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  1. Let's get it on. Has a funk that i do not appreciate.
  2. I'd say liking Balcones Blue Corn puts you more in the minority than liking 1920 over 1910.
  3. Chewbacca

    Tiger King

    I'm guessing all of the women that work for him have been part of that ring.
  4. If you owe a million dollars, you have a problem. If you owe a billion dollars, the bank has a problem.
  5. It was the flat under the point, and it resolved itself within the 30 min. Bark could have been better, but damn, that was good.
  6. Brisket quesadillas are big in my family.
  7. Point is probing like butter all over, but the flat underneath is not. Ugh, guess i have another 30 min.
  8. I kept a water dish in the whole time and wrapped at 170ish. Moisture won't be a problem, but the bark might be lacking.
  9. He's got a video up talking about it.
  10. That's what his BBQ cookbook says. "Conventionally, at home, if you're just cooking one or two briskets, this may be around 6 hours into a cook. But again, this decision (to wrap) should be based on color and bark formation more than any sort of time parameters...When the color is right - that is, when I spray the bark to remove any ash and see that the true color of the bark is dark, nearly black - I pull the meat out and wrap it." But as I mentioned, I would like to eat at a reasonable hour. I put it on at 6:30. Would like to eat by 7. It's 2:45 here now and I'm sitting at 168*. I think I probably need to wrap to power through the stall, no?
  11. I know Franklin says to wrap when your bark is done, but I want to eat in 4 hours or so and am sitting in the middle of the stall at 165*. Fire is at 260 or so. I would like a little more color, but it looks pretty good as is. Thoughts? I'll go snap a picture and post it for reference.
  12. It's trimmed down to a quarter inch all around, if you ignore the divot i took out. It's a Prime brisket, so it might have more fat to start than most.
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