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  1. 100% pre shrunk cotton if that makes a difference.
  2. Tarrytown Pharmacy has gotten royally fucked over. But enjoy your experience through APH.
  3. I am not quite sure what eating satan's asshole tastes like, but I bet that this is not far off.
  4. Can I interest you in my etsy store? I also did one with the guy that figured out how to stabilize the spike protein conformation so that we could pump out a viable vaccine candidate 30 days after sequencing, but it hasn't gotten any takers yet. Nothing really cutesy and topical to rhyme with the name, so I just put "What starts here saves the world" and a profile of the tower on it.
  5. I do give credit to Fauci for rightly and consistently pushing back on the HCQ nonsense, though. That's good for a half point if not a whole.
  6. Are we assigning scores based on a curve, or just straight scoring? I could see 7 with straight scoring. Early advocacy for broad travel restrictions and early advocacy for mask wearing would have put him at 9-10, imo.
  7. I wouldn't light a candle for either one of them.
  8. Her public health messaging in that clip is better than Fauci's from a few weeks earlier. She was asked a fluff question and pivots it ultimately to a discussion of risk stratification, and a call for all Americans to practice social distancing in the context asymptomatic spread.
  9. If you need to put someone on a votive in your prayer corner, I nominate this guy... St. McClellan of the Proline Stabilized Camo Cargo Shorts.
  10. It honestly had not come to my attention that such a thing existed, but on a whim hit the googles. I guess I should not be shocked. And to be completely fair, I searched Birx. Seems to be a much more constrained supply.
  11. You don’t think that Birx had good intentions?And was doing the best with the information she had available and the context? I am not sure I understand the very disparate treatment they receive. I guess there is only room for so many votive candles.
  12. I didn’t target anyone. I responded to a tweet about mask wearing featuring St Fauci the Virus Crusher. Not really sure why he has gotten a pass from you guys and been treated any differently than Birx.
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