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  1. Got the itch again, so really considering this bad boy.
  2. I've never played a more rage inducing game than this. Plat 2 by being carried.
  3. That charlamagne guys seems like a dick.
  4. Another shitty fucking episode. Over a two year break and they come up with this shit? These are episodes you'd expect to see in a season 6 or 7 after they've already run out of ideas, but nope here they are.
  5. Is he always like this?
  6. Easily the worst season so far
  7. Man that Bulls Knicks series was heated. Was always a fan of John Starks.
  8. crony


    Anyone play this yet? Keep trying to get drops from twitch, but I guess I'm not watching long enough. Just wondering if it's living up to the hype.
  9. They need to step in and cancel this spring break bullshit in Padre.
  10. Cancelled my WSOP reservations. No fucking way this happens.
  11. Glad I didnt pay for that crap
  12. Wilder getting dominated
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