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  1. Absolutely no way am I sending my kids back to school this fall. If they will be shutting down and reopening over and over again, I would just as soon have them stay home and attend virtually. I will hire tutors etc to bridge any gaps (am fortunate to be able to do this) If reason to close a school for 5 days is a positive test result you effectively will never have the school be open.
  2. Here is chart (I have been showing as table) that shows breakdown for Travis County the count of hospitalizations by ethnicity. TCAD shows % of hospitalizations, I take the % and bounce against the total count of hospitalizations in order to get the number by Hispanic, White etc
  3. https://www.houstonmethodist.org/blog/articles/2020/jun/obesity-and-covid-19-can-your-weight-alone-put-you-at-higher-risk/ https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/oby.22818 https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/oby.22866 Lots of reports that obesity is a significant condition of interest in that cases tend to be more severe in those people that are obese. I am not talking about "the freshman 15" but "Vic Mackey" specials here.
  4. I am just saying typically from what I have seen reported that the news will not report the weight of a person who passed as being relevant. When it has been proven that obesity or lack thereof is a major contributor to the severity of CV19 response in an infected person. I am not saying that in this case the 20 yo and 40 yo mentioned in the OP weren't the picture of health, it is just that from what I have observed weight is not being reported as a baseline factor in deaths. I have seen lots of film from inside the CV19 wards and more often than not, the patients are all overweight. I wish that Travis County would report BMI in addition to the other demographics they report.
  5. Westlake would play Lake Travis every weekend before they didn't play football.
  6. My only challenge with this type of reporting is that they never consider obesity an underlying condition. I will say that the math would say you are going to get completely healthy 20 yo catch this and die, the law of big numbers is starting to take hold as the size of the infected population grows. Stay safe though is right, wash your hands, stay socially distant, don't go to church/bars etc
  7. "Crip Camp" - Documentary around a summer camp for handicapped kids that spawned the core of the handicapped rights movement.
  8. The Innocence Files is a good watch. One of the episodes has a neo-Nazi group of cops in Linwood, CA.
  9. This. Was having this exact thought when the posts above yours mentioned TFTC as being scary etc. "Tales from the Darkside" was beyond creepy to a young me.
  10. Yes this is from Travis county. Pulled data directly from TCAD website. Yep, I would say ultimately if people just wore a mask, regularly washed hands and maintain social distancing (no packed bars) then we will be able to re-flatten this curve.
  11. Age based view (hospitalizations for w/e 6/28) and Cases and Deaths Measurement start to date. (not sure why TCAD doesn't track all the same). End of day this is still killing old people (85% of deaths vs 11.57% of cases). Cases are growing in younger groups at faster clip then older as >60 used to be 12.5% or so of cases a couple of weeks ago. Bear in mind these are % not whole numbers. So you would read as 80+ makes up 2.39% of cases, 10.89% hosp. & 36.75% of deaths.
  12. Updated demographic counts. Hispanics make highest % of cases w/e 6/30 at 64% as well as the highest total # (238). Asian Black White Hispanic Other 3/15/20 0 0 1 1 0 3/22/20 1 2 8 6 1 3/29/20 0 1 7 12 0 4/5/20 0 3 6 13 1 4/12/20 1 2 13 13 2 4/19/20 0 2 6 7 1 4/26/20 0 2 3 9 0 5/3/20 1 3 11 27 0 5/19/20 1 7 12 36 3 5/26/20 0 4 11 35 1 6/1/20 0 10 15 62 1 6/9/20 2 18 40 95 6 6/16/20 1 10 24 70 3 6/23/2020 3 22 70 153 7 6/30/2020 4 30 89 238 8
  13. Roll Red Roll about the rape trial in Steubenville, Ohio that Anonymous got involved in. not bad watch. crazy how over the top that town is for football. (very baylor-esque)
  14. In order to make up loss in revenue the State of Texas may well want to legalize it and start raking in some dough from it. Or sports gambling. Pick your preference. Or queue up "Why not both girl" meme and double down.
  15. Understood, but he could set a Zoom up with the 18 teams UT has. If 1-2 athletes cannot make it so be it. Could have sent survey out pre call asking for opinions etc etc Lots of ways to do it here. Shouldn't be taking this long.
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