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  1. Won't they do Conor vs Masvidal first? With the ESPN hype machine behind it it will be the most hyped fight of all time and a huge money maker. Winner of that gets a title shot. Either guy in a title fight is less of a draw and they can't risk one guy losing and fucking up that potential hype.
  2. As someone who is watching Newcastle because of Miguel Almiron, I'm thrilled with this outcome. Hope they stay up so if he stays another year he's in the EPL.
  3. His parents emigrated from Bulgaria and he's supposedly named after Indiana Jones.
  4. 18 year old Indiana Vassilev just came on for Aston Villa
  5. Yeah I'm in the camp with the people wowed by how much of a technical achievement of it I can live with the plot contrivancies. I was just blown away by how great it looked.
  6. Adding 1917 to a category by itself between the please win and sure why nots. If it wins I'm EXTREMELY ok with it. It is a technical marvel of a film. The characters are kind of ancillary to the visual spectacle of it all, but I'm a character, writing, plot kind of guy and Parasite and Jojo Rabbit were more up my alley in that regard, but 1917 was an amazing cinematic experience.
  7. Academy voters are 90 percent white, 3/4th male and have an average age in the low 60s. It has no effect on anyone. People want to bitch just to bitch. I don't care who makes a movie as long as it's good and not Oscar bait bullshit. I didn't hate Green Book because it was made by white dudes. I hated Green Book because it was shitty.
  8. In terms of the Mister Rogers movie Tom Hanks is definitely a supporting actor in terms of screen time. I'd say Pitt is basically co-top billing with Leo in Once Upon a Time based on screen time. It's a fairly substantial role.
  9. Matthew Rhys' character is the main character.
  10. Ed Oregeron has been coaching for 30 years. He's the physical embodiment of the neanderthal, rub some dirt on it FOOTBAW guy. He was smart enough, and humble enough, to realize power based, run offenses aren't going to win championships in college football anymore. Saban was winning with that shit, but even he realized that the game was changing and he allowed Alabama to open the offense up. Nobody could've ever predicted Burrow would be THIS, but Orgeron knew he had something as well as a wealth of skill position weapons so he trusted a relatively unknown dude to come in and reshape the offense. It was a gamble and it very clearly worked out. Orgeron is like Dabo. I don't think anyone will ever think he's a tactical genius, but he paid his assistants well and delegated to them. This is the era of the CEO coach in college football. Nick Saban is a once in a generation coach, trying to find someone like him is fools gold. Dabo's extreme religious fanaticism plays well to recruits and their mothers. Ed O is the perfect representative for Louisiana culture. They're charismatic, smart leaders who delegate to smart coaches. I'm super impressed by his willingness to try something different even if it was counter to his every instinct as a football coach. His humility and willingness to delegate is completely antithetical to the way Texas football is run currently.
  11. Best picture nominees ranked in tiers until I see 1917 later this week PLEASE WIN Parasite Jojo Rabbit SURE WHY NOT Marriage Story Joker WELL CRAFTED BUT TOO LONG AND SELF INDULGENT Once Upon a Time in Hollywood The Irishman FINE BUT NOT A BEST PICTURE IMO Ford v Ferrari WELL MADE BUT HOLY SHIT IS IT BORING AND TOTALLY NOT FOR ME Little Women
  12. Utterly fantastic movie
  13. Bumping this thread again Watched this movie last night and loved it. The early Hitler scenes were hilarious and the movie was just all around really interesting and well done. Recommend highly.
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