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  1. Staying the night in Nice on July 22 with a flight out July 23. If referring to July being a beating from a weather or crowds standpoint, we've done it before. Weather doesn't bother us. Crowds are something we've learned to deal with. Currently looking at flying into Marseille, spending the first 3 nights in Aix-en-Provence, then heading to St. Tropez for 2 nights, then Nice for 1 night. Somewhat interested in Calanque d'En-Vau or the Verdon Gorge. Otherwise probably just eating, drinking wine, walking around, pool, beach, eating and drinking. Thanks for the suggestions (and the PM).
  2. PEDs and sign stealing are both bad for the sport. Both are against the rules of the game. Both are considered cheating and a punishable offense. I don't understand the point in continually comparing the two. It's like trying to decide which is less bad between colon cancer or lung cancer. No one knows how many other teams are doing this, but there has been the most smoke around the Astros and the Red Sox, and those are the 2 teams who were caught. Even if 20 of the remaining 28 teams are involved in similar cheating, people are always going to care about the teams who used cheating to win. No one cares about the cyclist who was doping and finished 10th in the Tour de France; they care about Lance Armstrong. No one cares about the MLB player who was juicing and hit 10 HRs in 2001; they care about Barry Bonds. If your stance is that sign stealing is not as bad as steroids, then that's a stupid bar to set for integrity. If your stance is that sign stealing is bad but everyone is doing it, then maybe your club should be a little smarter about not banging on trash cans for everyone to hear and then getting caught red handed.
  3. Wife and I have a 6 nights to spend in France in July. We are flying from DFW and can choose any arrival city, but we need to depart from Nice at the end of the trip. We've been to France once before and did Paris, the Loire Valley, and St. Tropez. We loved all 3 stops but don't feel a strong need to revisit the Loire Valley at this point. It was great, just not a repeat trip kinda place for us. We would like to at some point see Provence, Bordeaux, Mont-Saint-Michel and Normandy, and Reims, but those are scattered in different regions and we don't have to do all of those (or any of those) on this trip. Our original plan was to spend 5-6 nights in Paris and just enjoy being in Paris without doing the tourist things (Louvre, Versailles, Notre-Dame) that we've already checked off. Eat good food, drink good wine, wander around without an agenda. Maybe from there we could spend a day going to Normandy and Mont-Saint-Michel or a day to Reims. That was prior to finding out we need to depart from Nice. We could still stick to the above and just fly down to Nice at the end, or we could shift our focus down to the South of France and forget about Paris for now. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  4. Any suggestions for cool places to eat or drink between FW and Dallas? I have a group of friends that’s spread around DFW and every time we get together it ends up being a boring chain restaurant in Euless or whatever. We desperately need a better option.
  5. The cost isn’t only “your manager and GM get fired”. The cost is your manager and GM get fired, you lose 4 draft picks, $5 million, and the baseball world outside of your own fan base now thinks your only WS title is bogus. Do you still make that trade 100 of 100 times? If the Horns could win the NC this year but there will be an investigation in 2022 that shows Tom Herman’s staff was tapped into the coaches’ headsets of opposing teams who played at DKR, do you want the title that bad? Do you want rival fans to be able to throw that in your face every time the 2020 NC is mentioned? I personally don’t.
  6. This is a vague Instagram post (which has since been deleted) by a player who has no direct connection to any of the teams he accused. He provides no specifics other than to say he knows from first hand accounts. Meanwhile, the original report on the Astros was a story written by Ken Rosenthal that cited not only Mike Fiers but also 3 other people from within the Astros organization who chose to remain anonymous. Fiers gets the blame by Astros fans because he was willing to out himself as the whistleblower, but there were multiple sources and they gave very specific information on how the cheating was performed. This was not a single social media post that was later deleted. If you haven't yet read the story, you can do so here: https://theathletic.com/1363451/2019/11/12/the-astros-stole-signs-electronically-in-2017-part-of-a-much-broader-issue-for-major-league-baseball/ The MLB then conducted an investigation that included multiple sources from within the Astros organization who gave very similar reports. Some of those were Astros players who admitted their own guilt. If you haven't read the report, you can do so here: https://img.mlbstatic.com/mlb-images/image/upload/mlb/cglrhmlrwwbkacty27l7.pdf I'm sure there will be reports of other teams cheating in similar ways, and it's entirely possible that more teams are actually guilty of it. If the Yankees, Cubs, or Dodgers are guilty, then they should also be investigated with similar punishments if the evidence shows they were guilty. That being said, there is a HUGE difference in the evidence against the Astros and Red Sox compared to any single social media post that has surfaced regarding another team. I know every Astros fan would like a broader investigation that implicates all 30 teams, but that's highly unlikely to be the case. Teams were complaining about this prior to the Ken Rosenthal story, and a lot of those complaints were directed at the Astros specifically. Teams don't complain about something they are also guilty of. You didn't see Sammy Sosa trying to out Mark McGwire for being a cheater. That's not how cheaters operate. The fact that teams were getting angry about this shows you that at least a few teams had some integrity.
  7. Please post specific sources where a current MLB player has claimed the Cubs, Dodgers, or Yankees are using technology to steal signs.
  8. What is the evidence against the Yankees, Dodgers, or Cubs? Or is this simply a case of Astros fans wanting others to be guilty to ease their own guilt?
  9. Your options are basically this: A) It helped them - Your roster is filled with players with a win at all cost mentality, resulting in a WS title that involved cheating via sign stealing that was effective and necessary for a competitive edge. They got caught afterwards and the title has an asterisk, but their cheating helped accomplish their mission. B ) It didn’t help them - Your roster is filled with the biggest group of dumbasses to ever wear a baseball uniform. They were talented enough to win a fair matchup but they were insecure so they resorted to video cameras and trashcan banging for no benefit whatsoever. Even though this ridiculous scheme was completely ineffective, it resulted in their manager and GM being fired, a $5 million fine, a loss of 4 draft picks, and an asterisk next to the title. For no reason except to risk being labeled cheaters over ridiculous dugout antics. I’m not sure which scenario Astros fans prefer to help save face in this mess.
  10. None of us will ever know that for sure because the Astros cheated all of us out of the opportunity to see a fair postseason. Both the ALCS and the WS went to game 7 so it’s hard to say the Astros still win both series without cheating unless you believe their cheating didn’t help their performance. If you’re an Astros fan and you honestly believe they would’ve won without cheating, or that the cheating didn’t help them, then it must be infuriating to watch this unfold because your team’s one and only championship is tarnished by the players’ and coaches’ dumbfuckery.
  11. I’ve seen O, Ka, and Love. I think I enjoyed O the most but they were all very good.
  12. Do you think asterisks are some kind of official reprimand the MLB issues to teams or players? Like the possible punishment could've been 1 GM suspension, 1 manager suspension, 4 draft picks, $5 mil cash, and 1 asterisk? The 2017 world series title absolutely has an asterisk at this point, just like the Bonds HR record has an asterisk, along with countless other records and stats from the PED era. If it makes you feel any better, Boston probably gets one too.
  13. The Astros cheated as a team in the playoffs and got caught. That’s not a narrative, it’s a fact. Maybe other teams cheated too, especially Boston, and hopefully they will get punished accordingly. But so far the Astros were the ones who were caught because their cheating scheme was stupid as hell. People will dismiss the 2017 Astros accomplishments not because of a narrative but because they are cheaters and that’s how sports fans view cheaters. The Astros are not unique in this. Ask Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Lance Armstrong, Floyd Landis, Marion Jones, the 1994 Aggies, the 2004 Trojans, the 2012 Buckeyes....
  14. Yeah I get where that particular quote came from, but I've seen multiple posts that cite home vs. road performance, 2016/2017/2018 numbers, regular season vs. playoffs, etc. The implication is either that the cheating didn't occur on the road and the Astros still won on the road, or that the cheating didn't significantly alter performance in any situation. While any of that may be true, none of it matters in this situation.
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