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  1. I ballpark 20 people per brisket, based on past discussions and guidance here. Agree on throw some sausage on because sausage. Add an extra brisket and have a food saver handy for leftovers is also a good idea imo. Somebody can check my math: 13.5# avg per brisket * 0.6 yield * 5 briskets = 40.5# brisket
  2. Wouldn't this just get baked into the administration costs of the index funds? Not sure if that is the right terminology. But if that is the case, it would be a pretty slick way to hide tax hit by eroding returns of long terms index fund holders rather than showing up as a line item in their tax return.
  3. Thanks. Another poster provided me a link. I shared my reaction up thread.
  4. Montreal is fucking awesome.
  5. We need a corona virus spread via Twitter.
  6. lame if they didn't take the chance to do doughnut burnouts in the beast.
  7. If he was doing it right she wouldn’t need any encouragement.
  8. That’s ducking hilarious. Twitter is the worst.
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