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  1. One impact player at the winter transfer window, and we will make the top 4. Ange plays such a fun version of football. So refreshing.
  2. Good Times is probably in my top 10 of albums of all time. The first 4 or 5 of his records had hardly any skippable songs. All just great music from a wise soul. RIP.
  3. I wish it were that simple. If and when we have exhausted all other options, we will definitely consider. I can’t in my right mind tell my wife that we can’t produce our own without trying. The thought of not having our own sends the wife into a tailspin. And that is nothing to say about people that adopt. They are doing the lords work. That’s an amazing gift you are giving a little one.
  4. Really like Jaylen Warren this year. Going to be this years Tony Pollard.
  5. Reverse seared filet, red Argentine shrimp, Bobby Flay’s grilled corn salad, and coconut crispy rice. Would recommend.
  6. I guess I should move forward with my lawsuits against Chic-Fil-A for giving you a packet that says "Saltines" with their chicken noodle soup that has one saltine and with One-A-Day Vitamins who has the recommended dose of two vitamins a day.
  7. In a keeper league, we have Breece Hall as a 5th rounder. The Jets signing Dalvin really makes me wonder if we should look elsewhere. .5 PPR. Kelce as a 2nd rounder or Akers as a 7th rounder may be better options. If we keep a player for more than one time, the round is divided by 2. So if we keep Breece, next year, we could keep him as our 2nd or 3rd rounder. Thoughts? Also have Adams as 1st, Mahomes as 6th.
  8. Apparently, Trey Lance has thrown fewer passes in a game since high school than Geno Smith threw last year alone. That's absurd. John Lynch has been a really good GM to my surprise, but the whiff on Lance was BRUTAL. I do think Brock Purdy can be the solid, game manager they need with all of their weapons.
  9. I was this years old when I learned what conchitas were. Our friend brought some from her abuelitas and man have I missed out. How can something so simple be so damn good? Perfect comfort food.
  10. Thank you! Doctor actually gave us the thumbs up to try again in December. Will need all the positive vibes then.
  11. Last time i was at Nic’s, a guy ordered a triple. That’s probably 2 pounds of meat. Maybe more. Nic says “you eat another one and fries and it’s all free”. Dude plows that and asked for a third. I left before he finished the third
  12. I'm on the Leo's BBQ episode in OKC. Season 1. Guy was actually really cool. Cattlemen's in OKC (tourist trap similar to the Big Texan) Nic's Grill in OKC. Best onion burger on the planet Saucee Sicilian in OKC - very good Neapolitan pizza Ingrid's in OKC - good german place that the owner's retired and closed Eischen's in Okarche, OK - good to great fried chicken and okra Magnolia Cafe in Austin Twisted Root, Carne Rosso, Maple and Motor - Dallas The Fold in Little Rock - upscale mexican Tune Up Cafe in Santa Fe Rizzo's in Memphis Pie Town Tacos in Nashville
  13. Blackstone Chicken Lo Mein - If You Give a Girl a Grill We made this a couple nights ago. Enough to feed an army. Used half the chicken and did the rest with shrimp. Was very good and very quick to put together.
  14. Just tried our first round of IVF at 38 and 37. Wife has a cyst on her right ovary and of course, that was where our best follicles were. Lots of discussion about whether to move forward, try an IUI or try again in a couple months. Last ultrasound, Dr. found 2 more follicles that he thought looked good. Doctor didn't like our chances to get more than 1-2 eggs but went forward with the retrieval. We actually got 4 eggs. Wife was ecstatic, if you have followed our journey on here, you would know why. Fast forward 18 hours and 2 of the eggs weren't mature, one wasn't high quality, and the other didn't get fertilized when they tried. So, no luck. 20k down the drain. Wife is distraught. Probably going to try one more time before we become the cool aunt and uncle to everyone else's kids. It's amazing the people who don't even want kids end up with 6, and we can't. I'm so damn tired of all of this.
  15. And it's not even close. RIP Levon. The Band might be the most underrated group in history.
  16. MIL is a hefty gal. We are talking 5’5” and 400 or so. Always thinks she is an expert on everything and responds to facts or breaking news with “I know”. She’s currently in A Fib. She slams a twelve pack of Bud Light every night. Only vegetables she eats are potatoes and corn. Mostly eats just shitty fast food or makes something equally as unhealthy. She “works out” at the YMCA doing pool aerobics to justify her drinking and shitty eating habits. Last week she was complaining of dizziness, a common side effect of A Fib. She schedules with her cardiologist to get shocked back in rhythm. Gets hit with the paddles twice and no luck. Cardiologist schedules an appointment for her to figure out the next steps. He recommends an ablation. She refuses. My wife calls her and asks how the appointment went and told wife that “doctor was fine with her just staying on meds and no need to make lifestyle changes”. Obviously it’s utter and complete bullshit. Wife is flustered but doesn’t say anything. MIL calls today and the wife says that she needs to have the ablation. That she wants her around. Etc. MIL goes on a rant and says that she read online that it doesn’t work all the time (around a 90% success rate), she’s not symptomatic, and the doctor “would have told me if I have to do it”. Wife’s aunt is MIL’s power of attorney and has access to her medical charts. Doctor’s note “patient refused recommended surgery and is against dieting and not drinking because of her exercise regime”. I LOL’d to the extent that the wife got mad, but it’s just so typical. Fast forward a couple hours and now MIL is dizzy, but she “thinks she might have gotten the flu”.
  17. Keeping him from everything I read. Starters: SGA, Dort, Giddey, Jalen Williams, and Chet Bench: Micic, Cason Wallace, Oladipo, Kenny Williams, Isaiah Joe, Wiggins, Dieng, Jaylin Williams and Poku Thunder are going to sneaky good.
  18. RIP Ryan Mallett. Dude couldn’t spell his name but had a cannon.
  19. My grandfather was on Omaha Beach. He was second in command of his boat coming ashore. Minute they hop out, the highest command was shot and killed. How my grandfather survived is beyond me. He never talked about the war until he was about 75. Then, it was all he wanted to talk about, He passed away about 5 years ago and I would give anything to hear those stories again. After he passed, we were cleaning out a storage locker and there was a tote in the back that had every letter he had written my grandmother and his mother from his deployment. The amount of courage that generation had is truly astounding. He was in living hell, and his letters were so upbeat and positive because he didn't want them to worry more about him. They are now among my most prized possessions. RIP Dr. Joe, we loved you so much.
  20. Was drinking that at a place in Killarney. 10 euros a drink. Insane good deal. They had just gotten Tito's over there and it was all the rage. Playing golf at Old Head and got a couple double vodka drinks for a total of 60 euro.
  21. Right. Those messages he sent them are fucking sociopathic, too.
  22. All timer. Hope he rots in the Mississippi or Arkansas State Penitentiary for a long, long time. Lebby to Broiles. Wonder what the connection was.....
  23. Nice find! What a creepy dude. Not the Methodist Billy Graham he was protracted to be.
  24. To be fair, nobody is watching the LIV anyway. All just hypotheticals. If your reasoning is that they won’t draw viewers, there’s literally nobody other than Eldrick Woods that can move that needle. (Barring a mass exodus that blows the PGA Tour up). I mean they are trying to get Anthony Kim. I’d watch that for about 30 minutes for nostalgic purposes if and it’s a big if I can find the CW.
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