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  1. Isn’t that from the 2nd cable box episode? Funny enough that’s my least favorite episode. Although I didn’t tell y’all anyone who disagrees is a Nazi fuck
  2. TNGHT II Very different from their 2012 album. Shits pretty type though. Love me some HudMo and Lunice
  3. Lol can’t watch ram/sheep videos without yelling “Cram!”
  4. Watched it last night. Thought it was a solid episode. Liked Rick announcing that it was gonna be a solo Rick adventure. Which presented a amusingly bad Morty and Jerry adventure, lol the threat of punching even had my wife chuckling under her breath.(she is a reluctant viewer of R&M but enjoys the show without admitting to me) Also after all the summer love in the last couple of seasons, it’s funny to see her annoying Rick to start this season. The episodes that dive into the family dynamics seem to rub some people the wrong way. Too bad. What I took away: Rick wants to always control the shots, who gets to be his friend and when that happens. Morty is becoming colder and isolated from his family and the threat of violence solves problems. Summer wants some to love, I guess. Beth is focused on being a mom now. Jerry desperately wants approval and even his heaven is to deliver water well... Over all middle of the road episode that did do a good job of showing another side of Rick’s self-hatred and depression and laser focus. Loved the QR code war sequence
  5. Lol my wife told me to stop geeking and be quiet as I’ve been “ohhh”ing and “ah-ha”ing through both episodes. So I have to sit there quietly and then we talk afterwards
  6. Yeah solid, the wife and I were listening while driving to lunch. She was confused for a while, didn’t believe me that Gordo was on the air live on a Sunday
  7. Xbox and Samsung TV are playing flawlessly. Although I don’t know if it’s like this normally but mine basically treats every show like I’ve never seen it and starts at the beginning every time. Xbox, Samsung tv, both fire sticks and my iPhone.
  8. Clone wars did it’s best to redeem Anakin from a whiny bitchass and show his struggles. Rebels did its best to redeem Vader from his “noooo” bullshit into a badass we all thought he was as little kids.
  9. Right remember even the empire brass attempted to shit talk Vader about his hokey religion, Tarkin believed that Vader was all that remained. Han jokes about the Force to Ben and Luke.
  10. That scene answered a question I always had about these armors that always had bandoliers around their shin. To see him kneeling and popping off shots reloading from that shin bandolier was pretty fucking dope.
  11. I really want a baby Yoda! Also when looking at the Devil’s Anus, I couldn’t help but think that’d be a better way to die than Boba falling into Hope Solo... Love this show, love this episode. I know a lot of people got the Indiana Jones vibe but I was vibing a stage coach, train c hase more than Indy. Also Mando really needs a comlink rangefinder like the Fetts and Sabine has, although him using his rifle scope like the old westerns has a throwback feel to it.
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