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  1. The FDA and CDC have certainly shown out so far. What could go wrong?
  2. Does that guy look like he is printing a concealed weapon on his hip @ the waist band?
  3. Keep an eye of BaT, if for no reason that to get a sense of values...they've had a number of mustangs recently, including a manual convertible. https://bringatrailer.com/ford/mustang-1965/ https://bringatrailer.com/ford/mustang-1967-1968/
  4. Yeah, I think it could have impact if policy was crafted to require serial testing. I would agree that the ability to report out person-level should be straightforward. Seems to me that information should be integrated into the contact tracing platform, which I would assume are more sophisticated in larger counties. I don't really know the answer, just speculating.
  5. I think that that kind of reduction to individual level counts vs. test level counts would have to occur at the county level. My assumption would be that test level counts are what is being provided, but there may vary well be variability from county to county, and there would likely be some errors introduced in the process. None of which I think would actually have a meaningful impact on the numbers.
  6. There certainly may be some either conscious or subconscious bias towards giving the "correct" response among older folks. All I can say is that those data tend to agree with my observations. A HS aged kid wearing a mask and practicing social distancing is a unicorn. #pongfest
  7. That's antibody testing vs. diagnostic testing. The way that I read the quoted test was how were cases where an individual had multiple diagnostic test come back as positive treated. Not sure the answer to that, but even if they are double counting I don't think it should have a meaningful impact on the trends we are seeing in cases.
  8. Agree that there are examples of all generations shitting the bed, but at least on social distancing measures there does appear to be a relationship with age. ETA: SCAN survey results from 8097 respondents from King County for masking and distancing behavior while in public. Survey respondents were asked how often (always, sometimes, never) they did each of the following in the past seven days: “wear a face mask in public to protect others from getting sick?” and “try to stay six feet away from people who don’t live with you?” Image courtesy Public Health Insider
  9. Article on Derek Lowe's blog about this today. His blog is regularly updated with timely information and is worth a follow. More on T Cells, Antibody Levels, and Our Ignorance By Derek Lowe 7 July, 2020 https://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/archives/2020/07/07/more-on-t-cells-antibody-levels-and-our-ignorance
  10. The vax situation is a bad setup from a safety perspective in my opinion. Bunch of companies developing novel vax technologies (not novel in the sense of COVID, novel in the sense the some of the vaccine types are unproven in humans), accelerated development timelines, unprecendented demand for rapid roll out. I don't like it at all. The vax roll out will need to be very thoughtful.
  11. https://reason.com/2020/07/06/to-get-americans-safely-back-to-work-and-play-we-need-cheap-and-plentiful-at-home-covid-19-testing/ To Get Americans Safely Back to Work and Play, We Need Cheap and Plentiful At-home COVID-19 Testing Enable people to act responsibly toward their neighbors and co-workers.
  12. I think what is being described is more accurately described as a family structure largely shaped by American values and culture. I wouldn't call it western per se, in the sense that people coming from a variety of Western cultures, and Mediterranean cultures in particular, tend to have very different social structures and living arrangements. These family structures imported in the US with the immigration of these people, and in first and many times second generation families these support structures and living arrangements persisted. Once you get to third generation that family dynamic has largely been replaced with the American cultural norms. I think that you see the same sorts of trends among asians, middle easterners and non-westerners as well. At least that is my observation. This doesn't really impact the conversation around family structure as it relates to African Americans. That conversation is infinitely more complex, imo.
  13. Looks like she blasted the thing with a 12 gauge. All I know is that an instapot was involved.
  14. I was out in the garage doing an oil change with the boy. Wife in the kitchen cooking up a whole chicken for dinner. Boy and I go for a ride to shake the oil down and come home to this. I have no words...
  15. Some of these types of stories I read make me think this too.
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