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  1. Maybe it died cause it knew more primary arms scopes were just announced at shot show
  2. Lol I’m close... I can have 1 or 3+... 2 drinks and I’m sleepy and/or feeling a hangover coming on.
  3. To be fair, that season was absolutely badass though. Vader was returned to badass-level in Rebels.
  4. Lol well closing weekend of the extended deer season was met with sloppy mud and crazy high wind We ended with a 3.5yo buck missing one rack and a spike. This massive badass survived the season and hopefully is breeding like crazy with all the doe in the area.
  5. Yeah my family has a bunch of land in Hutchins... whoohoo, can’t do anything there but sell it to someone wanting to put another warehouse near 45
  6. That’s slowly happening to my g-ma-in-law and her land. Basically her husband started buying up land in plainview, Vernon, Perryton and a few others I’m forgetting. She’s slowly been splitting up parcels here and there amongst some of her other family keeping only certain farm lands for her daughter(my MiL) and her 2 grandkids(my wife and SiL). So instead of having thousands of acres to hunt, I’ve got 300 in Vernon surrounded by wind farms. Been slowly trying to let her know, I’d like to keep the rest of the land with us rather than splitting it up with family that doesn’t do shit for her.
  7. Chevelle then Charger then any of the rest
  8. In legend/eu it was established that it was like a drain to use the force, using life force to use a different force ability. So battle meditation became a big thing to recharge themselves. I dont think Lucas ever made it canon but others have used some of it in their versions. And used it to explain why Qui Gon meditated where as Obi was pacing much like Maul, also to explain why Obi and Anakin were much more brash in their use of the force and consistently exhausting themselves prior to a big duel.
  9. You can find some gold on Hulu but you gotta search, also rated R Disney movies will be put in Hulu rather than Disney+. Like Deadpool etc
  10. He had some serious ptsd from his home invasion, he was still scared and tearful on the stand
  11. Lol the rant gave us al gore “yeah, yeah right!”
  12. Most people argue with themselves in the shower...
  13. Give Bad Radio an extra hour 12-4 and that cover most of my listening day minus my 2 hour check-out during Norm. Actually move the Musers up 6-11 and bad 1-5.
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