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  1. Wild! So if you don’t want Neverlusen to comeback just hit an amazing hatty and don’t give up any chances
  2. Fun movie. Wife and I both loved the original series, she wanted to go watch it for mother’s day. Even our 18 and 12yo liked it. Fun movie, gosling is funny. Aaron Taylor-Johnson doing McConaughey as space cowboy was pretty funny and accurate
  3. I know it’s basically dances with wolves in Japan but I still really like this movie
  4. lol ok I’ll unlock truly obnoxious speedtrucker on here. Just remember you asked for it.
  5. Nah it’s been over 24hrs, that’s old news.
  6. Sure, I mean just like every Chelsea fan can recite the Barca game, arsenal fans remember Van Persie getting sent off for a weak yellow in a semi. We all view the games through some tinted color. I concede that the ref screwed up by blowing the whistle. I haven’t heard a single pundit say that wasnt offside. But I admit I stick to American/spanish soccer sites more than German or even Brits. I’ve been on my normal soccer sites enjoying the Barca tears though.
  7. It’s a deliberate play on the ball, as per the rules in that build up he calls for it, he makes 4-5 strides for the ball in the air. Rudiger sees him running and then dropping into space where Rudiger then stops and changes direction with him and begins to cover him. If he stops when the ball goes up, rudi stays with Maz. That’s deliberate play on the ball from an offside position. If he had stopped when the cross was made and then the header back to muller and then to him. It’s good. But it is what it is.
  8. Correct outcome, bad job by the AR and ref there. Deligt looked offside by his head, shoulder and leg. He didn’t stop playing, he continued his run and then dropped into a pocket waiting on a pass. That’s offsides. If he stops and stands there as that early cross came in, more argument could be made. In the end, that shoulda been allowed to play out half the Madrid defenders wouldn’t have quit on the whistle and if it still was scored VAR is allowed to do its job post-goal. Just like Joselu’s first goal. Also I didn’t comment yesterday but the subs both Manc and Bayern made at the end of both matchups have been head scratching. Madrid subs more def and attack even when trailing but both were content to remove all attack and try and sit on narrow leads against Madrid in a knockout game in champions league.
  9. I just know most of yall are epl fans or most root against Madrid for obvious reasons. I’m not too big on stirring the pot except when Barca is involved. I can be more present and be a real evil empire type of ass here if yall would like. lol
  10. Hah I’ve been a fan since I was forced to watch soccer in the early mornings. I’m the only remaining original shaggy poster. Don’t know whatever happened to jnip but he was also a manc fan so meh And I should add a lot of times I’m streaming the game on my phone so I just post at the start/half or end of a win.
  11. Where magic happens daily! Hala Madrid!!!
  12. Aids Paids Lemon Squeezie ?
  13. #2 was the old joke about Austin traffic back in the 90s…
  14. Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? I've seen those English dramas too, they're cruel
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