lead to court battles. What if a player is traded to the Astros this year? If the union balked at punishing actual guilty players, no way would they ever agree to punish players who had nothing to do with it.
  12. Pretty significant spoiler for this season in that tmz link, FYI.
  13. Mike Fiers: The 2017 Astros ruined the integrity of baseball and it is my duty to report their actions Also Mike Fiers: Sure do like this ring though https://www.sfchronicle.com/athletics/article/A-s-Mike-Fiers-I-ve-dealt-with-death-15071066.php One contention among Astros fans is that Fiers was a part of the 2017 World Series team and as a result, he benefited from the team’s use of video technology to steal signs, too. There have been calls for him to return his World Series ring. Asked if he’s considered doing that, Fiers said he might have once mentioned it as a possibility to A’s teammate Ryan Buchter, but he has no plans to do so now, unless it is required of the rest of the 2017 team.
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