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  1. I've been making a ton of mai tais recently, but that will be too sweet for your tastes. Try a dark and stormy, which is pretty similar to what you've already been drinking, or a rum old fashioned.
  2. Today I've gone with: 1 lime 2.5 oz tequila 1.25 oz dry curacao a tispsquirt (unmeasured, totally random amount depending on my mood) of agave nectar put in shaker and shake til your hand is too cold to touch your veenah, pour in salt-rimmed glass, enjoy
  3. Yeah, but other than those dozen plus guys, Shon Mitchell, and Ramonce Taylor, what talent has Texas had at running back in recent decades?
  4. Well not with that attitude. Hook em, Casey!
  5. Gallon of to go margaritas from Fri being finished tonight. Mixed in a sazerac, an eagle rare old fashioned, and an EHTSB last night. Been searching Amazon for julep cups, think I'll be hitting those next weekend, since I think that was supposed to be derby weekend? So might be hitting up sonic or maybe spring for a Lewis bag to ensure good ice.
  6. You'regoddamnright.gif
  7. I'm almost positive it's JSN, Ringo, and Johnston. And Ransom and Pouncey.
  8. Benchmark is damn good at that price point. BTrace FTMFW. Tonight was classic daiquiris. Last night, mai tais. I've damn near kilt my rum supply this weekend. Friday was to-go margaritas, then some at-home margaritas, then a bunch of various and sundry bourbons that I don't recall. Closed Pandora and stumbled to bed at 445, which makes for a ruff Saturday at my age.
  9. Used to find WSR handles at pville western beverage at least every 3-4 weeks. It's probably been 3-4 months now.
  10. You could have given me 6 or 7 guesses and I don't think I would have picked kstate to have the 2nd best record this decade.
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