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  1. I was wondering if I should have someone come over and kick me in the nuts. Is it worth it? I mean, I like not getting kicked in the nuts, but if there are some side benefits to it, I'm willing to do it.
  2. It means it is from last year (Act 6), 6th bottling.
  3. Yeah, that little stuff is what makes Disney Disney. They just do it better than anyone else.
  4. I'd say a $90mm fine is going to get even a billionaire's attention.
  5. Forgot about the snipping tool. That will work, I think.
  6. I've never done the bourbon trail, but I have been to Napa. Would never drive there as you drink a lot more at the tastings than you think you will. We were shithoused before dinner.
  7. I don't think weekdays matter much that time of year. If you get going early in the morning, you could probably do that. But by early, I mean leaving Jackson by 5 or 6 in the morning. You're almost 2 hours south of the park from there.
  8. I have searched Google and found free software to do this, but I'm wary of doing it without a recommendation. Has anyone used any of these and are they worth a shit, or am I better off just buying something like Bluebeam or Acrobat? I'd rather not spend the money as this is not something I regularly need to do.
  9. Only one day in Yellowstone in July? You're not going to see much of the park.
  10. Because it's not that good?
  11. I love Playa Ventana. Would like to spend more time there the next time we go down.
  12. I'd say 4 or 5 nights. It's not that bad getting there. Direct flight from Houston to San Jose (maybe Dallas has one, too?) and then a shuttle to Tulemar. You can pick up snacks and drinks on the way.
  13. Trail Ridge is how you get to Grand Lake/ Fraser/ Winter Park, so you would have to go around.
  14. Trail Ridge is closed for the year, so keep that in mind. Oskar Blues in Lyons is a good choice. Otherwise, it's a tourist town. Lots of tourist type activities.
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