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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. My sister said the Med Men near them in LA was fully looted last night.
  2. They’ve had it surrounded from the outset... seemingly the same is true for all the hotels. They’ve been high security zones in NYC since his election and during the Women’s March were straight up on lockdown. I wish they were all in flames, but I shudder to think of his response...
  3. Wait, there’s a Predator Drone over Minneapolis now?
  4. https://www.pscp.tv/w/cZ8hDjFtTUtQdk5nYm5sRUd8MXZPeHdvWG5YWnF4QvpF457Ya5KQfkV_KvzKSyTsqIwzZvhtrz-cF_TSxkvW?t=1h38m39s
  5. Yeah, I watched that live but somehow missed them storming the precinct... the aftermath is wild though. This is the perfect storm...
  6. Was a gift... wanna way from Smithfield or the like. We call it the bat signal.
  7. Smash burgers with grilled onions/japs with summer salad and potato salad
  8. Me - Half asleep in the bed as my wife fucks around upstairs Wife - “Is it OK if I read a little bit?” Me - “Sure, what’s a little bit?” Wife - “I dunno, half an hour?” Me - “I suppose” Wife - Turns on the light, plays with the dog, “washes her face” for 30 minutes then returns to bed to read “for a little bit” Fuck me... I should start taking Valium so I can violently snore through this nonsense.
  9. The flight deals are insane right now, with many extending out to next March... haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but damn if my finger isn’t itchy!
  10. Today’s snags - Gotta support our local bartenders! Passed on both of these but thinking of going back for the Shenk’s... thoughts?
  11. Apparently the Weller Single Barrel is out in the wild... imma need a report card from whoever is lucky enough to score!
  12. Man I’m on a rough run lately... had chip lead at a multi table by 20k (10k buy in) multiple times and didn’t cash tonight. Had a guy full on bluff my with bottom pair by going all in (no straight or flush draw on the board). I call with top pair + A and he proceeds to get runner-runner for a FH. Then had another guy catch runner-runner for quads in basically the same situation... May need to take a break.
  13. Having some fun with the kit
  14. I will continue to drink my Statesman without issue thank you very much... That said, today’s finds are better:
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