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  1. Don’t be silly the CIA would never do anything to stoke political discord.
  2. It is an entirely different system, in terms of administration, financing, cost sharing, etc. What is dishonest is to piggyback on the beneficiary satisfaction associated with the current Medicare system to support a total revamp of the system into something totally different.
  3. I am not sure what quoting me a section about quality measures is suppose to demonstrate. I’ve gone through this in greater detail in one of your prior threads in the subject. Suffice to say at this point that The implementation of M4A, to the extent that the details have even been articulated, does not resemble traditional Medicare in any sense.
  4. Speaking of endless loops of posting behaviors. That's exactly right. M4A is just marketing. BT is smart enough to know that, but that doesn't stop him from promoting M4A as "expanding an extremely successful and popular American program." If you point out that that is not an accurate statement and it is just puff, you are a shill.
  5. Except M4A is not related to Medicare in any sense other then it borrows the name "Medicare". And this isn't a comment about MA. It's a comment about almost every single aspect of FFS Medicare, from it's administration to its funding mechanism to its cost sharing strategies.
  6. This is like reading the output from a random talking point generator.
  7. This thread is really turning great. Like a fine manure. It’s blooming roses.
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