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  1. There isn't a player on the roster currently that I'm excited to watch next year except maybe Whittington and who even knows with him. When Bijan eventually decommits the offense is totally fucked next year because Duvernay is the only reason it's not a complete shit show currently.
  2. Yep. It so fucking hilarious and so fucking stupid.
  3. I'm hopeful that in his tenth year at Texas, and I'm sure he'll get five more years because CDC doesn't care about the results, Shaka will realize that his team gets open looks from 3 because they're bad 3-point shooters.
  4. It's so sad the USMNT had a gut check game against Canada, but hey it's nice to win.
  5. I laugh to keep from crying
  6. Canada sucks. It's hilarious the US got their ass kicked by them last month.
  7. I knew Atlanta was fucked when Josef missed the penalty and Toronto scored a few minutes later. Atlanta completely controlled the game. The defending on both goals was bad, but they were both also great strikes and that's what it took for them to lose so it was a classic Atlanta sports choke. Josef injured his hamstring in training this week and took himself out of the training session Monday. de Boer knew he shouldn't be playing and almost subbed him out five minutes in and then he was allowed to take the penalty which looked like shit because he had no explosiveness. Atlanta has to figure out a contingency plan for Josef because it just shined a bright light on how reliant they are on him to score. Their goal was a great team goal which they've shown they're capable of but game in, game out they don't have a reliable second person to score. They have a lot to figure out (Gressel's long term future, replacing Nagbe, replacing Parky's leadership, is Pity going to stay) and I feel like the team may look way different next year.
  8. I don't think this is based in any reality. They also did it so they wouldn't have two international breaks in the middle of the playoffs.
  9. Because hypothetically a better team should win a winner take all game at home. There were a lot of instances lower seeds winning by multiple goals in the first leg rendering the return leg for the higher seed moot. I was there for the game in Harrison last year after Atlanta pantsed the Red Bulls at home in the first leg and it was a really weird vibe. There was no atmosphere whatsoever because NYRB fans knew it was over before it started.
  10. Went when it was in Baltimore a few years ago. The pageantry is really cool. The game itself wasn't great, but that Army team was bad. The game itself has been much better since Jeff Monken got to Army.
  11. It's not just that Seattle won it's that they were just significantly better. Ruidiaz was the best player on the field. It all has me worried for tonight. Toronto is well coached and will be organized and Pozuelo can absolutely be the best guy on the field. Should be wild.
  12. Spoiler alert: he's choosing the Dutch
  13. So I was thinking that we're more likely to hire our Derek Dooley than our Nick Saban and I realized Charlie Strong was our Derek Dooley, Herman is our Butch Jones and now we're looking for our Jeremy Pruitt and I hate the whole universe.
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