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  1. Yes He has enjoyed his time at Carson. Only an hour or so from Denver plus lots of good outdoor activities. Colorado Springs has just about everything you need. He just says that Denver has better clubs.
  2. Son has been there for 4 years when he is not deployed. Colorado Springs is growing rapidly only major drawbacks are the amount of homeless and hail storms.
  3. This Fuckin shit that you can't win a pennant in April. But you sure as Hell can lose one.
  4. I would take Yuli's declining bat over anything we have now. At least He could field his position.
  5. mbtex

    RIP Dickey Betts

    Only Jaimoe left. Sad day RIP Dickey hope your jamming with Duane again.
  6. I want to see them both DFA'd. and Loperfido and Leon brought up.
  7. Hard to believe and organization that finds so many diamonds in the rough keep trotting out Singleton and Abreu not to mention Maldonado last year.
  8. Sounds like Somalia all over again.
  9. 1. Miracle 2. Slap Shot 3. Bull Durham 4. Ford vs Ferrari 5. Bad News Bears (original) No particular order.
  10. I like the WHA Aeros uniforms better
  11. Looks like all 5 on board died. RIP Marines. Still brave young men risking their lives everyday.
  12. Son is about to head back over to Eastern Europe again.
  13. can never have to much pitching
  14. GO USA nice winning gold in their barn.
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