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  1. Not sure what it says about me but I agree with about half the comments there. The quarantines feel like a joke if we allow 80% of businesses to continue operating as an essential business. I live in FW which has been “stay at home” since Tuesday and my neighborhood golf course had tons of golfers out today. Seriously, golf is acceptable right now but as an ophthalmologist I can’t see my patients. Went to Central Market to get groceries and it was packed with people. No one even cared about maintaining any kind of radius. Really frustrating to have these half measures in place because they seem mostly ineffective. Either lock it all down or admit defeat and let the virus do what it’s gonna do.
  2. There have apparently been problems with immune enhancement with previous vaccine attempts with other coronaviruses. The vaccine makes the infection worse for people who get it. So a lot of people keep wanting them to rush out a vaccine even if it’s only 70% effective because a mediocre vaccine beats no vaccine, but the reality is that a bad vaccine has the potential to make the problem worse. We can’t risk injecting most of the country with a vaccine that makes things worse.
  3. I haven't been paying attention to numbers that much the last few days, but it looks like Italy's numbers (daily new cases and daily deaths) have started to level off a bit. Hopefully that's good news. I'm not sure how you get from the point Italy is currently at to the point China and South Korea are currently at. More time locked down?
  4. Did anyone in your family actually get tested? Just curious because I’ve seen lots of people claiming to have it without a test, which gets a little confusing.
  5. I’m gradually shifting towards this line of thinking. Social distancing and stay-at-home are great in theory but terrible in practice because a large portion of the population isn’t playing along. Let’s see.... DFW shuts down but lots of surrounding rural counties refuse to issue similar orders because “they don’t have cases” (their cases haven’t been tested or diagnosed). So in 2-3 weeks they get overwhelmed with cases and their hospitals are full and they want to transfer to DFW hospitals which are already full, despite DFW citizens quarantining for weeks prior. Then what? Fuck those other counties that selfishly think they aren’t affected currently. Get on board now. Not only that, counties issue SIP or stay-at-home orders but 80% of businesses find loopholes to deem themselves essential because greed. Car dealerships? Oil and gas? Residential construction? Give me a break. It should be healthcare, police, fire, utilities. I don’t care if a car doesn’t get sold or a house isn’t built on time. Those people will survive for a while without it. And certain everyday citizens apparently don’t think these orders apply to them. We walked our dogs today and see people around the neighborhood standing in front yards socializing. People seem to think it’s okay for their kids to play with other kids because their friends don’t look sick or what? They are still oblivious to the asymptomatic yet contagious incubation period? They think it’s okay in small groups because apparently COVID-19 only spreads amongst big groups? WTF people. There’s just too much selfishness in American society for this to work. Too many people seem to find ways to justify their own exemption. These half measures punish the cities, businesses, or individuals that are complying without any ramifications for those who don’t. Then we all pay the price together. If we’re gonna quarantine let’s all do it together. If we can’t do that then maybe we just tell high risk people to stay at home and everyone else do their normal thing. I realize many high risk people will still be exposed but I also think that’s on the individual at a certain point just like every other health decision that we leave up to the individual. Not trying to be callous and I definitely don’t know the right path here, just frustrated at the lack of coordination and agreement at all levels on this. There is a significant cost associated with stay-at-home orders and that cost is being paid unequally at the moment. Even if it is paid equally, the eventual damage to the economy, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, physical health, and mental health of our society may very well outweigh whatever lives are saved by ongoing quarantine measures.
  6. Yeah I’d like to see some stats if anything is published. I’m asking because all of the panic over people dying for lack of ventilators, but maybe most of those people are just dying earlier for lack of ventilators. Not saying we shouldn’t be doing everything possible to increase ICU beds and available ventilators, just wondering how much better off we would actually be if those numbers were infinite.
  7. Does anyone have a link for mortality in the ICU or for patients requiring a ventilator?
  8. 6 Underground - made it 10 minutes then turned it off. It's like a cheesier verious of F&F (is such a thing even possible?) Mad Max Fury Road - first time seeing it since the theaters, really enjoyed it again World War Z - it fit the apocalypse vibe going on. I like the movie okay. Yeah, the book is better, but they are completely different things other than the name.
  9. First season is good, then it got annoying pretty quickly. I quit part way through season 3, and I rarely quit shows mid-season. The source material is probably good for 2-3 seasons tops, but Hulu seems intent drag it out as long as possible. It's the same problem The Walking Dead faced.
  10. We binged this over the last 2 weeks and finished last night. I really liked it for 4 episodes, then I kinda liked it for 4 more episodes, then I wanted it to be over for 2 episodes. In the end I kind of regret watching it. Maybe I was desperate for a new show and I thought HBO plus Stephen King would be a winning combination. I sort of blame myself. I don't typically enjoy supernatural monster type stuff, but I guess I hoped this would be a solid character driven story and that would make it worth the watch. I was wrong.
  11. Enjoying it? Fuck no. I’m making the best of a terrible situation and trying to stay positive. My wife and I love spending time together and we’re getting to do plenty of that without distraction. Cooking good meals, drinking beer and wine, exercising, screwing, watching TV and movies, reading books, playing board games, walking the dogs, etc. So it’s a little bit like vacation except from home. And I like that. But deep down I know the world is fucked right now and I can’t completely shake that. People are sick and dying, the global economy is in shambles, people are losing their jobs, and anything resembling fun (restaurants, bars, sports, movies, travel, concerts) is on an indefinite hiatus. This will take years to recover from and the ripple effect will be felt by everyone, even if you aren’t directly impacted by health or employment. So no, I’m not enjoying that.
  12. Not sure what area you are in or what types of doctors you work with, but I cancelled all elective surgeries indefinitely and most doctors I talk to have done the same. We absolutely care about this and we did not wait for the government to force us to stop.
  13. Dumb question time.... If you are confirmed COVID-19 positive and recover and do the recommended 14 day home isolation, are you then free to resume your normal life within reason? Or are you expected to continue quarantining just like everyone else?
  14. Meaning what exactly? It's getting hard for me to keep up but has there been a state-wide closure of restaurants and bars yet?
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