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  1. I still can’t figure it out. SeatGeek doesn’t give me a sell option. Trying to sell mine for the second game since I’ll be out of town.
  2. Yeah I’ve been trying to figure it out too. Got at least a few games I can’t make so might as well get a good chunk of my costs back.
  3. What you did there. I see it. Good point.
  4. When you actually can of course. Roll out has been a shit show.
  5. I had my first dose a week ago. No issues. Get the damn shot people.
  6. This. Had been a lifelong R and voted for Mitt, even though the Mormon thing kinda bugs me, but he’s a decent human being who respects other views. Voted Johnson in 2016 and Biden in 2020. Gonna take some massive change before I can see ever voting R again in a presidential election.
  7. He “could” protest in the most extreme way possible. Self immolation.
  8. Back the Blue!! 25th Amendment this piece of shit already.
  9. Been on a bit of a surly hiatus for a while, and also got superstitious and decided if I posted shit would go sideways. This feels amazing, I love this team and these fans. I save the Johnnie Walker Blue for special occasions and there will be several fingers of it consumed tonight. I guess I can start posting again. YNWA!!
  10. So these seem to have all disappeared from the site...but a lot of new 6 swag has shown up.
  11. Just poured myself a healthy Johnnie Walker Blue to celebrate. I save it for the really special moments, hasn’t been out since the Astros won the WS. Here’s to #6. YNWA
  12. Down in Playa and had this made for the game room. Hopefully the Mayan gods can help us bring home the league title. (Spelling error gives it character I say)
  13. Got a Southwest flight coming up Saturday, checked the app and I noticed it was flagged and gave the option to change flights for free if I want. I’d checked and it currently shows it will be a 787-700. So I called and they’re giving people the option for the next few days to change flights, but you could easily change flights and still end up on a 787max, so it’s basically just for PR. I’ve got a feeling by Saturday they’ll have grounded all the 787max planes anyways, sure hope this doesn’t fuck up my spring break plans.
  14. I’m so shocked that the top story at foxnews.com is about AOC and alleged campaign finance violations. Fuck all these traitors.
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