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  1. Told AT&T to shove it over the weekend and YouTube TV has been solid thus far. Very pleased with the switch.
  2. This was MIGHTY tasty. Perhaps the best finish I’ve had on an EJ and certainly on par with the BP.
  3. Here’s a preview of the potential insanity...
  4. Not gonna get my hopes up JUST yet, but may have stumbled upon the ultimate honey hole... Will most certainly post results if this shit comes through, but hoo boy... daddy is on the tail of unicorns!
  5. Set that aside though... we’ve got 4 yard passing routes to explore with less than 30 seconds left.
  6. That’s a lot of points... gonna have to catch the replay later.
  7. Anyone else see that go through with absolutely zero emotion on their face? The indifference I’m feeling right now isn’t awesome...
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