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  1. So what is the downside to cheating all the time as much as possible? Besides still not winning the actual trophy? I hope you non city fans are pulling for Madrid next month at least for 1 game.
  2. Liked it, solid covid isolation movie for us. Had a wtf moment at the end before they threw in the mid credits scene. I love me some Samberg and his antics. Liked this chick despite not knowing much about her. She kinda had a mouth/smile that resembles an old ex. I liked it. Lots of “I know that person” through out this movie. I liked the wrinkle thrown into the Groundhog Day/time loop scenario
  3. Finished S2 of Narcos, loved it. We watched ep1 of S3 and we decided to take a break and start Narcos Mexico. It was kinda weird seeing Pena work the Cali Cartel. Pena and Murphy spoke at one of our Agents ceremony a few years back at Jerryworld. This dude carry their torch in South America and is part of the reason the eastern district of Texas swings a big stick against the cartels. It’s weird seeing these peeps who made the DoJ famous and then meeting them in real life. When I worked Chicago, I got to meet the agent who was key for Operation Greylord up there. Before I left I worked family secrets and got to meet a few of the old school agents from that. It was pretty badass. Ok my cool starry bra is over
  4. LCD soundsystem is dope. Same with daft punk, they were the background soundtrack to some fun times at UT.
  5. Do you think when Mozart painted his first painting he thought it was a masterpiece?
  6. Yeah my new p365 is tight on the last round, it is much easier with the mag loader but holy farts the apx was 10x harder on 11-13 rds. But yeah the mini-double stack tightness makes sense. I’ve bought quite a few of these micro compact pistols to see which, if any, might replace my p2000 as my edc and so far the apx is out of the running, the G48 is kinda meh but it’ll probably stay in my safe. Just picked up my 365 so I haven’t really done anything with it yet.
  7. Holy crap I’ve never had a problem loading mags until one of my new pistolas... this little Beretta APX magazine is a bitch to get the last 3 rounds in... I had to stop and make sure they weren’t 10rd mags multiple times even using the mag loader it came with and another mag loader I have. My thumbs were numb afterwards the 3 times I’ve shot it. Honestly if it doesn’t get better that might be enough reason for me to sell/gift it to my pops or FiL...
  8. https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/250584
  9. Ordered probably 4 in the last 2 weeks from 2 online but local-ish gun stores. From 1 they sent me the 7-20 day notice of added wait times but both were ready and shipped within 3 days. I was happily surprised. The other had the 7-14 wait, after about 6 biz days I got an email that their distributor botched up my order on both pistols. 1 was just a color mixup which didn’t bother me but the other was the completely wrong pistol that I didn’t want... so I had them ship the one and refund the other. I’m sure someone would buy the wrong pistol that day. I’m contemplating maybe 1 more purchase this summer but I’m in a holding pattern for now.
  10. Speed 2020, stop fucking with her you little asshole!
  11. LMao I’ve had people for years like jokes at my old ass red wing hunting ropers in favor of their fancy hunting moccasin boots or whatever... and yet then it starts to rain and they complain that they can’t get these wet or else they’ll have to treat and yada yada yada... Meanwhile I’m shin deep in muck and my boots look the same as they did in 1997... And god forbid they have to hike in 800 yards from the front to our stands...
  12. I can’t tell but did he hit his car and try to leave? Bruh
  13. Lol the sleeping balancing act is greatness, she’s badass!
  14. Buy back clause or something maybe? Liked him but still a little tough to find room for him now
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