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  1. Those are great. Got one as a tee gift last weekend.
  2. I was coming here to post the exact same thing. Slammed hard.
  3. Just did Club Champion Driver Fitting. Holy shit I’m tired. Got fit into the Calaway Maverik with a Fujikura Ventus 6x black shaft. Ball speed got up to 168 and spin was around 2400. Picked up a good 20-5 yards.
  4. We did Prairie Dunes in Hutchinson, KS, Two days are Dismal River, and two days at Prairie Club. That was a hell of a trip. We had one of the cabins at Prairie Club and it was stupid nice.
  5. Also REK and Lyle played on Facebook live and it’s up on YouTube. Awesome as usual.
  6. I got my hands on the Sunday Valley CDs. Sturgill has tried to erase that era of his career, but man, those songs kick some serious ass.
  7. God this is how Sturgill is meant to be heard. He’s so damn talented.
  8. Always fascinated by this case. He’s always come across as a sociopath. His dad spent a lot of money to save him.
  9. Had a psycho scorecard on the back yesterday. 6 birdies, 3 doubles. Even par. It’s a stupid game sometimes.
  10. Beaver’s Bend is beautiful. Broken Bow Lake is gorgeous. They’ve built a bunch of really really nice cabins. Hochatown has exploded with restaurants, bars, and stuff to do. The golf course at the state park is good. Idabel Country Club (like 30 minutes away) is really fun. Doesn’t feel like you’re in Oklahoma. Lots of trails for hiking. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  11. The new American Aquarium album is just so damn good.
  12. My wife works with the NCAA. Most major D1s won’t have many issues. The small D1s and D2 and D3 are going to be hurting big time. Reduction of contests, non revenue sports and travel across the board. They’ll get games in for 20-21 but if there somehow isn’t a NCAA basketball tournament next year for CBS to cover, college athletics is in some serious trouble.
  13. 7 months today. I’ll quit giving the monthly updates, but every time the 3rd hits and I’m still sober, it’s pretty amazing. Thanks to you all for being some inspirational.
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