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  1. I saw that stat, but haven’t seen what made up that 7%. According to Wikipedia, he has a 100% rating from the NRA, voted against same-sex marriage, and is against raising the minimum wage. I get that he lives in a red area, but it’s strange that he ever pretended to be Democrat.
  2. lol like any of us will still be alive in 2023
  3. If you read his stances on most issues, it’s a wonder he ever considered himself a Democrat in the first place.
  4. For whatever reason, Tommy is someone that everyone seems to run to with inside info. I think I've lost count the number of times that different people have pulled him aside and revealed some secret. The edit hasn't done a great job in showing why that is, but he seems to be playing one hell of a social game FWIW.
  5. That's what I'm saying, though. I was not very invested in this election so I never actively sought out information. I just registered what fell into my lap (or twitter feed) and subconsciously formed an opinion from there. I definitely did not do what someone should do who wants to be accurately informed. But it was eye-opening to me how easy it was to form a completely inaccurate world-view.
  6. My personal takeaway from this was the reminder that we all take in news via an echo chamber of our personal design, even if unintentional. I didn't follow the election closely, but all passing remarks I would see indicated a sweeping Labour victory incoming. I'm sure I could have gotten better info had I had any desire to search, but I didn't. Being uninformed with bits of biased "news" here and there leads to a wildly uninformed opinion, and it's easy to see how so many Americans are so far off base from the facts.
  7. This is what people have been predicting for over a year now. Americans are stubborn as fuck. Joe is popular, and Joe will remain popular even if it seems (and is!) completely illogical.
  8. I voted for McCain and Romney. Can't see myself voting R again, ever.
  9. "Donald Trump has a son and his name is Barron" - some professor lady "Greta needs anger management" - THE MOTHERFUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES 60 million people are pretending that the first sentence somehow is worse. Another few tens of millions are arguing that both sides need to tame the rhetoric. While supremely dumb, this discussion is an excellent representation of everything that is wrong in this stupid country right now.
  10. Yeah, he rubbed up on Sue. She freaked out and then was voted out in short order. There are a lot of rumors that Hatch was cut last minute from the All Winners season coming up. Wouldn't shock me if it was related to all this Dan shit and CBS not wanting to drag up the past.
  11. Imagine how dumb you have to be to get trolled by the Guam guy.
  12. “Aside from letting Quentin know who he will be coached by, or even what kind of offense he is signing up for, the Longhorns are doing whatever they can to hold on.”
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