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  1. First career TD pass, didn't have one last week.
  2. That was a real "Welcome to the NFL” moment
  3. Me and SS posted at the same time, post on the other thread pls.
  4. Any of you boys got a steam? F U-verse.
  5. Dr Fear

    2020 MLB thread

    I just threw on the A's @ Mariners Game 1, it is noticeably hazy inside the stadium and the roof is closed.
  6. A lighthearted, whimsical affair!
  7. Trailer drops in 15 minutes (i could have my time zones off)
  8. It was the Horseman back in the day, at some point later it was Guitar's and Cadillac's and now I believe it is shut down.
  9. Angels are a road favorite with this pitching match-up.
  10. Which 2nd baseman are we getting with the 1st overall pick?
  11. Pretty sure the last time I was there I was meeting up with mutual friend EC.
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