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  1. Anyone have recommendations for holiday gift baskets? My partner always sends out Harry & David so I'd like to go with something different, but google hasn't turned up any obvious winners. I'm thinking something food related but I don't want to send someone a basket of food if it isn't actually good quality. The same company that owns Harry & David also has other brands. The most appealing of those is Wolferman's Bakery but I have no idea about their quality. Other options would be Williams Sonoma or Central Market.
  2. Didn’t they invest a ton of money in that location? Insane to be closed in under 3 months. Wife and I went when it first opened. She liked it a lot. I thought it was okay. It can’t be a good thing for potential FW bar and restaurant investors to see a place like that close so quickly.
  3. I was disappointed to see he’s in this. He’s a bad actor and made Altered Carbon unwatchable for me.
  4. We usually make our noodles from 00 flour. Hot fresh nudes we call them. That’s how we were taught to do it in Italy. We most often make fresh red sauce with pancetta, or pesto with chicken, or carbonara with pancetta. Not super healthy but it is super tasty. This is a Sunday night ritual for us. If we make too much then we may eat it again on Monday. So pasta 1-2 nights a week for us unless we also eat out somewhere Friday or Saturday night and order pasta, which isn’t really that common since local restaurants don’t do it as well. I’m 6’2” 180 lb. Wife is 5’7” 130 lbs. I’m not concerned about our pasta routine.
  5. I've never liked the business side of sports at any level. I realize that college athletics are a huge business and that athletes should get a cut of the profit, but I guess in my perfect little fantasy land I wish that college athletics were not as big of a business. I'd like to see college players be student-athletes rather than semi-pro players. There needs to be a separate pathway (i.e. minor league baseball) for guys who are ready to monetize themselves. And for the argument that coaches and administrators are making millions, I wish that would be capped as well. It's ridiculous to pay Charlie Strong or Tom Herman millions to lose football games while we have Nobel Prize winning faculty who earn far less. I realize that will probably never happen. The NFL has no incentive to create a minor league when they can allow the NCAA to do that for them. The possibility of a 3rd party minor league football organization is also slim because there is too much established competition with the NCAA and NFL. So we're stuck with what we have, but that doesn't mean I have to like it and I'm not crazy about college athletes getting paid because it's one more step in the wrong direction.
  6. I'm highly conflicted on this. On the one hand, I agree that athlete should get paid whatever they are worth for their involvement in the sport. NCAA sports make a ton of money and it's a bit ridiculous that they don't get a cut of that. On the other hand, I've always felt they do get paid in the form of acceptance into the university, coaching, training, and a stage on which to audition for the NFL. Some would argue that is chump change compared to their actual value. Perhaps that's true, but schools like UT relax their academic admissions standards to get these players onto the football team, and there's a huge value that comes with that. Other college applicants with much better credentials are turned away from an institution that has the primary purpose of academics. If a player is getting ushered through the VIP door when their academic ability is marginal, then that's a priceless benefit. If they aren't happy with that, their alternative is to not play college sports. I don't know exactly how to reconcile those feelings. A part of me wants schools to be forced to hold athletes to the same admissions standards as the rest of the student body. That would obviously hurt a school like UT. That same part of me wants athletic scholarships to be eliminated or completely restricted, forcing the athletes to pay their own way or earn an academic scholarship, just like 99% of the rest of the student body. The trade off being that the truly good athletes can get paid on their own from jersey sales and endorsements, but no more free tuition and board for these guys just on the basis of playing football. At the end of the day I think the connection between NCAA sports and college universities is incredibly tenuous and the most reasonable thing is to sever those ties completely. Although that completely destroys any college sports fan's emotional investment in the game, and none of us would be happy with that outcome. Expand the minor league systems. Let the universities build new programs from the ground up but restrict the salaries of ADs, coaches, etc. Come up with some structure for TV contracts and merchandise sales in a way that attempts to funnel money back into the respective schools for the sake of academics, research, etc. You would lose a lot of the elite athletes but I would rather watch a squad of less talented players who actually want to be a student-athlete at UT. I think that would be more fun than a land of free agency where everyone is merely using college football as a prep league, and someone will switch from Bama to OU if the Big Red Sports Imports offers a lucrative endorsement.
  7. I would eat past 4-5 nights a week except I don't want the wife to get fat, so we limit it to about 2 nights a week.
  8. I compared to similar cars that were slightly different. Most dealerships are selling 2020 4Runners for MSRP or very close to it. This particular car was ~$3k below MSRP and this dealership in San Antonio had multiple other 4Runners that were priced similarly. They seem to be an outlier in a good way. I kept thinking there would be a catch but there wasn't. Brand new car delivered to my house 4.5 hours away, no surprises, no funny business.
  9. His deep ball is terrible. Not just today but for a long time. Maybe it worked when LJH and CJ were opposite each other because one of them could be one on one and grab the ball, but now he is simply throwing prayers into double coverage, or underthrowing receivers who would otherwise beat their coverage. It’s frustrating to have Duvernay and Johnson but we can rarely execute a deep pass.
  10. 1. Collin not Colin 2. Limas not Linus 3. Sam underthrows the deep ball 70% of the time
  11. This is my second post in this thread. Derka was right during the Maryland game. Sam is average at best. I’d love to eat crow in a year.
  12. Shelby’s pathology came through yesterday - hemangiosarcoma, not what we wanted. They say it has usually metastasized by the time symptoms and surgery occur and the surgeon saw suspicious spots in her abdomen. The long term prognosis is poor, usually 1-2 months without treatment, possibly 6-9 months with chemo. I’ve read some veterinary literature that says quality of life is typically good while on chemo so we’re going to see an oncologist on Monday. In the meantime, she has recovered well from the surgery and seems fairly chipper around the house. We had to take it easy for 2 weeks, but given the diagnosis and prognosis, I think we’re gonna ease her back into neighborhood walks. And lots of hugs, pets, treats, eggs, chicken, etc. Maybe a visit to Mutts.
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