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  1. What you did there. I see it. Good point.
  2. When you actually can of course. Roll out has been a shit show.
  3. I had my first dose a week ago. No issues. Get the damn shot people.
  4. This. Had been a lifelong R and voted for Mitt, even though the Mormon thing kinda bugs me, but he’s a decent human being who respects other views. Voted Johnson in 2016 and Biden in 2020. Gonna take some massive change before I can see ever voting R again in a presidential election.
  5. He “could” protest in the most extreme way possible. Self immolation.
  6. Back the Blue!! 25th Amendment this piece of shit already.
  7. Been on a bit of a surly hiatus for a while, and also got superstitious and decided if I posted shit would go sideways. This feels amazing, I love this team and these fans. I save the Johnnie Walker Blue for special occasions and there will be several fingers of it consumed tonight. I guess I can start posting again. YNWA!!
  8. So these seem to have all disappeared from the site...but a lot of new 6 swag has shown up.
  9. Just poured myself a healthy Johnnie Walker Blue to celebrate. I save it for the really special moments, hasn’t been out since the Astros won the WS. Here’s to #6. YNWA
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