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  1. Ayton might be available, but does anyone really want to give him a supermax?
  2. Jokic ain't leaving Denver. He was interviewed last week by a Serbian website and said he's not leaving Denver until they kick him out and he'll sign the supermax when they put it in front of him. Maybe Denver could trade for Luka, though?
  3. I was watching. Avs put a ton of shots on net. Could have easily been a blowout of Binnington didn't play as well as he did.
  4. Thank you. And fuck Draymond and his game.
  5. The first 2 episodes are greatness so far. This is one of my favorite shows on TV.
  6. I'm not even talking about ticky tack stuff. He gets the shit beat out of him on a nightly basis and only gets to the line 6 times a game.
  7. He's a very good defender, but the preferential treatment is what takes him to the supposed 'great' level. I say supposed because, as mentioned above, Jokic put up 31 ppg on him in the series. And again, I don't blame Draymond, I blame the officials for letting him get away with it. He does it so much that they can't call it every time (even though they should, IMO), so he gets away with a lot more than most.
  8. Fucking Rudy Gobert shoots more FTs than Jokic. Rudy Gobert!
  9. On a separate note, is Jokic the most disrespected (by the officials) MVP in NBA history? Dude puts up numbers we've never seen before and he's still only shooting 6 free throws a game. Meanwhile you've got Embiid and Giannis going to the line 11-12 times per game. James fucking Harden gets 8 FTs a game.
  10. Lulz. Did you even watch it the first time?
  11. Go watch the Nuggets-Warriors series again. Draymond should have fouled out of every game by halftime. He definitely requires uncalled fouls to be great.
  12. Panties and shirt without a bra. Not nekky, but very nice. I'm a huge fan of hers, though, so my opinion is biased.
  13. Should watch Ep1 of Season 2 just for Rachel McAdams hotness.
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