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  1. They’ve shown her light saber/bokken closet a few times already. Huyang looks to have kept them through his years post purge. Along with the marksman training remotes
  2. I think they have been alluding to some kind of relationship building between Bear and Jackie. Bev could see the snag coming when they were working together at the IHS. Rita references it when she is is leaving town and they both kinda shy away from each other.
  3. I like that. He could an anthology style series of different groups, families etc and I’d be down with that
  4. Lol I love that the Star Wars nerds have labeled Chop as the most dangerous droid. He has roughly 50,019 kills, and he’s tried to kill Ezra twice in season 1 of rebels. So yeah his lounge was absolutely with bad intentions!
  5. Yeah solid little story. A funeral along with the explanation that we don’t die, we live on through everyone’s lasting experiences and reflections. Bringing everyone back to complete the circles. Sucks that the ride is over, really hope Harjo has some new stories to tell ASAP
  6. Gotta be hit list, since he is a merc. Poor little Ben Solo already being hunted and he’s so young
  7. Hah not surprised. I am bummed though, I just watched this movie again a couple of weeks ago. My favorite lines: It’s coming… It’s coming?!? It’s not even breathing hard… If you think that by threatening me, you can make me your slave… we’ll, that’s where you’re right!
  8. Ezra all peaceful and not a frustrated teenager anymore is killing me! You got work to do homie. That’s a lot of storm trooper dog tags in your armor, get to laser swording! Even if you weren’t a great swordsman. But him completely force-stopping Shin’s strike was pretty fucking badass.
  9. There were quite a few videos that popped up during the winter, guys melting snow to clear their driveways with one
  10. Yeah because of the mortis and WBW threads. Abeloth reaching out to Baylan would bring it back to Ahsoka as the daughter and Anakin as the son, since the father is dead.
  11. Right, Filoni has been consistently adding more and more cultural lore. It’s always had the ronin samurai feel, he’s brought Nordic, Wild West, Roman Legonary, etc. I don’t think Filoni puts anything into his stories without intention.
  12. Thrawn and Vader were tested by Palp. They both knew they both knew and were begrudging allies. Thrawn was a master tactician and met Anakin before he joined the empire, he aided Anakin. Later Palp test them and they don’t kill each other, it weakens their “control” but makes Palps that much more in control. Your understanding is pretty close
  13. Jude is a midfielder that plays like a poacher. Man he has far exceeded what I was expecting when we signed him.
  14. Yeah villain wasn’t the right title. He does seem conflicted even past new republic and empire, he has problems with the Jedi Order and at least a fear/serious doubt about witch magic.
  15. So we all on board that the night troopers were loading nightsister caskets for another army of NS zombies or magic that will eventually make its way to exogol for the cloning-revival of EP
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