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  1. Five Stone got mine reduced by $100 lol.
  2. What a strange deflection. Be best wash.
  3. Opinion piece from Noah Feldman in Bloomberg today... https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-09-26/amy-coney-barrett-deserves-to-be-on-the-supreme-court
  4. Sure, right after you point out and quote all the "fuckers arguing facts and science" on this thread.
  5. Popular vote still at 80/20. https://www.predictit.org/markets/detail/5554/Will-Donald-Trump-win-the-popular-vote-in-2020
  6. https://www.predictit.org/markets/detail/6727/Will-Donald-Trump-lose-any-state-he-won-in-2016 Currently YES @ .84.
  7. Agree its a good line. I am going under since dialysis patients are over representative of higher COVID risk racial and ethnic minorities, but if the under hits it's probably not by a whole lot.
  8. Reached into my pocket, found two twenties and a ten...
  9. Why do you have such a hard time just quoting me and dunking Jimmy. You can do it I believe in you.
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