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  1. So I had to go with a stock photo because I didn't know we were supposed to have pint glasses in our photos... There's a brewery in Massachusetts called Treehouse that has a cult-like following among my co-workers. They'll drive an hour to wait in insanely long lines (can take hours in the pre-Rona times) to get cases of the beer because you can only get it at the brewery. They don't sell it in stores or in bars. My buddy was coming back from Boston and asked if I wanted him to pick up a case so I'm working my way through it. They're known for their IPA's but I opted for the lighter options and their Kolsch called Outlier is banging. The label are is pretty great too. I think it's a beer that would make a killing in Austin with the burnt orange and white color scheme.
  2. West Brom up. Brentford, Fulham, Cardiff and Swansea make the Promotion Playoff. Nottingham Forest loses, capping off a five game winless streak, that cost them a spot in the playoff. Hull, Wigan and Charlton Athletic going down. Wigan gets relegated with positive goal differential which probably has never happened. Barnsley's late winner vs Brentford kept them up. The scene was pretty entertaining.
  3. Decision day for the Championship is on Wednesday and there's only one thing decided: Leeds won the league and is headed back to the Premier League. Everything else is up for grabs. Automatic Promotion Both West Brom and Brentford took ill-timed losses this weekend so the 2nd automatic promotion spot is still very much up for grabs. West Brom is promoted with a win vs Queens Park Raisins or losses by Brentford and Fulham If Brentford beats Barnsley they go up as long as West Brom doesn't win. If they draw Barnsley they go up with a West Brom loss and Fulham loss or draw vs Wigan Fulham goes up with a win and losses by West Brom and Brentford Promotion Playoff The two who don't get automatic promotion will be joined in the Promotion Playoff by two of Nottingham Forest, Cardiff City and Swansea City. A point by each will get Forest and Cardiff in. Swansea needs a win and varying losses by either. Swansea is 1 goal back of Cardiff on goal differential so a win and a Cardiff loss gets them in. Forest is 5 goals ahead so they'd need a pretty dramatic win and Forest loss to get in if Cardiff gets at least a point. Relegation Hull City *technically* isn't relegated but would Luton Town to lose and need to make up SIXTEEN goals on Charlton Athletic to survive so they're basically gone. Hull, Barnsley and Luton Town stand to be relegated as of now. Huddersfield is probably safe with a three point edge and +14 GD on Luton Town so who knows. Middlesbrough, Birmingham City and Charlton all sit less than 3 points ahead of Luton Town so they still have work to do. Then there's Wigan. Wigan is 10 points clear of Luton Town, but they stare down a 12 point deduction for going into administration so a loss to Fulham will see them relegated.
  4. Yeah, I'm really interested to see how this plays out because the missing piece of the puzzle, why they went into administration, could be a lot of different things.
  5. If you aren't familiar with what's going on at Wigan Athletic right now this podcast is an interesting listen to catch up on a wild story. - At the end of the 2018 season the Whelan family which brought Wigan into prominence including a run in the Prem opts to sell the team to a company based in Hong Kong fronted by a successful poker player named David Choi - In June 2020 the company opts to sell the team to a new company started by Choi, but shortly thereafter a man named Wai Kay Au Yeung became the principle owner of the club. - The day Yeung was announced as the owner of the club he claims the club has too much debt and has put the club into administration, incurring a 12 point penalty. - Very little information about Yeung exists in the world which is odd for a man who apparently had enough money to buy a soccer club. We're talking only two hits on a deep dive Google search yielded anything. - The question became why the hell did he put Wigan into administration? They own their own stadium, training ground and have enough promising young players to sell that they could have funded the club the rest of the season. - A FA member was recorded on camera saying there's some discussion, but nothing concrete, that a massive bet had been placed on Wigan to be relegated. They were on a good run of form before this mess happened. A 12 point penalty would put them in severe jeopardy of being relegated. - The Wigan fans have taken up a go fund me to try and keep the team afloat for now. The supporters are literally paying to transport the team to away games. - Yesterday Wigan scored SEVEN goals in the first half and beat Hull 8-0. Hull is in the third relegation spot now 12 points behind Wigan, the amount of points Wigan is set to be deduced at the end of the season.
  6. Not only does the Braves outfield now have potentially the most swagger in baseball which is going to piss off the loud, racist portion of our fan base, Puig immediately becomes the third best hitter vs RHP on the team (based on career OPS) so he fills a big void left by Markakis opting out.
  7. That interview was so great and he got his Whatsapp chat with Klopp late last night which was really cool and he got invited to Liverpool's championship parade. Wycombe is a great story. They barely stayed in the Football League a few years back surviving based on goal differential. They were a relegation favorite entering the year with one of the smallest budgets in the division but here they are.
  8. The English Championship is set up for an interesting final three match days starting today with a pretty massive game between West Brom and Fullham at 11am central on ESPN+. Leeds all but locked up promotion back to the Premier League with a last minute winner against Swansea. They're six points clear of third place Brentford so one more win and they're back up for the first time since 2004. Speaking of Brentford, they've been the story of the restart. They've won all six games since the season resumed and sit just three points back of West Brom for the second automatic promotion spot. Brentford hasn't played in the top division since 1947. They have a better goal differential which is why today's game is massive for West Brom hoping to make it back to the Prem after a two year absence. Fulham is two points back of Brentford and five points back of West Brom so a win today and they keep their automatic promotion hopes alive. The battle for the final promotion playoff spot could be wild as well. Brentford and Fulham have likely locked in spots to the playoff at worst. Nottingham Forest has a six point edge on 7th place Swansea so it would take a catastrophe for them to not make the playoff. Cardiff is in 6th place with 64 points. Swansea, Preston North End, Milwall, Derby County, Bristol City and Blackburn are all within four points of them. Championship schedule on ESPN+ (all times Central) Today - West Brom vs Fulham (11am) Tomorrow - Brentford vs Preston North End (11am) Thursday - Leeds vs Barnsley (11am) Friday - Huddersfield vs West Brom (11:30am) Saturday - Stoke vs Brentford (6:30am) Sunday - Derby County vs Leeds (8am) Wed July 22 - No TV schedule yet for decision day
  9. Well...bye Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  10. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  11. I've been watching this show because the actor who plays Osito is good friends with my best friend from high school and I'm not sure I've ever wanted the bad guys to win at the end of a show more. Good god, Ray and Jackie are BRUTAL. Ray is just the worst cop show stereotype; lazy, blustery, doesn't seem to do anything right and is shady as hell and continues to get to work as a detective. On one hand I commend the writers for making Jackie unlikable. She almost kills a chick in a car accident because she's drunk and high and refuses to stay sober. That's a realistic portrayal of some addicts behavior you don't see portrayed in characters who are supposed to be protagonists, BUT in a narrative sense it sucks because there's no reason we should want to see her be successful. Anyway, there are lots of tits in this show so that's good.
  12. Patriot came up a few random times on my Twitter timeline so I watched it over the last couple of days and have no idea what to think of it. It's definitely a really good tv show it is just extremely weird and even as someone who enjoys weird things it was too weird at times for me. It's somehow the saddest show in the world and yet still extremely hilarious at times. The song and scene about stealing the gun was absolutely hysterical.
  13. That's my biggest problem this season. I binged the other seasons because of quarantine and he's by far the best part of the show and he's been pretty lame this season for the most part.
  14. Mike Gundy is just proof that some coaches need a "get back" coach on and off the field. The fact that anyone let him go out in public with that shirt on is hilarious.
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