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  1. Just when i start to feel a tad bit better about direction of program this kind of shit happens. Jesus fuck.
  2. People who put "MBA" after their job title on Linkedin. 9 times out of 10 the MBA is either from a for profit university or some Tier 3 program.
  3. This is why I have no aggy friends.
  4. Orgeron was smart enough to go hire a whiz play caller to not blow his QB SR season. Herman making comfort hires from the tree of coaching decrepitude that is Rutgers.
  5. So is today when we finish out staff with the lsu and clemson coaches? or is Herman waiting til post superbowl for some nfl talent
  6. I love The University of Texas but I am really hating the football program. Just a poorly run shitshow
  7. Agree. I support the move and look fwd to seeing Epps split out as a featured receiver from TE position as a more electric true WR sits on sidelines watching as Herman refuses to place best 11 guys on the field.
  8. Epps to TE makes sense if you just read his measurements but once you watch him play you realize he is soft and not a fighter enough for TE. .
  9. I know, while I hated him for OC, I’d take him aa TE coach vs some dipshit from Rutgers.
  10. Nope. Hence phrase "up and comer" not old dude. There have to be some young bucks out there vs retreads/shitheads
  11. I would rather see a up and comer from like NDSU hired vs some more fucktards from Rutgers.
  12. Had an 18 wheeler decided to run over the assclowns holding traffic up that truck driver would be a true hero.
  13. I agree with the poster that said Dracula's ending was a bit of a let down. Overall a good series that really seemed like it was just cut short at the end.
  14. good. the secondary sucked this year. I am glad recency bias did not carry the day here.
  15. Saw a former deputy defense secretary this morning that said he’d be shocked if partisan groups backed by Iran didn’t ramp actions that while Iran officially may be done unofficially they will release the hounds to keep pressure on.
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