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  1. Here's the video with good ole Ron... His rationale is that he previously had COVID.
  2. That's what I was thinking, but 1 lb isn't even an appetizer. Make it 5 and I might consider it.
  3. July 4th has been my line in the sand. But mid-late June I am going down to Port A and later taking the kids to JW in SA, so acceleration happening.
  4. Ron Johnson is a fucking idiot that was pumping HCQ and related quackery in hearing after hearing (BTW, what happened to triple? He seemed to check out around time vaccines came online.). What's his explanation? I assume it's cause he already had COVID?
  5. Looks like lonestargrillz made a sawdust smoker...
  6. Western powers totally fucked up the entire region. So I guess if we go down with the ship based on the arbitrary lines we drew in the sand, it would be fitting.
  7. @washparkhorn's post forced me to run some numbers. With absolutely ludicrous assumptions, I can get to 1.2MM new deaths from COVID based on where we are today. Requires that basically everybody that is not vaccinated with at least 1 shot gets COVID. Base case based on current infection rates and CFRs in at risk population is 98k new deaths, range of other scenarios from 48k to 118k. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.
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