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  1. Herb crusted rack of lamb with creamy Parmesan orzo.
  2. Derka needs a welfare check… make sure he’s not drowning in a pool of his own jizz.
  3. It’s a lot harder to get a road hummer when she’s doing all the driving, not impossible, but definitely more difficult.
  4. They got encouraged by the sugar bowl win and then just started drowning themselves again in 2022. Just a theory.
  5. Bacon wrapped queso dog to finish the best weekend of CBB of the year.
  6. ASU brought the A team cheer squad
  7. That’s the exact way a 9/8 game should be.
  8. Anyone else think it’s bs that they stop play to get the kid out of the game and he’s back in 2 minutes later? If the ankle was that bad he would have received some attention on the bench.
  9. Hard to slip when inedible shit is your baseline.
  10. Guessing there’s a few on the res that aren’t getting accurately reported
  11. No on Mt Pleasant. I’d stay in Charleston, but would consider Isle of Palms before MP. It’s a 30-40 minute drive to downtown from IoP. Do Husk for lunch. Early dinner there with kids is fine, but I would grab lunch there, take a private carriage tour w the family, walk around South of Broad and the battery, then head to the rooftop bar at the Market Pavilion hotel at sunset and grab a drink and some appetizers.
  12. Here’s my take on the 9 that I’ve been to. UK: There’s nothing great nothing terrible about the overall experience and stadium. Overall pretty forgettable. Tenn: Hate the stadium. Rows are way too close together, your knees are in someone’s back and you have knees pressing in your back the entire game. And the 3.5 hours of Rocky Top is a beating. Vol navy is a cool novelty. Vandy: You go for Nashville, not the stadium or gameday experience. UGA: Stadium is great and campus is amazing. Dawg fans are obnoxious at best, down right assholes at worst. Bama: Stadium is great and fans welcoming. I guess it’s easy to be hospitable with the winning percentage they’ve thrown up since Nick took over. Auburn: Enjoyed the stadium and overall gameday experience was great. Auburn the city however is a shit stain. Gata: With the exception of campus, Gainesville is pretty shitty. Stadium is ok, not my favorite, but it’s not Neyland level bad. Fans are a mixed bag, some good some still living in denial. Cocks: Stadium is not on campus but that opens up plenty of tailgating opportunities. Have had a blast there before and during the game. Gets loud and the fans are pretty easy going with minimal expectations. Both the city and Stadium have improved dramatically the last decade. Spending a couple days in Charleston and driving up to Columbia for game is a great trip. Ole Miss: Glad I did it, will probably never go back. Grove was fun but as someone previously stated, it didn’t live up to the reputation. Oxford is beautiful, every area around Oxford…not so much. Stadium is ok, fans much like the SC fans are pretty easy to get along with, probably because they don’t expect to win. Have not been to but will: LSU Zero desire to go: Ark Mizzou Miss St Aggy
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