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  1. Anyone have experience with Nokian Hakkepellita snow tires? Blizzaks on my car are dead after 16k miles and i never liked them all that much. Thinking of trying something new.
  2. I started with 20k or so. That is also starting stack. MP was maybe 7k.
  3. That's one thing i struggle with is bet sizing. What should i have bet there?
  4. Yeah, he's not the best player, but I did have a tight table image at the time. Button did not notice.
  5. I wanted the call, I'm just pissed that I was 92% to win preflop and lost. That hand put me on a short stack and I never recovered.
  6. But even those are still dealer hit soft 17, aren't they?
  7. Playing in my monthly tournament on Saturday night. Most players are fairly solid, but there are a couple donkeys in there. Sitting in the BB and I look down to see 2 Aces. MP raises to 1200 (blinds were 300/600), button calls and I re-raise to 3200. MP folds and button calls. Flop is Q 10 10. I put in enough to put button all in (around 5-6k). He snap calls and flips over A 10 offsuit. Motherfucker. I hate this fucking game sometimes. Who calls a raise and a re-raise with that hand? I had been playing pretty tight up to that point. MP says after the hand that he folded KK.
  8. A little pricey, but Whistle Pig 10 makes a damn fine drink.
  9. I'm gonna have one in about 30 min, but our Cajun food up here is not what it is down there.
  10. Fuck, I could go for one of those about now...
  11. Sounds like something someone from Carbondale would suggest...
  12. How did Activision find out about it? Your mom snitch on you?
  13. It does have one of those! Just start knocking on doors in the area. You'll find me eventually.
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