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  1. Why do people think Trump winning isn't at least 50% probable? Herd mentality is very well ingrained and will overtake even rational individuals, and we know that rationality is less than 50% in our country (and outside too). Most of the people buy stuff they don't need on credit cards, they chug sugary sodas, and their news is through memes. And these are the educated and employed ones. Rationality has become a rare commodity. I would guess that the majority would look at a few video clips of the presidential election debates and vote according to anything but rational thought (have always voted this way, job is going well so country must be good, Trump is funny, etc.) An incumbent has the advantage of name recognition, and in Trump's case, a lot of shenanigans that are possible to those willing to abuse power, ranging from lying blatantly with a guaranteed wide reach to abusing anything and everything to secure votes, whether pushing coal or pushing kids in cages. I would give Dems the higher chance of winning if they were somehow united and had a simplified crystal clear message. They are far from united; the party prefers Biden and is scared of Bernie because they are too comfortable to rock the boat, and there are 100 messages from 10 candidates. Unless Dems go cold turkey and embrace the 21st century wholeheartedly, there is a good chance that the party that is clinging to the 19th century will win.
  2. I guess it reflects the percentage of student population that actually plays any sport regularly, let alone football.
  3. The girl that won in Dallas was making football throws.
  4. I can see how Georgia lost to Texas last year. And they are the #2 team in SEC last two years.
  5. I hadn't seen Fowler for a while. Wow, he looks old.
  6. The Utah QB is lost. Better they focus on running the ball with occasional pass.
  7. I wonder if the duo want to do something different, and what would that be? Gates was somewhat pushed by the antitrust stuff, and he has found his other vocation. Bezos has Washington Post and Blue Origin. Musk is Musk. They may not be wired like Pichai, Nadella, Cook, etc. who are good at managing huge things, which gets somewhat repetitive year after year. I know they have some outside projects but they are pretty small. I suspect they will go more technology route (Musk) than charity route (Gates).
  8. That's aggy play, when they lost to OU.
  9. Nix would have run better, not to mention the D would have respected the pass.
  10. I don't understand running into the pile. Why not run wide? I would have preferred the QB rollout for RPO.
  11. AeroHorn


    Very important question. Thank you to others who have already answered it. I'll just link to an exhaustive summary by NREL based off of their detailed reports for each energy type (renewable or otherwise). https://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy16osti/65645.pdf They do the whole life cycle analysis, not only for emissions, but also for the use of other natural resources such as water and land. They also include 2000+ installation sites data, and do quite a bit of statistical normalization. Slide 10 explains their life cycle calculation methodology Slide 29 summarizes the emissions across different energy sources in terms of green house gasses. As mentioned earlier, renewables are a small fraction of natural gas and coal. Slides 46 and 49 summarize water usage. Among renewables, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) has high recirculating water usage (as expected) but photo voltaic and wind use very little water. Slides 55 and 56 summarize land usage. Since this is uniquely renewable concern, they have listed only these types. As they explain in the text, the very high land use for wind power is not really accurate because the wind turbine has practically no impact on the land and the land can be used for farming, etc. TL;DR: Very exhaustive full life cycle studies for all natural resources show that renewables, especially solar and wind, have very small impact compared to all other types of energy generation.
  12. AeroHorn


    Why you mad though? For information in easy to understand format, I suggest you get started by perusing the DOE website. https://www.energy.gov/eere/electricvehicles/electric-vehicle-benefits. More online searching would definitely be educational. Personally, I get my electricity from the solar panels on my roof. For my state, California, about 50% is clean/renewable source energy, with 43.5% being solar, hydro, wind and geothermal, and depending on how you see nuclear, add 8.7% to it. Even if 100% is from burning non-renewable unclean sources, burning it at a power plant instead of in the car engine has many advantages, the main ones being much higher efficiency power extraction, emissions kept much lower and handled more efficiently, and those that are released to atmosphere are away from where people live. Texas is not up there yet, but it has tremendous potential for wind and solar. Of course, there are challenges, the main one being the uneven production from solar and wind, but there are many solutions being developed. Any other questions?
  13. AeroHorn


    Fair points. Musk has many faults, some quite egregious ones, including the way he has sold the AutoPilot and the reasons behind SolarCity acquisition (imo). He is at heart an R&D person and has no business running operations. And just like an R&D person, he would rather doodle about the next thing (a blade runner truck! a tunnel for me to avoid traffic!) than work on what he has already promised (a $35k car, an integrated and affordable solar solution, etc.). Even though Musk may sincerely believe and express his heartfelt desire to democratize clean and affordable future for everyone, he , by nature, will not be able to do it. He may want to be the Toyota+VW+GM, but he'll be their very well funded and unencumbered skunk works division. He'll forever promise the next big thing and will use his many gifts (desirable and undesirable) to somehow make them real in at least a limited sense. Hence, the cult following, always dreaming and always led by something shinier that is oh so within reach. But to overlook this contribution is foolish, and even ungrateful. Because of him, automotive industry will be electric, power company ripoffs during peak loads will be no more, NASA again has an avenue to think about Mars, etc.
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