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  1. Plexiglass on the 1st row is being removed BTW.
  2. +130, back to low 400s in losses.
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HFqFehy5ZbQv7TYmxBN-IoZDb8BJf-Kf44Hbkj9gykM/edit?usp=drivesdk
  4. Just curious, what are their ages and what type of jobs did they move to?
  5. Unless we are talking about the Waffle House, servers are generally younger and certainly a very small part of covid deaths.
  6. Then why does virtually no one in the US do this if it is so simple?
  7. I believe servers still make half minimum wage hourly plus tips, so overhead is not an issue with them. No CR, but some have argued that the expanded unemployment benefits have resulted in people staying home instead of trying to find a job.
  8. What's you method on the rib roast?
  9. That 1884 Washington Statesman team couldn't hit for shit!
  10. My buddy last week got one of these who left a "I will find you" if you call again message Liam Neeson style.
  11. They will be very active in the undrafted free agent market [emoji23]
  12. Texans trade 3 picks to move up and draft a WR. How many picks are they actually going the make in this draft? 3 ? 4 ?
  13. Acho doing Lexus commercials now.
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