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  1. Wyatt Flores had a breakdown on stage last night and is getting some help. Kid is immensely talented. Only 22 years old. Hope he can get right and come back better than ever. “Please Don’t Go” is a jam. Does a hell of a cover of “How to Save a Life”.
  2. Give plating a 0, but these Cajun smothered pork chops over crispy smashed potatoes with some squash was fucking delish.
  3. Of our 8, 1 graded as an A, 5 B’s, and 2 C’s. Fresh implant of the A and the best B on Wednesday. Freezing the other B’s. Doctor was pretty excited with the results since we are older. Fingers crossed!
  4. Had 4 eggs the first time and none were of quality to fertilize. This time we had 11 and 8 were able to be fertilized. Learn tomorrow the quality. Fingers crossed that we have a couple good enough to implant.
  5. Second chance at IVF egg retrieval tomorrow. All the positive vibes needed. First round a couple months ago was a disaster. This time we have many more quality follicles. So fingers crossed. When we lost our baby at 8 months, I didn’t know if we’d ever get a good chance again. I’ve got a frozen sample on hand, but god i hope the pressure doesn’t get me tomorrow. My wife really needs a baby and this is the best shot we’ve got.
  6. Blaine Milam here in Texas. The only time i couldn’t finish the facts of a case. What he and his girlfriend did to their two year old is the worst I’ve seen or heard. They can both die imo.
  7. Saw Charles Wesley Gordon, Isbell, and Turnpike last night. Was unbelievable. CWG is insanely good and has such a bright future. Isbell was awesome. Had a new guitar player, while his other is on paternity leave, that absolutely shredded. Turnpike was better than when i saw them in Little Rock last year. Two years Sober Evan was on point. Voice sounded great and they were happy to be home. I wish i had tickets to his solo shows in Tulsa next week.
  8. I don’t think the Thunder will win it all, but NOBODY wants them in a 7 game series. They are way outplaying their age
  9. OU beating Iowa State by 8 wasn’t on my radar. I know they have only lost once, but the loss was against the only team with a pulse they played in non conference outside of a decent Arkansas team. Winning road games in this league is gonna be a chore this year.
  10. Riley to the Raiders seems possible. However, I think they should give the interim guy a chance. Commanders need to hire their OC. I agree with Harbaugh to the Chargers.
  11. Random question: do you use the same opening word? i tend to use a word with a and e for my two vowels and a combination of s,t,r,n,d, and l. Works pretty well. I’m sure there’s a mathematical reason to use one word every time, but I like sticking within my guidelines above
  12. My wife is what I would call cautious about spending money. She, however, has zero sense about time verse value. Example 1: there’s a 7/11 about a block from the house, so she will drive to Costco which is about 20 minutes away to get gas because it’s “cheaper”. Well, the gas she burns to go the 15 miles basically makes the prices comparable and she would save 40 minutes of her day. Example two, we have a Walgreens and a Braums neighborhood market within a half mile. For simple stuff we know Walgreens or Braums will have, she will drive to the Crest by her church which is about 30 minutes away. I get so damn frustrated with that.
  13. Guy I went to law school with was a high school principal that wanted to practice law. We graduated and passed the bar. He opened his own shop in Norman. Did a lot of family law. On the day he got full custody for his client, the ex husband came and shot my friend, the client, and the kid (IIRC) then drove out in the sticks and killed himself. In his prior life my friend was on one of the Sports Gone Wild type shows. He was a jockey and got bucked off and his boot got stuck, so he was dragged to the finish line.
  14. Do you or any of your friends still write to him? His case is what launched my love of true crime. Most murders are drug related, marital issues, and gang violence. A lot is over money, as well, but Bart just seems like a total sociopath. I know he stood to inherit a lot of money, but I honestly think his lies about graduating from college were about to catch up to him and killing his family was easier than owning up to his own fuck up.
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