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  1. Forbert has to be one of the best one hit wonders of all time, but this cover is just magnificent
  2. Thunder tried to tank away a 12 point lead over the last 2:20. SGA bailed them out with a game winner. The Bazley kid for OKC is gonna be a star.
  3. David Montgomery and Marvin Jones going for nearly 60 to make me lose by one only cost me 2500 dollars. Fuck Fantasy Football
  4. Went Allen. Got 37.66 points. I think we have the better team, but it’s fantasy football so who knows...
  5. Am I the only one who thinks blowU would beat Aggie?
  6. Though I didn’t know I had shit myself, not my finest moment. It wasn’t a full release where i was rolling around in my shit. To maybe lessen my shame, i was in the ER two hours after I woke up with Covid and pneumonia, and it took about an hour to put new sheets on.
  7. Covid got me. During the middle of the night. Woke up and had to fart. Next morning I was washing the sheets.
  8. Now CMC is out. PPR. Gallman, Swift, Bernard, Jamaal Williams? It’s swift if he plays but he’s up in the air
  9. Not too bad other than being tired and achy, but developed pneumonia. I’m 35 and 6’5” 250ish so not an old but kinda a fat.
  10. After the steroids wore off, I’m definitely feeling some limited lung capacity and my energy, sans adderal, is quite limited. Mentioned to my doctor and he said it could be six months until lung function gets back to normal.
  11. Any thought on the Flex? Leaning Allen Robinson, but putting my faith in Trubisky to get the ball to him is scary
  12. Went 12-1 in regular season. Quarterfinals, do I start Kyler who hasn’t been the same since hurt his shoulder. He isn’t running near as much. Or do I start Josh Allen? I’d lean Allen but they play the Steelers. Flex: Full PPR: Allen Robinson, Cooper Kupp or Joe Mixon coming off IR?
  13. TBS/TNT playing A Christmas Story 24 hours straight on Christmas. I’d much rather have Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, Die Hard, Elf, etc.
  14. This is pretty interesting. Almost 2 years since Wall has been on the floor. He won’t jack the bad threes Russ did, but he won’t have the explosiveness Russ had. But good on the rockets for getting one of the first rounders they gave away for Russ back.
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