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  1. Holy shit the one about painting the robots black? He told that joke on air?!? Lmao damn!
  2. I was yelling at my radio to mention Art Briles. Lmao Dan was near perfect on that call though
  3. I’m not with arguing you, I was merely stating that term is very much already in use for something different
  4. So I think if red flag laws don’t get mixed with no-knock warrants and raids, things shouldn’t get too messy. But I don’t know how LEO isn’t going to push for the return of no-knocks if they are having to separate, say, a sovereign citizen from his firearms. I should clarify maybe not a true sovereign citizen but someone on that path
  5. Swatting is already a thing. In the gaming/online community threats have been called into police and raids caught on live mics and eventually live streams. I believe it’s turned deadly at least once.
  6. I like it, it’s not a great as WandaVision and I’m guessing Loki but it’s good for us. Zemo is fun! I like his role so far. Also like the White Wolf and Smiling Tiger. It’s better when they aren’t brooding and depressed but rather doing the Murtaugh and Riggs routine
  7. Not cheaper but I’d say just as good if not slightly better. But a nod to PA for having more versions like the 300blk/7.62x39 bdc version etc and the 7.62x39 lpvo from them is first focal plane. I have a 1-8 strike eagle and I’ve found that the 8x has a really narrow short eye relief/box vs any other magnification. But that’s on my ar10 pistol
  8. Crazy pace on that one. Madrid’s Mbappe is smazing
  9. So Valencia has a player potentially racially abused by Cadiz defender And LFC fans go off on social media racially towards Kieta and Alexander? Bad week
  10. Would not have predicted 3-1 Madrid going into this 2 hours ago
  11. Hala Madrid! And Varane tests positive for Covid... This is gonna be an ugly week to have neither CB1 nor CB2 for LFC - Barca - LFC
  12. And let’s be honest the Exelon plaza is not right next to the Dirksen Federal building when Ferris was singing
  13. Only good if you use fast hands, grip tape, angled foregrip and fly strap
  14. Lol exactly, I can almost see the finish line now that mine are 15 and 9... I’m like we’ll be down to 3 in the house on 3 years!!! And It’ll be just us 2 in 9ish years, almost there!!!
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