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  1. Mind if I make the change after the month end payout?
  2. Sure i can note that in the chat.
  3. I loved that part. It started humorous and ended properly regarding boys learning a lesson vs men’s livelihood when up against relegation
  4. Yeah only reason is ever heard of the Tulsa bombing was because I had a buddy from Tulsa and told me about it back in our UT days. As a “yeah well did you know” in the middle of some drunken uni-days history contest...
  5. Soo. I’m going to replace a lack of a deer feeder on the back half of my hunting grounds tomorrow. we didn’t get to depopulate the hogs as much as I had hoped we would this summer so the hog pipe just kinda kept them fed. Dumb me. It’s rolling plains Texas (Wilbarger co) but we had some decent deer all season, only took one buck and one doe. The 3 big bucks are still a round and so are a couple of smaller bucks we’ve seen in late spring. Here’s my question. Any of y’all put chicken wire around yalls feeders to keep the coons, hogs and squirrels from robbing the feeder blind? Seems to be a mixed bag from my searching online about knocking down the spread to more hassle than it’s worth to couldn’t live without it. I passed on the prebuilt spreader cage as most of what I read says the coons can easily reach through and still get the corn. I bought some 2” chicken wire mesh in prep but figured I’d hit y’all up before I spend the time and effort tomorrow after the drive out.
  6. I’ll probably be a candidate for twooey, I’m not very good and can’t get out of my own way. The shot guides you have have helped but I’m still pretty bad at timing etc.
  7. I missed that thread. Tell me/us your involvement! Love me some space stuff. Between F14s and space missions, it’s why I visited the Smithsonian Air & Space museum probably 10-15 times as a kid in the 80s.
  8. Yeah we were joking about listing our pre-orders on eBay for $500. With $1000 shipping
  9. Yeah both companies have to have a big Xmas, I’d imagine their stocks will be replenishing at the beginning of December for the present rush. Still don’t understand why these things don’t have presales for rounds 2,3,etc it would help combat the poachers/eBay exploiters and bots
  10. Hah that was my first thought, was BMW taking the GXP/GTO front fascia look
  11. Got mine through Xbox.com, the traffic load was a pita. Took probably 35-40 minutes of refreshing
  12. The wife and I were talking about that, they don’t really ever show gameplay so it might involve some sideline activity between Roy, Jaime and Lasso or it might be pre-game or halftime antics. Jaime still absolutely blames Lasso for his loan callback and Roy has really bought into Lasso’s mission. I could see Jaime losing his cool and picking up a red against lasso or Roy, giving Richmond a chance to avoid relegation.
  13. Lol I told my wife be hit’em with the “Inigo Montoya/Dread Pirate Roberts”
  14. Adding so I can stay up to date with the current thread. I’m ready for deer season.
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