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  1. This. Great show but when you see the “Nudity” advisory at start of episode be aware that 90% of it is dong or dude’s asses. NTTIAWWT. But if you’re expecting gratuitous boob shots a la “Game of Thrones” you’ll be sorely disappointed. I dig the Looking Glass character, my favorite part of the show by far. Keep waiting for him to start breaking out in song.
  2. One of my sons does. He loves it. We don’t travel with it or anything but when he’s sleeping at home it’s in daily use. He has had some sensory stuff throughout years. Couldn’t have tags in clothes, shoes had to be tied incredibly tight, only dri-fit type fabric shirts etc.
  3. Agree Senior Bowl more important. That’s why I just don’t see him fighting to play in meaningless bowl game capping a crap season.
  4. The third book in the licanus series “the light of all that falls” came out yesterday first two books have been great.
  5. I’ll be shocked if he plays. He already has senior bowl invite. He’s not shown that he’ll go extra mile re:injury fight through. Great WR when on field.
  6. Trump’s defense is the same as Lance Armstrong’s ”hate the game not the player” “everyone cheats, why shouldn’t I?” Etc etc if all this only ends up with a letter of censure it’s been total political theatre. Vote the old guard out and get people in willing to fight.
  7. Maybe it’s because my buddy’s son plays for Rockwall and I’m following their playoff run but did Texas just never have a shot at that WR who is going to fucking Ohio State? Losing that kid to OSU should have been enough to fire the offensive staff.
  8. Is this a record for number of games Texas has been the underdog?
  9. No way he plays. Saving himself for the Senior Bowl.
  10. I hate OU and they’re traditionally terrible in these bigger games but to give them credit at least they’re in them. Here’s Texas doing the coordinator shiffle again going to whatever shit bowl they get assigned to b
  11. What has Herman done to date to lead anyone to believe he’s capable of putting a real staff together and selling a true vision? I will be happy to eat crow if Texas lands anyone who appears to be worth a crap.
  12. Fuck UTs athletics department. Just a disaster.
  13. Texas would have been relegated by now to the Mountain West equivalent after 10 years of suckitude.
  14. Not only that. This is where dipshits take 100k+ in student loans out for degrees with minimal future earning power and then bitch when they can’t afford to live.
  15. The peloton commercial is stupid because the girl is already fit, acts terrified of the bike and then films some lame video diary of her journey. It’s just a dumb commercial. Fatties will get mad at anything though.
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