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  1. Tres Hombres first album I ever bought with my own money. Wore the grooves off that thing. Preferred the pre MTV version alot more.
  2. He corrects that in his further tweets.
  3. Hell even Fuckin MLB cheats be juicing the ball. Fuck Manfred, Fuck Bud Selig
  4. Any Coach or Player saying shit pisses me off. They are OK with there way of stealing signs or the use of steroids etc.. They don't say shit when it is benefiting them. If fans want to be pissed I can somewhat understand. But all this holier than thou shit is bullshit. Teams are always looking for an edge. As I said in the beginning sign stealing is part of the game that is why they try to hide it or change sign sequence.
  5. The fans can bring trashcan lids like those stupid drums the A's use. Maybe they should investigate that. Maybe they are signalling with the drums.😃
  6. The whole thing is a load of crap. Players have been stealing signs since the beginning of Baseball. Why the fuck do catchers go through multiple signs if they haven't. They should take all technology out of the dugout then. They encourage this by having tablets and monitors throughout MLB. Fuck them it is just another witch hunt.
  7. Yuli could also move to third
  8. Well at least I saved some money on World Series gear.
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