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  1. Well marbled triceps are the most delectable . . . or so I've been told.
  2. He is on the Michigan beat for Rivals now
  3. Sark - "We are clearly winning the national championship next season and every season thereafter. Also, fuck aggy." That should work
  4. And Mack's coordinator search in 2011. Strong was also shot down by some of his targets.
  5. After years (decades) of settling for 4th and 5th options for staff positions, you would think we would understand that Texas can't just money whip elite coordinators and assistants into coming here.
  6. LBs were the only healthy position group. DL and DB numbers were decimated by injury and COVID absences
  7. Texas certainly loves to compare itself to UM at every opportunity.
  8. Columbus signed Kevin Molino (13 goals for Minnesota last season). They will remain in the top tier of teams.
  9. alincoln

    USMNT 2020

    Union sold 21 year old CB Mark McKenzie to Genk for $6 million. The Euro demand for US talent is only going to accelerate. If USL developed fully funded academies, the US could be a permanent fixture in the Top 15.
  10. alincoln

    USMNT 2021

    Every option should be on the table at this point. Are we really going to play a 4-3-3 in the World Cup? Seems like we need more protection for our CBs against good teams than a 4-2-3-1 would provide. Put Adams and McKennie behind Reyna, Pulisic and Weah wide and someone with a pulse at the 9.
  11. alincoln

    USMNT 2021

    The collective wisdom of surly is irrelevant to Berhalter. Weah now plays on the wing for Lille where he is far more effective. Sargent has scored 1 league goal this season and 3 since October 2019. He has had more yellow cards than goals during that period. CF is completely up for grabs on this team.
  12. alincoln

    USMNT 2021

    Jozy isn't there just to make numbers. Berhalter is trying to find the ST for this team and has no idea who it is.
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