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  1. Comedians will be more than happy to travel to appear on the podcast. Nothing provides middling comedians more exposure than JRE. It also sounds like he may open a Comedy Store wherever he moves.
  2. Rogan withstood the attempts to cancel him based on his opposition to trans women competing against biological women in athletic endeavors (particularly fighting and weightlifting). No deviation from the correct opinion will be tolerated. Accordingly, he must be sent to the camps.
  3. The murder rate will eventually decline if everyone is dead.
  4. The Chicago gangs are much less centralized and leaderless than in the 80s and 90s. A truce is not viable. There are no short-term solutions to the problem. The most violent areas are simply too impoverished and devoid of the culture required to turn things around within a generation. Massive investment in education, infrastructure and opportunity "might" produce some incremental improvements but the ROI would be so pathetic that the efforts will be deemed a failure before given the chance to take root. It is at least a 50 year process to reverse 150 years of neglect and abuse. The bottom line is that anyone today who lives in the most violent and impoverished portions of the American ghetto are basically doomed and trapped in this cycle.
  5. Neither Saban nor Herman will be HC at Bama and Texas when these guys are JRs/SRs
  6. Ditch Trilogy FTW. On the Beach remains my favorite.
  7. Zeppelin and Elton went on a dramatic downhill slide in both the studio and on the road after 1975 and Fleetwood Mac and Kiss didn't become huge bands until 1975. I won't even comment on the Bee Gees. Meanwhile, all 8 Stones albums released between in the 70s and through 81 reached no. 1 on the U.S. chart and they were a massive touring act throughout the decade. That said, the Grateful Dead clearly ruled the 70s.
  8. The NYT editors probably drafted the headline. The primary goal of the NYT editors is now to advance their political goals and agenda, no different than Fox News. Facts be damned.
  9. Deleting social media accounts is always a good thing.
  10. No. If you disagree with js1 on anything, you must be sent to the camps.
  11. Wow. This is an ambitious project. Interested to see how the portray The Mule. Hopefully they don't dumb it down too much.
  12. Maybe he is going to play in the kyrie league
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