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    I was pretty critical of season 1 for 2 key reasons: -I hated all of the main characters -The plot was absurd I did a hard pass on season 2 last year, but due to Covid and having abundant free time, I caved and just binged seasons 2 and 3. I think season 2 went a long way towards redeeming the show for me, primarily because they made certain characters more likable. Kayce became less of a dumbass, John became less of a complete narcissistic asshole, and Rip is definitely someone I can root for. Instead of having the entire Dutton family constantly fighting each other, they created good external antagonists with the Beck brothers. I do think it was a major mistake to kill off the Beck brothers in the season 2 finale, especially the limp dicked way in which they did it. Sounds like that’s a common criticism. Season 3 has been a mixed bag for me so far. The characters have progressed in a way that mostly interests me, aside from Jamie constantly getting the Theon Greyjoy treatment. The way Beth and John constantly treat him like trash and then watching him sit there and take it like an abused dog is beyond tiresome. The plot continues to be a hot mess. Jamie’s ascent from ranch hand to Livestock Commissioner to Attorney General was comical. Agent Hendon killed the guys in the back of the horse trailer, then later apparently walked free and back to being an agent no big deal. Monica serving as bait for a murderer rapist also seemed out of place. The biggest plot objection I have is the idea that teenage Beth went into a clinic for an abortion and got a full on hysterectomy in a span of hours. Even if we put aside the issue of informed consent for a minor without her parent present, that’s a major surgery that requires anesthesia and post-op recovery, yet she seemed essentially normal when she saw young Rip in the stable later. The idea that this could occur so quickly and easily without John knowing is absurd. But then again, this show converted John’s colon cancer into fake cancer after a vet did abdominal surgery in the field and declared him good based on an X-ray. Despite the plot shortcomings, I’m back on board mainly due to the improvement in the core characters. Hopefully Sheridan can eventually figure out the story telling part.
  2. I enjoyed this quite a bit. Maybe a few weak spots but overall I thought the script, acting, and production was great. It’s set up nicely for next season which I’ll be looking forward to.
  3. Shelby had a blood transfusion last week and rebounded to about 90% normal for a few days, but unfortunately started a downhill slide this past week. We took her back to the vet and they did more testing and determined she has renal failure and there is nothing more that can be done. We have her on 6 different medicines that they hope will prolong her life, but it’s basically palliative care at this point. My wife and I both knew this would eventually happen - she’s 12 years old and had a cancer that is considered terminal - but it’s still a gut punch. She’s had surgery, a 12 week course of chemo, and ongoing medical therapy. Her quality of life has been unbelievable throughout this time and my wife is a saint for taking her to every appointment and making sure she never misses a medication dose. We’ve spent the equivalent of a new SUV on her treatment and it was worth every penny, but eventually there is a time when it simply can’t be fixed. Today was a bit tough for us because she was lethargic and just seemed a bit dazed. No signs of pain because we know what to do in that case, just slept a lot and slow to move, definitely not her normal self. The writing is on the wall and that hit us hard. We went out to eat to take our minds off it and came home to find her standing at the back door and wagging her tail, waiting on us to come in. That made me pretty damn happy because I love the way she greets us (her sister, Nora, ignores us) and I thought the days of Shelby greeting at the door were over. Even in her poor health she still misters the strength to welcome us home. Sorry for being a downer, it’s just a shitty process and it helps to externalize it. She’s still a part of our lives but time is short and every moment is increasingly precious.
  4. Telluride is great. Probably our second favorite place on Earth and we almost went there last month when we thought our St. Barth trip would be nixed. We’ve had 2 different sets of friends who went in June and said it was fine during Covid.
  5. Forgive me if this has been addressed but I’m out of the loop here... the Texas DSHS dashboard shows daily fatalities dropping to zero the last few days. What’s up with that? I obviously don’t believe the data, but up until this week, I had trusted that source for Texas specific COVID numbers. Is the website broken or is something else happening?
  6. Ours was 11 when this started so I definitely understand, but it’s your family member and money is just money. Good luck to Crosby. Hopefully it turns out benign.
  7. Shelby made it home today. Doing pretty well and definitely better than when we took her in, but still has less energy compared to a week or so ago. We’re just happy to have her with us again and we’ll see if she’s able to recover some more over the next few days. Thanks for the well wishes.
  8. +1 in favor of Wild Acre on Camp Bowie. Any info on their to-go beer prices?
  9. Shelby reportedly had a good day at the doggie hospital. They have her blood and she seems to be in good spirits. We hopefully get her back tomorrow.
  10. I went to Southside Rambler for drinks and it seemed ok. They have a large outdoor space that made it feel somewhat safe during Covid, but apparently there were concerns raised about Covid precautions and one of the owners is a Covid denier on social media. I also went to the former La Zona place for after dinner drinks a few times. It was also fine for that simple purpose. That’s a decent spot and I’m sure someone will open a successful restaurant or bar there, but that needs to be post-Covid and restaurant space is surely cheap at this point.
  11. Austin City Taco does not have a $19 breakfast or anything close to that. They are a casual taco spot kinda like Torchy’s or Velvet, except slightly more traditional tacos. I’ve been a couple times and it was fine. You guys will get your panties in a wad about anything, and when you can’t find something, you imagine new travesties that are worthy of criticism.
  12. I posted back in October when Shelby had internal bleeding and a spleen mass. She had emergency surgery and was given a 50-50 chance of living, which she did but the mass was hemangiosarcoma, a malignant cancer that has almost always metastasized at the time of diagnosis. We opted for chemotherapy and she was expected to live 3-4 months, 6 months if we were really lucky. It’s been 9 months and she’s been the happiest dog with incredible energy and personality. The vet has said she’s a miracle dog and we’ve been very thankful, but we know she’s on borrowed time. This past week she took a turn for the worse. We were unfortunately out of town when it first happened but we got home and took her to her vet oncologist today. She’s very anemic which typically means bleeding, but luckily the abdominal ultrasound and chest x-ray didn’t show anything. She has some kidney problems so maybe it’s her kidneys or maybe GI, we aren’t sure. The vet offered her treatment with a blood transfusion and medicine, which we accepted. It’s pretty expensive so it wasn’t an easy decision, but she’s beat the odds on her previous issues and her quality of life has been outstanding until the last few days, so we want to give her the chance to rebound again. Crossing our fingers that she comes home happy again this week. We know the day will come when she’s no longer fixable and we’re prepared to say goodbye if it appears she’s suffering with no available treatment. We are just hoping this isn’t that point and that she has more good days ahead. By the way, her vet oncologist is incredible - Dr. Allstadt at Veterinary Specialists of North Texas. Hopefully no one needs these services, but if you are in the Fort Worth area and your pup has cancer, she is highly recommended.
  13. Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully you will get many more happy days with her. We are going through a similar situation that I'll share separately.
  14. Watched this today and loved it.
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