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  1. Ammo, it depends. Which caliber? Hunting, self defense, fmj? Factory load or reman? I use a few different places depending on what I’m hunting for... also I make the round at my lgs locales.
  2. Lol Polly and her son are still around. That dynamic changes but its always a focal point.
  3. I’m behind cause I stream but lol that was the first thing that I thought.
  4. I started my 8yo son off with building a 300blk pistol together. He helped put it together, clean and oil it up in prep to go hog hunting... eventually...
  5. Shouldn’t case be holding the camera?
  6. Were pleasantly surprised that onward was a good as it was. We expected it to be pretty bad.
  7. We started out pissed at these guys but ended up laughing at the end cause it was so blatant...
  8. Family video is still open and red boxes are busy in Mckinney. Ima say yeah blockbuster would be packed.
  9. No fighting, no fucking fighting! Now let’s go drink!
  10. http://www.knesekguns.com/commercial/product_info.php?cPath=479_62&products_id=2931 That’s about the only site I see that has it at least Listed as in-stock
  11. Roiland’s new show solar opposites also drops fully on Hulu this month. Don’t think it’s gonna be as great as R&M but it has potential to play that simpsons/family guy routine
  12. The cheats are wall hacks, aim bots, lag switching. Outside of that, the General PC hardware advantages provide much better frame rate and a bigger fov. Also it is easier to spoof the controller input so controller users are being matched with supposed controller user but then you see some guy snap so fast you know it’s a m&kb user. That can happen against console users but it isn’t as prevalent. Not to say every PC user is cheating, just mean it’s always been easier to cheat on a pc than it is a console.
  13. It’s weird, I’m listening to very little of the stream these days since I’m teleworking... I rarely miss any when I’m at work but doing this by telework makes it a pain. And I’ll forget, restart the stream a couple of hours later and then rinse repeat... Miss my daily doses of gordo
  14. I pick “Hide that you’re At” I am AT!
  15. Yeah there are quite a few good Hispanic actors that could play an older Ezra... hell I kinda thought benicio del toro might have been Ezra in the last Jedi before they made him have a weird lisp for some reason. Gael Garcia Bernal would also be a solid choice for an older Ezra. Wilmer would be a decent choice as well. All of them would have to work on losing the accent though. Agent Kallus could be played by leiv schreiber, he had the same beard when he played sabertooth
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