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  1. The guys that backed Uncle Daddys and have the lease/equipment at that spot (not Rodney) need to keep something in there so I would guess Billy will have some flexibility unless it completely crashes.
  2. Who is the ad wizard that came up with "Now's our time to shine" lol
  3. If I were negotiating leases right now, I would start putting in shut in clauses based on the price of oil.
  4. Any recent BLM Lease has a 10 year term, so they can just sit this out depending on the makeup on their drilling units. I just looked at a few older BLM leases that are in the secondary term and none of them provided for shut in except for re-work, maintenance etc. The BLM owns the vast majority of Wolfcamp interests in southern Eddy and Lea County, NM.
  5. I know you have a Galaxy, found this little scroll trick last week, there is a down arrow that pops up at the bottom when you take a screenshot.
  6. Got there at 1215 last week and they had already sold out, gonna try again tomorrow.
  7. Anyone have a good banana pudding recipe (to be served cold)? I tried an internet recipie a few months ago and it was a total disaster.
  8. I would bet through all the emergency declarations that Trump can still do it by executive order through the DOE. The announcement last week didn't have any legislative component.
  9. Icahn now has 3 board seats.
  10. So, along with physical gold, we should be buying physical oil?
  11. $11.5 dead cap, I think they can spread that over 20 and 21. Was due $7 million this year.
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