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  1. Just watched the finale and very underwhelmed. I would say it's somewhere between a mediocre and bad show. Maybe it worked better in book format. SPOILERS BELOW (anyone reading the thread at this point should expect that) Masha was not an impressive character. They initially built her up to be some kind of a psychiatric guru, but she was simply a grieving person who was trying to use psychedelics to connect with a dead loved one. And she was microdosing her wellness retreat guests without their knowledge, which felt like a "that's it?" kind of reveal. I expected her to have some kind of amazing people skills or healing abilities and she never really displayed that. She seemed frantic and out of control most of the time. Ben and Jessica were pointless. No depth to their characters. HBO would've at least used them for eye candy but Hulu didn't even pull that off well. The rest of the characters were cliché in every imaginable way. I'm surprised Nicole Kidman agreed to make this.
  2. Central Marker is fine except for the people clogging up aisles part. Don’t go on a weekend.
  3. You might go ahead and tell Zuckerberg to shut down Insta. There definitely is not a market for watching hot girls in their 20s doing hot girl things, especially considering some people in their 20s have student loans. Really a dumb app idea when you think about it that way.
  4. Cool story bro time… Wife and I were in Cinque Terre in 2011 for several nights. We stayed in a 3 room B&B in the Monterosso old town, owned by a guy named Francesco, where his Italian mother cooked breakfast each day. Great little place. Anyways, one day we set out on the hike towards Vernazza. We had breakfast in Monterosso, then a stop in Vernazza for wine and focaccia. Sat by the water and sunbathed on that outcropping. Then we headed on towards Corniglia. The trail from Vernazza to Corniglia was noticeably less crowded. There were still a few people but not many. Eventually someone who spoke English told us it was technically closed. Oops. Oh well, it was important for us to keep hiking because I had been informed of a secret nude beach along this stretch. Wife was skeptical but she was wined up so the world was our oyster. We eventually saw a rock on the ground the size of a baseball that said “Spiaggia” written in sharpie with an arrow pointing down towards the water. At this point the water was ~100 feet below us on a steep coastline. We of course trusted the magic rock and veered off on a tiny side path. It snaked down and at one point required us to crawl under a thorn bush tunnel thing. I slid on the rocks and scraped my hands. Worth it if we could only find the damn nude beach. We dumped out onto a wider gravel path closer to the water. I realized our chances of returning to the original trail were slim and we had no phone service. My wife would possibly kill me once her buzz wore off. Luckily I had 3 more bottles of wine in my backpack to buy me some time. A naked man walked down the path. No shoes or bag or anything. Just naked. “Ciao.” “Ciao.” Okay, so should we follow him or go the opposite way? While debating our options and somewhat regretting our choices, a group of 4 people came down the path. One of them said “Have y’all seen the beach?” I responded “Y’all? Who says y’all in Italy? Where are y’all from?” Turns out they were Texans, from Austin, 3 of them UT grads. So that made 5 UT grads walking down the same gravel path in Cinque Terre, looking for the same secret nude beach. We collectively decided to follow in the direction of the naked guy and we acquired a Canadian couple along the way. Well we find the beach and it was a picturesque stone beach with choppy water. There were 3 naked Italian men but no one else was there. The stones made a cool crackling sound as the waves kicked them up and dropped them back down. I swam a bit. The Canadian guy tried to swim and almost drowned but didn’t. The ladies went topless. We drank all the wine. Life was perfect for an afternoon. Eventually it was time to leave and we all headed towards Corniglia. According to the Canadian couple, the gravel path led to an abandoned train tunnel that could take you straight into town. Great, so no scaling up the cliffs to the hiking trail. Problem was that the train tunnel was dark and the Canadian couple had passed through the first time with a flashlight that was now dead. Turns out I had an iPhone 4? that was the only light source in our group of 8 people. So we all set out through the tunnel using my iPhone (I think it was just the screen light before flashlight mode was available) as our guide. It was about 3/4 mile long if I had to guess. About half way through, the phone died. So now it was pitch dark and you couldn’t see light at either end. We kept walking with one hand against the wall, feeling along the ground and holding each other’s backs to keep from falling. Then we heard a train coming. We thought this tunnel was abandoned?! The earth around us started shaking and we could see a light approaching. We all flattened ourselves against the wall and waited to get crushed. The train flew past in an adjacent tunnel that had some openings into our tunnel so we could see through. Whew, we avoided death. We made our way to the end of the tunnel through the dark. We said our goodbyes and the wife and I hopped a train to Riomaggiore (the trails were closed) where we had some bruschetta and wine at Pie de Ma. That’s a can’t miss place if you’re ever there. Stunning views of the Mediterranean. Later that year, flooding and mudslides destroyed parts of Cinque Terre, especially Vernazza. The towns recovered but the trails were forever changed. We returned in 2017 and spent 4 days in Monterosso, which is one of the best places on Earth to laze the day away, drinking wine and limoncello, eating gelato and trofie al pesto. Just typing this is making me want to book a flight. Maybe I’ll surprise her in the morning. But the trails to the beach are permanently closed from the floods and the abandoned train tunnel was apparently blocked off. We searched it out on our last trip and it was a no-go. Hopefully one day that will be accessible again.
  5. We live in a world where a medical face mask is divisive. If we get rid of everything that a portion of the population objects to, we wouldn’t have much left.
  6. With all due respect to your daughter who you are rightfully proud of, there are many elements to this debate that go beyond simply the feelings of the current student body, hence the need for a multicultural and multidisciplinary committee to analyze the situation and publish a formal report. If you discredit the outcome of the report on the basis of your daughter’s feelings and the feelings of her friends, then you are discrediting the integrity and validity of the committee, and by extension, The University of Texas who chose them. In which case, what was the point of having the committee? What is the point of ever attempting to solve a complex social problem in this very reasonable manner?
  7. Anyone been to the stockyards to check out the Yellowstone set? Can you actually see the set or is it fenced off?
  8. I’m having a hard time processing SB 8. Can someone explain all of this to me like I’m 5? Just to recap my very limited understanding, which is probably flawed: pre-1973 - Abortion illegal in Texas 1973 Roe v. Wade - It is unconstitutional to have a total ban on abortion. Women have the right to choose in the first trimester but restrictions can be made for the second trimester. 1973-present - Conservative states implement measures to make abortion more difficult, i.e. needing an ultrasound first, but never anything that directly violates Roe v. Wade. 2021 SB 8 - Private citizens deputized to sue any person who has an abortion or anyone who aids and abets an abortion after 6 weeks. This can happen an unlimited number of times to the tune of $10k a pop. Time will tell if these lawsuits will be successful, but the threat of extreme legal repercussions will likely be a deterrent to anyone performing an abortion moving forward. What I don’t understand is this… 1. How can the State of Texas allow (encourage?) anyone to sue someone else for an action that is already protected by a U.S. Supreme Court decision? It’s like saying “Alright, we agree that Brown vs. Board of Education ruled that racial segregation in schools is unconstitutional, so we’re not going to pass a law to authorize segregation per se, but we’re going to pass a law to allow random people to sue anyone involved with black people attending a white school.” I don’t understand the basis for being able to sue someone for something that isn’t illegal in the first place. 2. If this can be done to effectively eliminate Roe v. Wade, then can’t it be used for any state to invalidate almost any SCOTUS decision the state disagrees with? What’s the power of the SCOTUS then? 3. What stops states from using this tactic to pass other absurd laws to target groups of people or prohibit activities they don’t agree with? Conservative states could do the same thing to prohibit gay marriage or eliminate healthcare for transgender people. Liberal states could allow citizens to sue each other for having a handgun. Chaos ensues? 4. Is there any legal precedent to deputizing private citizens to sue each other for the sake of enforcing a “law”, however sensible or irrational that law may be? 5. Is there any legal precedent to allowing one person to sue another person for an action that did not directly harm the plaintiff? Sorry for the long post and for asking questions that have likely been hashed out somewhere in this thread. I’ve been trying to read and understand this but my pea brain is failing me on this topic and I need help.
  9. Been watching it. Not great, not terrible. Nicole Kidman’s Russian accent is distracting. Most of the other characters seem pretty cliche. The premise has me thinking “That’s it?” so far, but I’ll see how the rest of the plot unfolds.
  10. Headed back in December. It will be our 4th trip since Covid started. The curfew is going away but they are implementing a health pass to take its place. Fine by me.
  11. I’ll do you a favor and message you if it gets better so you don’t have to keep checking this thread.
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