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  1. The parallels between OU football and KU basketball are crazy. It's like the end of Switzer era in Lawrence.
  2. Scorsese and Robertson sucking each other's dicks regarding how amazing The Last Waltz was.
  3. Kudos to the voter who didn't vote for Jeter. Well done. Amazing that No. 88 and 229 in career WAR were basically unanimous selections while No. 4, 6, and 16 may never get in. There are only 4 players on Baseball-Reference's list of the top-20 in career WAR with color photos and Hank Aaron (last game played in 1976) is the only one of them in the HOF.
  4. Amazing that the total box office for ROS isn't going to catch R1. The mismanagement of this trilogy has cost Disney at least $1.5 billion
  5. I would be shocked if they passed up the $$$$$ At this point, they are guaranteed to sell out large venues throughout the country at premium prices.
  6. The better question is why are CR posters allowed to post outside of CR
  7. She has no intention of retiring to the quiet solitude of Vancouver Island to raise their children. They will be living in LA within 18 months as the Royal Kardashians. I wonder if he will stay with her when the sex tape inevitably leaks.
  8. You won't be disappointed. S1 of 5.1.81 is my favorite S1 of the 80s. The Jed > Let it Grow > Deal finish is ridiculous.
  9. Spring 81 has lots of great shows, particularly in March and May. 5.1.81 is probably my favorite. 5.6.81 is great as well (Dick's Picks 13) and has a legendary He's Gone and a well regarded Sailor-Saint
  10. BTW, I don't care about rappers making it but Whitney Houston is ridiculous. I can only imagine all of the insufferable divas they are going assemble on that stage for a screech fest as the grand finale. Awful
  11. Glad to see T. Rex made it although Bolan has been dead for 40 years. Electric Warrior and Slider are just about perfect albums Thin Lizzy should make it for Emerald alone
  12. alincoln

    AP Top 25

    He probably posted 15 times in the Cloak Room during the NC game. Sad.
  13. I was considering passing on the Dave's subscription in 2020 but then he goes out and announces 10.29.77 and 6.23.74 as the first two picks with a 6.22.74 bonus disc. Dude know how to keep you on the line with a couple of all-timers to kick off the year.
  14. I believe there are only 3 black HCs in the NFL (Tomlin, Lynn and Flores). That said, none of them had prior full time HC experience (Lynn was briefly the interim in Buffalo) and Tomlin had the most coordinating experience at 1 year.
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