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  1. - Coach who should've been fired two months ago - team only has seven healthy scholarship players and is missing the guy who was the best player on the team all season. - late season run sparked by a cancer survivor Texas fits that lucky, Cinderella bill that always emerges in March. We're going to the Sweet 16 even though it's not even remotely logical.
  2. Josef probably destroyed his knee though so fuck everything.
  3. Official statement in full
  4. Two hours on and no update. Not even an "alert and awake". This is so terrifying.
  5. The kid is snakebit this year. It just sucks.
  6. but they were playing defense! Never mind they got outscored 33-22 in the fourth quarter or only made two field goals over the final 40 minutes of real time! DEFENSE!
  7. And Timmy Chandler just scored again. What the fuck.
  8. The USMNT FINALLY has a striker
  9. Llanez didn't play until the 3rd group stage game at the U20 World Cup and in the three games he played didn't play more than 45 minutes. He showed flashes in the limited action and I thought his energy completely changed the France game they won, but I am still floored that less than a year later he was playing for the USMNT. I know it's camp cupcake, but it's still wild. I'll give Berhalter credit for giving him a look.
  10. I follow the USMNT and watch a fair amount of MLS and have no fucking clue what the fuck a "Sam Vines" is.
  11. You've never heard of ESPN News?
  12. This is what Roger Federer looked like the last time he lost to an American at a slam
  13. This motherfucker is so stupid he chose Christopher Columbus as one of the three historical figures he'd want to have dinner with AND THAT'S NOT EVEN THE MOST TROUBLING PERSON HE PICKED.
  14. The pig scene, man. The pig scene.
  15. I watched The Peanut Butter Falcon last night and loved it. Shia LaBeouf was great. I liked that it is an optimistic movie about the nature of humanity. That feels exceedingly rare in movies nowadays.
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