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  1. They updated their projections to reflect new information on the impact of social distancing, and specifically its impact on timing of the peak. National peak stayed same but certain states like texas appear to have moved much earlier. They also down revised the total deaths by 12k or so. http://www.healthdata.org/covid/updates
  2. jeez. feel like i am averaging back in in my 401k too slowly. this thing seems like it is ready to blow up on even a whiff of hope.
  3. When they started reading out the report, I thought that they were announcing his death. Interesting times when an ICU transfer is a small relief.
  4. CNBC reporting that Boris Johnson has been trasferred to intensive care.
  5. A play to prop up Novartis wouldn't make much sense imo. Seems like a pretty straight chasing the first glimmer of hope that some quack interjected into his information stream via Rudy G. This is a good update, incorporating more information to model the impact of social distancing. It moves the peak in Texas earlier, and keeps us within our hospital capacity thresholds. NY and NY appear to be driving the capacity deficits.
  6. 2MM would represent a greater American loss of life than in all wars combined in our nations history. You are far underestimating the impact, not only economically, but humanistically.
  7. This is interesting. Note that the recommendation is specifically predicated on collecting the information for analysis of its effectiveness. Not sure that I can think of a recommendation formulated in that way before.
  8. Speaking of Firebirds, here is one with an LS1 shoved under the hood. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1967-pontiac-firebird-19/
  9. You realize I was making a flippant response to the mocking notion in your post that political inclinations influence the value of human life, right?
  10. At the moment designing a clinical registry of COVID patients using national EMR connections. You?
  11. CWD will eventually decimate the deer population in Texas. To make the point COVID related, it too is tied back to unnatural handling practices related to wild animals. Monitoring sounds like a good idea. Maybe we also think about the way that we interact with the natural world before we kill ourselves.
  12. My "investment" "strategy" over the last week or so.
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