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  1. It's truly bizarre that Texas hasn't tried to hire the closest replica to DKR on the market. I have no idea who that is, but I do know that its none of the dudes who have coached here since him.
  2. alincoln

    AP Top 25

    I think it is to enforce unwritten agreements among the conferences to address situations exactly like the one posited on this thread (i.e., Power 5 conference champs must get the nod over non-conference champs regardless of what the computers say).
  3. alincoln

    AP Top 25

    Interestingly, the BCS would have chosen the exact four teams each season.
  4. alincoln

    AP Top 25

    The whole purpose was to be able to ignore the computers.
  5. alincoln

    AP Top 25

    Nope. Everyone who got in that year won their conference. The controversy was that Ohio State passed them after crushing Wisconsin in the Big 10 championship.
  6. alincoln

    AP Top 25

    When did a one-loss Power 5 conference champ get left out of the playoff in favor of a one-loss division runner-up?
  7. Gorman was never going to happen but it's shocking that they aren't bringing in Ford and Pipien to establish a legit Crowes tour. Ticket sales for a nationwide amphitheater/arena tour that isn't skipping many, if any, potential tour spots should be interesting.
  8. alincoln

    AP Top 25

    Bama getting into the playoff would send the message that quality of losses and the entirely subjective "eye test" are more important than quality of wins, conference division titles and conference championships. I do think that Bama getting in in that situation would guarantee an early expansion of the playoff to 8 or the Big 12 and PAC 10 would threaten to drop out of the playoff structure. The Big 10 and Rose Bowl would follow along with the PAC 10 to isolate the SEC and the NCAA.
  9. alincoln

    AP Top 25

    538's playoff predictor says OU (65%) over Oregon (31%) and Alabama (3%) in that situation. A one loss non-division champ whose best and only Top-25 win is against a 3 or more likely 4 loss Auburn should not get in over a 1-loss Power 5 conference champion. College football would implode if Alabama got in under those circumstances.
  10. 538 has the following: Clemson 88% Ohio State 69% LSU 68% Georgia 34% Oklahoma 33% Oregon 32% Utah 20% Baylor 18% Penn State 12% Alabama 11% Minnesota 9% Looked at another way: SEC champ: IN Big 10 champ: 93% (Wisconsin also has a 3% chance) ACC Champ (Clemson): 88% Pac 10 champ: 52% Big 12 champ: 51%
  11. Camping World Bowl vs. Notre Dame is currently the most frequent prediction followed by Alamo Bowl vs. USC.
  12. Well over 50% of the players on the roster who receive full scholarships of of HS will either never graduate or will graduate with a completely worthless degree in a major that the football program and AD developed specifically for athletes in revenue sports to avoid APR penalties. A shadow university consisting of "academic advisors," "tutors," and bullshit classes and majors exists at every Power 5 school to preserve the illusion of scholar athletes in revenue generating D-1 sports. Some of the players do lack the intelligence to succeed academically at a university the caliber of UT. Many others lack the requisite preparation and academic development. Many others aren't at Texas to play school.
  13. At least 50% (and that is a very conservative estimate) of the guys who get full rides to play football at Ohio State, Texas and the like are simply incapable of taking advantage of the educational opportunities offered by those universities, particularly given the time commitment associated with playing D-1 football.
  14. If Bama loses to LSU, their best win will come against a potentially 4-loss Auburn (if Auburn loses to Georgia). College football will implode if that team makes it over a 1-loss conference champ from the B1G, PAC of Big-12.
  15. Alabama has no business in the playoff if they lose to LSU.
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