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  1. Yes but if Georgia beats LSU in the SEC championship game, you seriously have to consider putting Georgia, LSU, and Bama in the CFP. /cbssports
  2. Drake lit it up last game. Carson lit up TB last game. I'd go Drake. And I hate the Drake.
  3. Without knowing opponents I think I'd go Ekeler and Gordon. And Pascal.
  4. Same. Hitting Herbsaint for lunch, and Gianna for dinner today. Got a list of several others including Atchafalaya TBD the rest of the weekend.
  5. Yeah, cost me 20 pts the last 2 weeks playing buffalo over them, when the matchups favored BUF. Rolling PIT the rest of the way and cutting the bills.
  6. Thanks. Crowder and Pascal have unavailable. Parker probably gone by the time my waiver spot comes up. Probably rolling with Andrews and hope for the best.
  7. Flex 0.5 PPR: Andrews @ CIN or Ty Johnson @ CHI? Also, PIT vs LAR or BUF @ CLE PIT has matched or outscored BUF every week except week 1. Thinking I just need to cut bait and drop BUF, as PIT has great matchups after this week.
  8. Is Wentz worth a roster spot? Only has 1 game over 200 yds his last 5 games and has CHI, BYE, and NE coming up. I picked up Jameis and he's got an easy schedule the rest of the way, but he's 50/50 for an implosion that will cost him his starting job at some point.
  9. Rhule deserves jail time for wearing that fucking outfit.
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