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    Yeah, he sounds like someone who gets his information about California from Facebook memes. I am in Silicon Valley and all of our power outage has been due to risk of fire. As someone commented, solar is popular (I have it too) and it helps quite a bit in addressing peak load situations, which are typically 2pm-8pm (reflected in high utility rates) and match with peak solar production. I was surprised to see Tesla offering $1.50/W solar with installation (after rebate). I paid $3/W (after rebate) in 2016 for my 4.25kW installation. Maybe a good time to add more capacity since it is so cheap, but I don't really need it. Don't have EV, have FCV (Honda Clarity).
  2. Much worse. Barry Switzer is the Barry Switzer of human race. Donald Trump is the Barry Switzer of Barry Switzers.
  3. Yes, despite our well-deserved whines about GDGD, Mack usually stumbled upon good DCs then, and that combined with good recruiting and his in game management, the games were a blast. The special team blocks and last second FGs were almost expected, just as frustratingly his "withstanding the surge" against OU, which only made the surge worse.
  4. I don't think secession will happen, but if it were to happen, it will be more along the lines of Scotland's attempt and Brexit; a long drawn out political process that will rival the conference realignment in fantasized combinations and permutations. In other words, there will be OR/WA joining California (safe bet), Phoenix area trying to dump the rest of the state to be with LA area (similarly TT latching onto UT), the red portions of CA/OR/WA whining like Nebraska/aggy but knowing that they are net takers and hence better make a deal they don't deserve to be part of the blue coastal coalition, the immediate red neighbors (AZ/NV/UT/ID) seeing the future on the west and literally nothing to their east will try to form an independent coalition while trying to have a most favored nation deal with the west, the midwest desperately trying to hang-on to the northeast, and the south happy to be what they are and proud of it (better 155 years late than never for them). This leaves Texas to form its own coalition out of NM/CO/KS/OK. Again, it won't happen, but if it were to happen, it will long and messy, and will be a political dissolution rather than an abrupt civil war, IMO.
  5. Another way to see it is to replace the circle B with a point. Now, the circle B is just turning around a point that is located on its circumference (the common point between the two circles in the diagram, call it C). Now, the circle B is going around point C, but during the full rotation, the point C hasn't moved. So, a circle going around any path adds one extra rotation to the number of rotations corresponding to the distance of the path. You can also see it by replacing circle B with a square. When the circle A reaches a corner of the square, its point of contact doesn't move but it rotates by 90 degrees. It crosses 4 corners amounting to an extra full rotation (360 degrees).
  6. I don't know about the location, but one of the pictures has the street name, and here is the street view of it. https://www.google.com/maps/@28.3921791,-96.8446633,3a,75y,28.6h,83.35t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sR6mTFlXyGTDffR4J_kH2Sg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Edit: Maybe not. Though the building looks the same, the details are different.
  7. This version is all over the internet. So I am assuming it is representative. The "person, woman, man, camera, TV" that Trump mentions is "face, velvet, church, daisy, red" in the following picture. The "hardest" question is recalling these 5 words after 5 minutes. I gave this test to my 9th grader and needless to say, she got 100% while giving me sarcastic looks for subjecting her to this ridiculously easy test. I had to pacify her by saying that her president is very proud that she aced the test. 🙂 So, yes, it is for people who have diseased or injured brains.
  8. A likely scenario is a prolonged worldwide recession, with sustained high unemployment. This combined with a drought could trigger mass migration and suffering, which would make Syrian/Central American migration look like a picnic. The added pressure within countries/continents (rural/cities) and across continents (Africa to Europe and South to North America) could really exacerbate the racial/ethnic divides.
  9. I think this analogy works if the Congress was doing its job, i.e., actively engaging the executive branch on a weekly basis on all things (the weekly football game, if you will). Right now, Trump has to worry about only one game every 4 years. In the meantime, he is telling the boosters to get more F250s to recruits, replaced the Longhorn logo with Trump logo on the field, installed his children as coordinators, and is actively fomenting discontent between the first team and second team because the second team is full of losers. His strategy on not getting fired is to tell the blue hairs that only he can manage that crowd on the upper deck because they are fake news that doesn't appreciate the leather helmets, flyovers, the half time show, the new cheerleaders, and his special deal with OU to play at their place every year. The upper deck crowd can only fly banners and fight the urge to jump face down to San Jacinto Blvd.
  10. In this video, the top left feed would correspond to the drone ship view. It takes about 11 seconds from the time the rockets are visible (0.19 mark) to engines going off (0.30 mark). Accounting for the drone ship camera being closer, and hence not as much of horizon being visible, and possibly a few seconds of video sync uncertainties, it won't be surprising if the whole thing took only 5-6 seconds and we missed it.
  11. The document you are seeking is probably this one: https://dmna.ny.gov/covid19/docs/all/DOH_COVID19 _NHAdmissionsReadmissions_ 032520.pdf. The name of the document is the same but it has been moved to a different location. I found it by looking through all the documents on their website here: https://dmna.ny.gov/covid19/docs/?s=all&o=date&d=d
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