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  2. I've been watching this show because the actor who plays Osito is good friends with my best friend from high school and I'm not sure I've ever wanted the bad guys to win at the end of a show more. Good god, Ray and Jackie are BRUTAL. Ray is just the worst cop show stereotype; lazy, blustery, doesn't seem to do anything right and is shady as hell and continues to get to work as a detective. On one hand I commend the writers for making Jackie unlikable. She almost kills a chick in a car accident because she's drunk and high and refuses to stay sober. That's a realistic portrayal of some addicts behavior you don't see portrayed in characters who are supposed to be protagonists, BUT in a narrative sense it sucks because there's no reason we should want to see her be successful. Anyway, there are lots of tits in this show so that's good.
  3. Patriot came up a few random times on my Twitter timeline so I watched it over the last couple of days and have no idea what to think of it. It's definitely a really good tv show it is just extremely weird and even as someone who enjoys weird things it was too weird at times for me. It's somehow the saddest show in the world and yet still extremely hilarious at times. The song and scene about stealing the gun was absolutely hysterical.
  4. That's my biggest problem this season. I binged the other seasons because of quarantine and he's by far the best part of the show and he's been pretty lame this season for the most part.
  5. Mike Gundy is just proof that some coaches need a "get back" coach on and off the field. The fact that anyone let him go out in public with that shirt on is hilarious.
  6. I don't care what anyone says, Chuck getting waterboarded to 1) see how bad it is and 2) probably trying to find out if it would turn him on was hilarious and a very funny concept.
  7. Just finished Pennyworth on Epix. It's about Alfred's life before he becomes the Wayne family butler. Stylistically it looks very cool and I enjoyed several of the performances in the show, but plot-wise it just meandered too much for me. There was a good five or six episode mini-series spread out into a ten episode arc. It went for shock value over substance at times. Not a terrible watch, but skip-able imo.
  8. This show is like if Breaking Bad met Justified but did none of the things that those shows did well. I started to binge it last week and if I literally had any motivation to do anything with my life right now I wouldn't have made it past season one. I won't watch season 4 unless it's just a one hour episode where the cartel shows up and kills Darlene, Ruth and Wyatt.
  9. The Falcons just released their new uniforms and I hate them.
  10. - Coach who should've been fired two months ago - team only has seven healthy scholarship players and is missing the guy who was the best player on the team all season. - late season run sparked by a cancer survivor Texas fits that lucky, Cinderella bill that always emerges in March. We're going to the Sweet 16 even though it's not even remotely logical.
  11. Josef probably destroyed his knee though so fuck everything.
  12. Official statement in full
  13. Two hours on and no update. Not even an "alert and awake". This is so terrifying.
  14. The kid is snakebit this year. It just sucks.
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