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  1. The Witcher was good because the writers were aware of just how ridiculous it was. I hope the Fallout writers embrace that.
  2. Sessions and Trump ain't exactly trading christmas cards these days.
  3. Yeah, but do a Twitter search for "Maxwell Berman", its out there.
  4. I believe the charges are out of SDNY and Berman (the former US Attorney for SDNY) was fired a few weeks ago. The left is going to come out saying Barr is playing interference for Trump, the right is going to say Berman was running interference for the Clinton's. Could just be a total coincidence.
  5. Why in the world would she return to the US?
  6. Yep, dont slice it all, cut into portion size chunks, refrigerate overnight, vacuum seal and freeze. Easily reheated in hot water and it holds up very well.
  7. Went with Burnley; had a great scoring chance just now.
  8. Hey, EPL Bros, I gotta scratch the itch today, anyone have thoughts on this game? Crystal Palace +141 Burnley +210 DRAW +250
  9. Flores BBQ gets passed around like a drunk freshman at a frat party. Is this location #5?
  10. https://neilsperry.com/2019/05/st-augustine-diagnostics-2/ Try the TARR treatment?
  11. I had a rib roast I made over Easter weekend come out inexplicably the same way. Used the same serious eats reverse sear method I had used several times before to perfect results.
  12. You got a pic? I have had this problem before with a smaller pipe, you can put 90 degree elbows on the 2 ends of the cut pipe, aiming them up as much as you can, then drop in your new pipe (also with elbows on the end) running along side sort of like a splint. Any more digging would be parallel to the big pipe. You could also do the same thing with the 3/4 line giving you more room to play with the bigger one.
  13. That's the kind of fun the whole family can enjoy.
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