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  1. For all their next-level actors, musicians, military history, and storytellers, I find it surprizing that we have not seen an epic Battle of Trafalgar series from the Brits. The ending writes itself. Oct 21 1805.
  2. Agree with others...Murder Among Mormons is a very solid documentary. Worthwhile.
  3. Saw the previews for Sharp Objects a year or so ago. Dismissed the hell out of it. Was looking for something new to watch and I would see it mentioned. One night, I said fuck it, and threw it on. Southern Gothic, and dark. There is a hint of Se7en, David Lynch, some two-part series of Quantum Leap in there. And a dose of Charles Dickens. I enjoyed it.
  4. It has been years - I want to say I listened to it for free, but I'm not sure where. I've had Spotify since I think 2013 or so but I just checked and it's not available there, at the moment. Currently listening to Supernova in the East there. According to Reddit, you can pay 10 bucks and download Wrath of the Khans off Dan's website ($1.99 per episode). Well worth the money - I haven't heard anything from him that isn't top notch. Good luck. And a big thank you to everyone for the recs. Really appreciate it.
  5. Awesome - that's what I'm looking for
  6. Yeah, Mongols was amazing. Absolutely. I listened to most of WWI but need to go back and finish it. I don't think it was completed, at the time - also fantastic. I loved Band of Brothers and I think I trailed off at the beginning of The Pacific for some reason. I have HBO Max, so that is at the top of the list. I watched Thin Red Line the other night and thought it was damn good. Hadn't seen it since it was released in theaters (1998). I'm not one for the kitschy Hollywood stuff but I've been wanting to check out Pearl Harbor (I've seen it before - when it was first released in 1991), jus
  7. Randomly started listening to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Supernova in the East. Holy shit - it's damn good. I've listened to a few of his other works, but it's been years. This particular podcast is astonishing - superb storytelling about a subject, I am finding, I knew less about than I thought I did. I am interested in watching some companion films as I move through the podcast. Would appreciate your recommendations.
  8. Thought Night Stalker was really good - excellent production. But I saw a massive opportunity lost, as far as Ramirez' background is concerned. They hinted at it here and there but never shed light on the guy's origin which, from what I understand, was horrific and exceedingly important to the story and events. Then again, does one want to be entertained or depressed? Maybe the producers made the right call, who knows...
  9. Damn proud of the Washington FT tonight. Hell of an effort. Heinicke stepped up and had a chance against the best in the game. What a badass.
  10. And for good measure...
  11. Hell fucking yes. Washington Football Team - your NFC East 2020 champions
  12. Would love to see a Colt-led Giants team make some noise. Holy fuck that would be awesome
  13. I made the mistake of over-indulging on the chimichurra sauce AND leaving it in the fridge for an extra week while on vacation. Every time I saw it in the fridge, I would wince a bit. I will certainly be giving the honey mustard a try.
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