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  1. Watched this over the past week and really enjoyed it. Great timing to finish last night with S2 starting today. Somewhere upthread I was critical of Joel Kinnaman but he’s actually decent in this. Ed wasn’t necessarily my favorite character, but I think he played the part well. I loved the scenes on the moon, especially the stand off with the Soviet cosmonaut. Lots of great tension. My only minor gripe is that some of the NASA scenes at Mission Control seemed a bit unrealistic for the sake of TV drama. For instance, I don’t think that during the intensity of trying to sync Apollo 25 with E
  2. Stupid newb question time... Last week was my initial deposit. I got 400 tickets and assigned 300 to the Surly pool and kept 100 individual. When I look back at the results, I won $0.90 based on 9 tickets that won $0.10 each. I take it based on the breakdown that each of these were my individual tickets and none of them came from the Surly pool? Is that because the Surly pool didn’t win anything (seems unlikely for a pool that had over 5,000 tickets to win nothing and my individual tickets to win 9 times) or because I entered the pool mid-week and that means I didn’t get a cut of that week
  3. That assumes that doses are not spoiled by lack of refrigeration during the power outages. It would be nice if major cities could implement regional collection efforts to round up vaccines that are at risk and move them to hospitals or wherever. Maybe that’s already happening or maybe refrigeration failure isn’t actually a problem right now.
  4. I'm curious what effect this winter storm is having on vaccine efforts. Hopefully there aren't a lot of doses going to waste due to interruptions in supply change, storage, clinic schedules, etc.
  5. Also in 76107, lost power for ~2 hours overnight, everything is good since then. Has anyone been out? What are the main city streets looking like around town?
  6. We binged this over the past week and loved it. I was skeptical about watching it for a long time but it had overwhelmingly positive reviews and it lived up to the hype. All of the characters are great but I particularly loved Nate, Roy Kent, and Beard. It’s also a much needed breath of fresh air with its general positive and uplifting tone.
  7. Does anyone know if the U.S. is still requiring a 14 day quarantine for people returning from international travel? I remember that being discussed in early January but now I don’t see it anywhere. It seems like they dropped it and replaced it with the requirement to test prior to re-entry. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/after-travel-precautions.html https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/covid-19-information.html I’m considering a long weekend in Mexico (probably Tulum) next month. I’m fully vaccinated and I’m not worried about the testing part,
  8. I signed up and joined the pool. Is there any reason not to allocate all of my tickets to the pool? Just hold a small percentage back to give myself a slim chance of winning a good prize solo?
  9. I can't remember the last time I saw a rebel flag on a truck, maybe once every year or two? Yet here you are seeing multiple rebel flag stickers on trucks in parking lots of churches you don't even attend. Do you get bored on a Sunday morning and go out looking for something to be angry about? You're so full of shit and you know it. Just own it and bow out of the thread. I'm leaving as well because I have much better things to do than argue with you about whether or not your perceived enemies are actually justifiable enemies.
  10. It appears that you have labeled a large group of people who you don’t actually know as being racist. I guess your basis for this claim is that they identify as cowboys, or country folk, or merely that they are different from you and therefore must be less woke and more evil. If you have some factual basis for your accusations then let’s hear it. Otherwise you are just making up stereotypes to help fill the world with fake enemies for yourself to look down upon. I have never been to a cowboy church, don’t drive a truck, don’t own a cowboy hat. I don’t care about them but it irks me to watch
  11. Here now. The snow is great. Had 6” fresh powder the first day and did some great hike-to runs in Black Iron Bowl. We’re doing après ski in our hot tub, which is amazing when the snow is falling on you. Had carry out Brown Dog and dine-in Floradora. Fully vaxxed. Snow is coming down - tomorrow will be fun.
  12. Perhaps Leto wasn’t the killer, but he’s a textbook example of play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Maybe not a great idea to tell a cop you know where a missing girl can be found, then have that cop go out into the boonies with you in the middle of the night, then ask that cop to start digging holes while you taunt him about his children. All the while, impeding an investigation into actual murders and an actual missing girl. If there are people in real life that pull that shit, they deserve whatever comes their way. It’s basically suicide by cop. Everyone loses.
  13. I liked Dunkirk. Not my favorite movie ever but it was far from dogshit. It got an 81% audience score on RT and an 8.3 user rating on Metacritic. It won 3 Oscars. It’s fine to not like it, but recognize that you have a minority opinion there, and not some universally accepted truth.
  14. 60 Minutes had a segment on this topic last night. The full piece is at this link: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/at-home-genealogy-testing-risks-60-minutes-2021-01-31/ The 60 Minutes Overtime piece from Youtube is here: Edit to add - The same episode had quite a bit of discussion regarding Chinese collection of American DNA and mentioned that many of these American companies have Chinese investors. Pretty concerning where this is headed.
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