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  1. The time of year where you brag about giving the government an interest free loan. I usually owe back enough money to go buy a new side by side, but one year I hit it to where I owed $86.
  2. This is exactly the reason I was talking about a comments section.
  3. You know how I know we're old? Because I said the same thing. Looks like a 232, IMO. edit: I had one of the cradles in my truck back in the day. Baller status:
  4. That website needs a comment section!
  5. Pretty sure that is a lawyer.
  6. Good Lord. That was some cringeworthy shit to be a white person. WTF was that.
  7. I was reading a few years ago that the next close asteroid will be at the end of the 2020's, its (I think) a mile wide. 2 or 3 times the distance the moon is from us.
  8. I hope he does. He has been suspended or fined now numerous times. He is s dirty player and now a known liar.
  9. Sprinkle a hint of racism every now and again and you got it.
  10. How is that? Honest question. All those teams got caught, no?
  11. Speaking of cheating, now do the aggys looch. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/15-unethical-college-football-programs?amp At least they are top 10 in something.
  12. markstanco

    Poona Ford

    He is making 660k this year and will be a RFA in 2021 according to sportstrac.com. at that time he will get a significant pay raise.
  13. markstanco

    Malcolm Roach

    Good for him on calling out orlando.
  14. Doing this. They pay for flights and rentals and hotels and the company gets points back. Question is, we have 4 of us on the program on the gold card status. If I upgrade to platinum they can hit is admirals club and the delta club and whatnot. That's an additional 1400 a year. Is this 1400 number a year negotiable with amex?
  15. Part of that budget should focus on shit happening in the next 36 hours I would think. However, I will still likely have to pay rent, AGAIN, next month.
  16. I reply in the best buy coupons thread with my credit card info and SS number constantly. Without certificates, is there a reason to be concerned?
  17. With KP making 27mm and only going up, and luka getting paid in a few years, tim jr will have to go, yes?
  18. That was some weird formatting if yall see what I see.
  19. Alabama will win the west unless they do something retarded, and if so florida and Georgia will likely beat you in Atlanta. Georgia defense will be crazy good next year. Plus, you always, always have to look out for jimbo, he will win it all in 20__.
  20. They have recently voted to allow them to be above 3.2 now.
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