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  1. True, but in general, interstates that end in even numbers run east west. Those that are odd numbered go north south. I 10 goes north south in San Antonio. Would you say it runs north south?
  2. And buy shit from them. Have done this my whole life. I'm technically very proficient at fly fishing. I can put the fly wherever i want. But i stuck at identifying what I'm throwing because i don't care enough. This is where the local shop comes in. DNHC can kill me now. My secrets are laid bare.
  3. Where did you find it in CO?
  4. Those look fantastic. What does the Costco packaging say? I want to try these.
  5. I have to use a water bath in my BGE or the flat will dry out on me. I put a pyrex casserole dish on top of the plate setter, directly below the brisket and fill it with hot water.
  6. You think the UK is letting you in by September? That sounds wildly optimistic to me.
  7. Chewbacca

    Truck Nuts

    I would not tow a 4-5k boat with a Tacoma. It technically can do it, but it won't be pleasant.
  8. Chewbacca

    Truck Nuts

    I had a 98 4Runner from new to 240k miles. Other than oil, tires and brakes, i had to replace the starter around 200k. That was it. My Landcruiser has 220k. I had to replace the radiator when it spring a leak (was original), but it's in great condition. They just run. Boring, but they just run.
  9. Bad picture, but this is hanging in our mountain house.
  10. You'll understand when you see it. Might be my favorite mountain town.
  11. There's only one way in and out of Telluride.
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