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  1. I did something today that I have been wanting to do for a while. Moved two gutter pop ups. Only about 7 or 8 feet each. But at 65 degrees and some music playing it was nice. Had to do the exposure and go to lowes to get a bunch of sand but stayed in the outside area. I went to HD first. Those dumb cunts had the outdoor area closed down. Retards.
  2. Watching a movie right now. People shaking hands and hugging, I can't help but think how times have changed. Movie is called Midway. If you are a war movie type watch it. About pearl harbor.
  3. Na, funny joke from a few weeks back concerning laundry detergent. I was cleaning out the garage today and this made me chuckle.
  4. A bunch of them. Four wheeler, lawn mower, weed eater, edger, and a blower.
  5. ¡sʇuǝɯoɯ sᴉɥ sɐɥ ǝH
  6. Looking at that schedule and seeing their first away game is in October, I was curious as to how many away games they have played in september since joining the sec. So including the above 2020 schedule that would be 9 seasons. How many true away games in that time frame? Six.
  7. I get requests hourly. We are prioritizing texas. We logistically cant send out 20 here 50 there. Healthcare systems are ordering 50k to 500k at a time. Cool local story though: https://www.casscountynow.com/news/local-manufacturer-produce-equipment-healthcare-providers#.Xoep8SjNVVU.facebook
  8. Why isnt everybody beating the shit out of guy in the red jacket? Selfish asshole.
  9. It's the turning off lights for me. Rage. Rage. Rage. Luckily I have converted to almost (95%) to all LED but got DAMN than makes me mad. How hard is it?
  10. Took me a good 2ish seconds to figure out what uni stood for. Is he making like 40k a year there? http://db.desmoinesregister.com/state-salaries-for-iowa/page=1&ordercol=col5&orderdir=asc&searchterms%5Bcol3%5D=&searchterms%5Bcol2%5D=northern&searchterms%5Bcol6%5D=coach&searchterms%5Bcol11%5D=2016
  11. Ha... forgot about the double secret dropbox on shaggy. Good Lord that was what, 10-15 years ago? Lots of great football and movies.
  12. Ha! That's funny. I want CFS maybe once a year. Last weekend I googled it because, bored. Found some recipe on pinterest. Hammered out the beef and followed directions. Really good. Would rather buy but it was a fun time killer. My gravy wasnt as good as the local soul food restaurant lady who makes it by far, but still decent.
  13. Haha! No shit. My 3c medical guy HATES and I mean HATES the 3C bullshit. Says it is government crap to limit pilots. He turns his head towards the chart when you read it. I'm 48 and 20/30 but have to cheat on my right eye. He has a shirt on the wall of his office where he cut the back off in 1971 (cfi). One of yall in north texas or SE okie may know him.
  14. Dude, there is a virus going around. You didnt hear? NCAA said dead period. Anyhow, they can text and call, but no IP contact. Damn mox, I thought you knew.
  15. Wife is hot with a giant rack. Come along surly sleuths, more pics!
  16. We are all set up bitches. Gowns, masks, etc. I'll make you a surgical doo-rag or whatever its called out of medical fabric. The team of doctors in the Christus system said go today.
  17. That is four fans wearing overalls. None of them are part of the aggy chear squad or whatever they call them.
  18. Yea we saw that a few days ago and an employee filled something out. I looked in to it and the website was created last week. March 19th to be exact. Yea, not national clearinghouse of anything.
  19. This is a great one for you bruin!
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