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  1. I liked the Infantry Museum at Fort Benning better.
  2. So they sit on the bench right next to each other without face mask along with playing and practice. Plus probably tested daily. Yet if they get together in there hotel without mask its a risk.
  3. Miss my 94 (Stupid Fucker running a Red Light). Only like having 4 doors on my 2017 more.
  4. Need a series on MACV SOG and there operations into Laos and Cambodia
  5. Read Romesha's book Red Platoon to get full story. As always cannot fit all that happened into 2 hour movie.
  6. One good thing about the cheating scandal is what has brought out in Correa.
  7. Most Hated World Tour Keeps Rolling on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Is He Running with the Devil RIP Eddie
  9. Most Hated World Tour rolls on
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