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  1. williams is devoid of baseball instincts
  2. Every QB transfers to Utah
  3. just a few to get to started: 1. In quantum mechanics time is a classical background parameter and the flow of time is universal and absolute. In general relativity time is one component of four-dimensional spacetime, and the flow of time changes depending on the curvature of spacetime and the spacetime trajectory of the observer. How can these two concepts of time be reconciled? 2. Is there a theory which explains the values of all fundamental physical constants, i.e., of all coupling constants, all elementary particle masses and all mixing angles of elementary particles? 3. Wh
  4. Really appreciate your efforts, that was great.
  5. thanks for the stream!!! for those of us out of state, please keep all LHN broadcast coming.
  6. is there a link when I click to join it says i'm already a discord member and i end up here
  7. I has confusion. where the fuck is the game broadcast. I'm on the discord server now what
  8. in her case years of eating a second dessert. she's still young, just fat. there are women twice her age i'd hit before her
  9. you add 30 lbs and that will happen
  10. meanwhile UCLA up 60-34 and Shaka is still employed
  11. Just checking in, is Shaka still employed?
  12. what so impressive is the double lip. Valtrex coach, it'll be gone in 2 days, just a phone call away
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