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  1. Well pretty much pot committed at this point. Looks like I am going down in flames.
  2. I guess I am never going to learn. Don't ever try logic with a women when it comes to discussing her friendships with other women after she has had a few glasses of wine. I went from shoe in for sexy time to likely cold shoulder in <5 seconds.
  3. Picked out a big ass ribeye in the butcher case and had them thin slice it for me. Shitake shrooms, onion, bell pepper, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, provolone. Served the cheesesteak on a communist lettuce wrap. Toasted up some baguette for the kids. Slammed and went hard. Crunch of the romaine was actually pleasant. Wife said she didn't even miss having it in a bun. I told her that was total fucking bullshit.
  4. AA Executive cards gets you basically all the perks of Gold+lounge access. I can't really see paying up for Gold and paying the annual fee on teh card. Only incremental benefit appears to be priority for 500M upgrades, which only hit (out of AUS at least) if you are selective on the routes (ORD seems to get fairly frequent hits).
  5. He doesn’t have to. He already told you he was from NW hills.
  6. Dark mode posters are sick of y’alls shit and we’re not gonna take it anymore.
  7. LOL. Just ran across Jess' article. Reminded me of this thread. That shit looks pretty spot on. She is in Austin, so figured she had some angle on sourcing lamb shoulder in Austin. No hint in the article. Closest reliable source I have found is the one I linked last year with a pick up spot in SA.
  8. https://jesspryles.com/recipe/how-to-smoke-lamb-shoulder/
  9. Because your ramblings about emperor orange man refusing transfer of power and being dragged by his toupe from the white house by the secret service is hysterical fan fiction. Sorry if I don't pen enough posts about that nonsense. OTOH, what I have posted, quite a few times in fact, is that Trump should have been removed from office after the display in Helsinki, should have been impeached and removed from office based on the VII findings regarding obstruction, and should be impeached and removed based on the evidence related to Ukraine. You know, reality-based stuff. Carry on Jimmy.
  10. Do the various actions of the FBI before, during, and after the 2016 election, and the potential influence of those actions on the election, its results, and the aftermath concern you? My answer is yes, but I am strongly inclined to be very skeptical of the intersection of the FBI and domestic political activities. Others may not be so inclined. I mean, they totally ignore the history of the organization, including the namesake of their headquarters in DC, but I guess that would be their right.
  11. Has anybody ever put together a list of your political hero crushes? It's a pretty elite group. Granny Flake Pelosi Comey Rosenstein Mueller Steele I think Sessions at one point even
  12. If you are not a full fledged member of the club like Hugo, we'll have to put you in for an honorary white knighting membership.
  13. Comey's actions as FBI director in the days immediately preceding the election had a direct and measurable impact on the US election, very likely tilting the election to Trump. The potential that Comey, while in his role as FBI director post election, was orchestrating a media campaign to justify his end around of FBI SOPs using known Russian disinformation is more than a little relevant to a discussion of election interference during 2016. But I guess you only have eyes to see the so-called diversion artistry of posters in this little corner of the internet, and no sense for identifying the kind of actually meaningful diversions being run out of the office of the chief law enforcement official in the country. Irrelevant in context, I suppose.
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