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  1. A likely scenario is a prolonged worldwide recession, with sustained high unemployment. This combined with a drought could trigger mass migration and suffering, which would make Syrian/Central American migration look like a picnic. The added pressure within countries/continents (rural/cities) and across continents (Africa to Europe and South to North America) could really exacerbate the racial/ethnic divides.
  2. I think this analogy works if the Congress was doing its job, i.e., actively engaging the executive branch on a weekly basis on all things (the weekly football game, if you will). Right now, Trump has to worry about only one game every 4 years. In the meantime, he is telling the boosters to get more F250s to recruits, replaced the Longhorn logo with Trump logo on the field, installed his children as coordinators, and is actively fomenting discontent between the first team and second team because the second team is full of losers. His strategy on not getting fired is to tell the blue hairs that only he can manage that crowd on the upper deck because they are fake news that doesn't appreciate the leather helmets, flyovers, the half time show, the new cheerleaders, and his special deal with OU to play at their place every year. The upper deck crowd can only fly banners and fight the urge to jump face down to San Jacinto Blvd.
  3. In this video, the top left feed would correspond to the drone ship view. It takes about 11 seconds from the time the rockets are visible (0.19 mark) to engines going off (0.30 mark). Accounting for the drone ship camera being closer, and hence not as much of horizon being visible, and possibly a few seconds of video sync uncertainties, it won't be surprising if the whole thing took only 5-6 seconds and we missed it.
  4. The document you are seeking is probably this one: https://dmna.ny.gov/covid19/docs/all/DOH_COVID19 _NHAdmissionsReadmissions_ 032520.pdf. The name of the document is the same but it has been moved to a different location. I found it by looking through all the documents on their website here: https://dmna.ny.gov/covid19/docs/?s=all&o=date&d=d
  5. You are right in the sense that breaking your sentence into multiple phrases with the word "like" is very common even among educated public speakers. I hear it all the time from guests on NPR. But it is grating on the ears, nonetheless. My teen kids do that and when I put up my fingers counting their "like" words, they immediately realize what I am doing and start speaking properly. In other words, it is worse than Corona, but thankfully, can be cured lot more easily with relatively little effort.
  6. AeroHorn

    Dr. Pancho

    The dissertation defense is more of a celebration about crossing the finish line. You have presentation open to the public including Q&A, then the committee asks everyone to leave and they may have something to say, and then they ask you to step out for them to decide. They will invite you back after a few minutes and your advisor steps forward to shake your hand and says, "Dr. Pancho, congratulations!". The actual defense is more like a semester long effort with multiple drafts of dissertation based on each committee member's feedback. There will invariably be questions about why didn't you extend this work or try this approach, even though they are all aware of what you have done and published the past couple of years. You have registered to graduate, told everyone that you are graduating, but are sweating to it out to get the committee to sign off on the final document so that you can send that darn thing to the printers. TL, DR: Pancho most likely did all the work over the semester and the Zoom was just the other doctors welcoming him to the club.
  7. And then Biden fakes cramps, a la LSU style, and watch Trumpets explode?
  8. It is surprising that coach Brown didn't realize that QB is the most important piece of the puzzle and he better sign the top guy every year. He was lucky Colt turned out to be Colt for the next 4 years. He could have had a Saban-like run if he had just signed the QBs willing to come to Texas, let alone chasing and landing Simms-level QBs from all over the nation.
  9. An aside: Lot of ganging up against B_T, whom I like. I guess he puts himself out there for that blowback, but can't fault his resilience. Being a Bernie supporter (now and 2016), I see Bernie being defeated as another missed opportunity for our nation to take a bold step forward. We already know what Biden (in the mold of Bill Clinton but a pale copy in every sense, including stopping at first base 🙂) is and his presidency will be the same policies of the last 3-4 decades that we think have led us to this point, from 1%ers and mega corps to wasting lives/money on wars and hollowing out middle class opportunities. 2020 Democrats have spoken and Biden is the rep, but I think those who believe Bernie would have been too radical and not get things done are being myopic. In 2008, there was a lot of enthusiasm and hope for our country getting over a dark problem of racism and inequity with the election of Obama. Of course, he didn't solve the racism problem, but, both symbolically (through educated, proud and loving first family) and rhetorically (speaking in personal terms regarding violence/opportunity for blacks), if not legislatively, he fundamentally changed the dialogue and broke the ultimate glass ceiling. I think Bernie would have done at least the same in terms of genuine care for people as people, and would have turned our national conscious away from the current approach where the people are as seen as grist to the capitalism mill, and a hunger games vibe to the have nots whereas it is who you know for the haves. And this change in atmosphere would have made a Bernie-like successor far more likely to get elected and effect long term course correction. Now, I am afraid that only a catastrophe may bring a change, and there is a high likelihood that, given the conditions, that change may be worse than what we have known in our lifetimes.
  10. I think there may be conflation of quarantine and social distancing in the two sources. WaPo simulation shows quarantine has almost no benefit (we know and have seen it happen; we cannot make everything leakproof) but social distancing is very beneficial. GS article is implying that social distancing (my understanding of what they mean by quarantine because quarantine as we know it is a lost cause) will have huge economic impact and is debating its benefit from economic perspective.
  11. Very slight sore throat and light fever the last day. Trying to keep in away from family, whatever it is. I don't see value in getting tested. The goal of the test seems to be decide if you should quarantine yourself or not. If you feel sick, go ahead and isolate yourself. In other words, treat it as a positive result, unless your job is one of the essential ones such as a doctor, police officer, Costco checkout person, etc.Since there is a shortage of test kits, I would personally leave the tests to those who are really sick.
  12. Wow. My mosque in Santa Clara is a polling station. It is a huge facility and there were only couple of people there during lunchtime.
  13. Same thing in CA. Pick up the chip-enabled voter card, vote on touchscreen, print, scan, handover the printout and the voter card.
  14. The point is that about that much percentage of people commonly switch sides. In other words, not everyone who voted for Bernie in 2016 primaries is a Bernie Bro. Probably they were Trumpkins. To damn a group without understanding the dynamics is the issue.
  15. Well, this just part of the story that Hillary highlighted and mainstream media ran with it. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/8/24/16194086/bernie-trump-voters-study “Moreover, defections from a primary to general election are common. More voters went from Hillary Clinton to John McCain in 2008 than went from Sanders to Trump in 2016; about 13 percent of Trump’s 2016 voters also voted for Barack Obama in 2012.” So, if nothing else, Hillary supporters are more to blame than Bernie voters; or in other words, more Bernie voters voted for their eventual party candidate than Hillary voters. Unfortunately this canard doesn’t die.
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