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  1. 4RSBS going down smooooooooth tonight. Hook em!! ou sucks.
  2. Well that's not nearly as cool looking as the subs in the movies. WTF have our sub architects been doing for the past 250 years?
  3. Browner here. We coat and fry the thighs first, take them out, then brown the andouille in those drippings. After browning, we use all the grease from the thighs and andouille and then add a couple tablespoons of bacon grease to make the roux. I cook the bacon on the smoker, so that adds some smoke flavor. I'll probably get negged to Bolivia but our roux process is to take that chicken/andouille/bacon grease and slowly start whisking in Oak Grove Smokehouse Gumbo Base. I guess we don't use as much grease as most because it almost turns into a paste-like ball, not the chocolate syrup consistency most have. As it gets darker, we keep stirring until it's right on the edge of burning, med-high heat. Doing it like this speeds up the process, 10 min tops. I guess it might be a Yankee way of doing it, but it works for us. Once it's as dark as you are brave enough to go with it, add in the trinity and coat them with the thick roux while they sweat. Then add stock, add back the andouille and thighs, seasonings. Sometimes okra, sometimes not (cue "okra-less gumbo is not gumbo" conversation). Simmer as long as you can stand to not eat it. Right before serving, debone/deknuckle the thighs. Damn we're overdue for a pot...
  4. Pork chop, pork chop, greasy greasy. We're gonna beat you easy easy!
  5. Well that was a shitty play but apropos ending. Fuck Kansas St. Fuck Ervin Meyers. Fuck Matt Lineheart.
  6. After kicking off both halves, we wouldn't have possession right now. So the point is moo.
  7. Oops, incomplete called complete might fuck em.
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