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  1. I think my favorite part of all of this is the unquestioned agreement that the dude who threw three interceptions vs. Kent State would have solved all of their problems.
  2. Hoo boy, had to google most of the non-politicians and there are some doozies. Dude who was engaged to Bristol Palin Founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company That military guy who said "Epstein didn't kill himself" on Fox News Eddie Gallagher... no google necessary for that POS And then just a buncha other military folks who have built a second career as gun nuts
  3. Yeah, we’re not gonna see Siri the rest of the year.
  4. That’s wild. I don’t remember anyone at all thinking we’d even survive the first series last season. Even in 2017, the end result has made us all forget how unreliable our bullpen was by the end of the season. Pressly, Graveman, Second half Raley, and maybe even Stanek are all better than anyone we had in the pen that playoffs.
  5. Guilbeau decommitted literally the day it broke that we were going to the SEC. Would only be fitting that he commits to TCU the same week we beat them by 4 TDs.
  6. You had a better feeling about our under .500 team last year entering the playoffs than this one?
  7. Out of curiosity, just went and looked at satya’s post history today. In our first game scoring 70 points in 15 years, in a game where we tripled the spread, every single post in the game thread by this dude was pointing out some negative about one of our players. Then he followed it up by assuring us that arky was about to blow their game, and has spent this evening telling us how we are going to lose to TCU. What do you get out of this?
  8. Pretty sure Ricard was genetically engineered in a lab with the sole purpose of triggering a certain segment of the population. Everything about him is designed to get people mad online, what a find by the casting department.
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