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  1. Plug in for Better Half. Picked up 4 cheeseburgers for family tonight. Good stuff
  2. Agree that the US is fat. Just saying in a “Sophie’s Choice” scenario, I choose to get economy restarted June 1. Would have been solid two months of SIP by that point.
  3. I can’t think of plan. But I can’t see the shelter in place going past 6/1 if data still supports CV killing old people and obese people.
  4. I think this is due mostly to just how disgustingly fat the US is overall. The bulk of pre-existing conditions probably stem from the extra 200lbs most Americans seem to be lugging around. Drop the weight and a lot of it goes away sans drugs.
  5. As long as death results continue to show that vast majority of those that die are either: Old or Obese (or both), along with underlying issues related to being either old or obese, I see real pressure start to mount to open businesses back up. Would love to see the Freakonomics report on medicare & ss/disability savings related to CV19 deaths among old folks and/or obese people.
  6. Yes passcode. Been trying but can never get itunes to pick ipad up. Is annoying. Thanks for info.
  7. My 13 yo was fucking with my 10 yo Ipad so my 10 yo changed the password and now of course has forgotten it. Can't get stupid thing to trigger factory reset. So my mental health getting ready to be impacted if I have to listen to more crying over this fucking device.
  8. Definitely not part of the cult. I think Trump's handling is criminal. People are dying unnecessarily due to his downplaying this issue. I also think China sucks and should be held accountable as well. It is a total failure across the board.
  9. I could be skewed being in high tech but people were moving companies left and right. Now all hiring frozen etc etc
  10. I guess I am just looking at it from lens of if international agencies weren't as aggressive in labeling as could be then that gives domestic agencies an out. I am frustrated with how US has handled but I do believe it's been a global shit show from start.
  11. ok, I guess I am the only one that thinks China could have done more with being upfront re: CV and also that in subsequent weeks that have not been transparent and honest.
  12. Agree Trump fucked up completely and is still fucking up. People are and will continue to die at a higher rate due to his incompetence. I do believe though that China's slow play of info and coverup and WHO also slow playing call to pandemic didn't help.
  13. There were cases in 19 countries outside of China on Jan 31 indicating significant person to person transmission. Rather than wait to Mar 11 once 114 countries were impacted they should have moved earlier in labeling this more seriously. To me they were parsing language vs ringing the bell. By the time bell rang it was already spread everywhere.
  14. That US military brought virus that death count was as low as it was coverup of doctors speaking out about viruses etc etc
  15. Trump absolutely mismanaged this epidemic from the start and he should face some sort of reckoning for it. With that said, China should be held by far even more accountable as their direct lies and obfuscation all throughout the initial rise of CV 19 (and their continued lies re: deaths, infections etc) are what brought this to our shores. Global agencies like WHO that are way up China's ass are to blame as well as they delayed labeling this an pandemic and also downplayed it's deadliness. I hope our economic cold and potential high unemployment absolutely turns around and goat fucks China's economy and I hope coming out of this we invest in manufacturing capability (even if subsidized) and take China's lying POS government down.
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