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  1. Should have gotten the Landcruiser.
  2. Don't stay in Estes. Go through the park and stay in Grand Lake. Much better.
  3. Is it a good sign, or is it a bad sign because the olds aren't getting vaccinated?
  4. Do it. That's cheaper than you can drive.
  5. Yeah, I had a CEO I worked for years ago lay into me for taking a week's vacation to go camping with my family. Saying this was a really important time for the company, how I should know better because I am the CFO, etc. She had literally just gotten back from a 3 week safari in Africa the week before I left. I did not stay there long.
  6. Yep. I don't worry about my kids dying from COVID, but i do worry about long term effects that we are seeing in many, even those that had mild cases.
  7. This makes more sense to me than saying the data is wrong.
  8. Maybe you're right and the data is wrong. But until that data is proven to be wrong, it's what we have to go on, agreed?
  9. It seems to me that some here want the numbers to be wrong because it doesn't fit their desired narrative. I don't know enough about how they calculate them or how often they revise them to speculate on where they should be. But based on the numbers published by the CDC, which as far as I know is the place to get them, the data just doesn't fit the narrative. Been dealing with WAAAY too many people in the past year+ who seek out data to fit their worldview and I'm done with it. I'm all for the science based approach, and by that I mean real science, not Youtube and Facebook science.
  10. I sure as hell don't think it drives them to suicide. I have 2 teens. They interact with their friends online every night, usually for multiple hours playing on Steam. The pandemic has had zero impact on them. I think technology has made it much easier for kids to stay in touch with their friends. And most teens I know haven't exactly been observing strict lockdown procedures. In short, I think the risk is overblown.
  11. I'm using CDC numbers for suicides. Do you have better ones we should use? Or are you saying they are wrong? There is also another option here - we could have an increase in anxiety and depression without an increase in suicides.
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