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  1. So, looking like a start in the mid-50s and humid. Not ideal, but I'm just doing the half, so that should be fine. I've kind of come to expect that the weather will always be subpar for Austin Marathon day.
  2. I'm no expert on tris, but there are some that post on here. But for a 70.3, I would definitely want to be training on and using my own bike for the race. You're going to be in the saddle a lot throughout training, and you want to make sure you have a bike you're comfortable with.
  3. Ran the California International Marathon today in a 3:01:49 which was good enough for a BQ with an 8 minute cushion. Super pleased with the results as the conditions were a little warm and humid. I started out a little conservative but got aggressive on the back half and had enough left in the tank to close.
  4. I've got tickets for a Group D match in Glasgow - Croatia vs. the playoff winner (Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Israel) and tickets for a Round of 16 match in Blibao featuring the Group B winner - really hoping it's the Red Devils.
  5. I like the draw. It feels good to be in a position again of just having to take care of business at home to get to Pittsburgh.
  6. I'm terribly sorry for your loss @troph. What a beautiful tribute you penned above. He was lucky to have friends like you in his life and a caring spouse and extended family of friends that will dearly miss him.
  7. A friend of mine competed in Waco - he actually ran with me last year to train for a marathon but then decided to give the tri season a whirl. Finished 2nd in his age group and qualified for the 70.3 World Championship in New Zealand next November. Not bad for his rookie tri season.
  8. Well, this was the first time I trained through all of summer, and the work really paid off. I posted a 1:25:57 at the Hill Country Half Marathon on Saturday which earned me a 2nd overall male finish. I had a goal of 1:31, but the conditions were favorable, so I just went after it starting at mile 2 and got locked in to a good pace. I feel really encouraged with the results heading into my marathon in early December.
  9. With my apologies to a couple great Kansas teams, this feels like the biggest conference game since Nebraska was in the conference.
  10. Houston is set up beautifully for a PR. It just depends on the weather. I ran it this past January and PRed by a significant margin thanks in part to early morning temps of mid 40s. The course is as flat as can be - I think there's one small climb at mile 12. Some people complain about the rolling hills through Memorial Park in the last few miles, but I honestly didn't notice any memorable elevation changes. It may just be that even small hills feel painful on fatigued legs that late in the race.
  11. Think I found your results and if so, well done!! I can't imagine what it's like to compete at Kailua-Kona among the titans of your sport. It's a hell of an accomplishment to just make it there, but to post times like you did is incredible.
  12. Found a Deadspin link talking about the Doha marathon and was reading through the comments section when I stumbled upon this short documentary about the 1904 St. Louis Olympics marathon. Wow.
  13. I'm so over this heat. I check the extended forecast first thing every morning, and it's a beating. Just give me something below 70 to look forward to if it's 10 days from now.
  14. The Senate, Electoral College and gerrymandering have allowed for the tyranny of the minority.
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