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  1. Somebody needs to die so the pop tart talk can go away.
  2. Girlfriend is under the weather, so I used it as an excuse to go over and make Hungarian Mushroom soup. It still slams. Thanks to whomever first posted the recipe.
  3. Putnam is a solid human. A year ago, my son’s fifth birthday fell on the pro am day of the WMO. I took the kids out early from school and took them there to experience the tournament, at least the family friendly version. As Andrew was walking the bridge after finishing 18, he randomly dropped my boy his glove. Turns out my girlfriend knows his wife from years ago and we sent them a thank you video for the glove. 15 minutes later he was FaceTiming my kid wishing him a happy birthday and then he sent a ton of autographed stuff to him. I’ll always root for that guy.
  4. They are a good free throw shooting team that plays good D. Dangerous combo come tournament time. They won’t sniff the Final 4 but could provide an early upset or 2.
  5. Anyone have thoughts on LDN for CFS/Lupus? I’ve read a mixed bag and I don’t want to put my gf through a drug she doesn’t have to take, so any personal experience would be appreciated.
  6. HeHateMe

    Dallas | Steak

    I’ll be in Dallas this Saturday and would love a rec for great steak. Some place that I can walk in and eat at the bar without a reservation. Not concerned about price, but I’d prefer not having to throw a jacket on after 2 days of meetings. Staying at The Joule but will Uber anywhere. Also, suggestions for a place to watch CBB in the afternoon would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Grew up in FL. I was in kindergarten and our entire school watched it happen from the PE fields. You’ve never seen so many teachers try to usher the kids back inside so fast. It was like a reverse fire drill.
  8. He’s got miles of puss lined up if he gets out. Dude will never stop trying to get to it. Undefeated.
  9. Have a reservation for 2/5. I’ll report back.
  10. KD couldn’t hit anything in the first half the other night, then in the second he drained everything.
  11. Had it over Christmas. 6 very long days. My advice is to get an IV, I got 2, to stay hydrated. Also, my asshole just laughed at Imodium, once I started chugging Pepto while alternating Imodium things improved. I managed to stay clean but was glued to the toilet. Godspeed.
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